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Ayahuasca in Australia

The shocking killing of Port Adelaide football coach, Phil Walsh, has highlighted the use of ayahuasca in Australia. Cy Walsh stabbed his father multiple times during a psychotic episode. He had experimented with the drug while travelling overseas and continued to use it in Australia. The courts found the psychosis was not a result of drugs, as there were none detected in his system. But, it is a warning of the possible dangerous effects of ayahuasca. And, it is not clear whether ayahuasca contributed to his ongoing psychosis.

Ayahuasca in Australia

Ayahuasca is not commonly used in Australia with only an estimated 1000 regular users across the country. Facilitators hold ceremonies in different areas with up to 50 people attending…

Strain of The Month October

Strain of The Month October 2016 is Pot of Gold. This strain loves the Australian climate and produces so much gold resin by harvest, you’ll be the proud gardner of a cannabis plant bronzed in gold.

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Medical Cannabis Now Legal in Australia

Medical cannabis now legal in Australia. Australian cannabis industry is set to grow. With this, comes interest in investment into commercial cannabis from the corporate world. What was once just whispered about on the streets and behind closed doors, is now seen as an industry with multibillion dollar future. Many years of lobbying from the medical sector and patients has finally had a positive result. But, it is only a start. Australian state laws need sorting out as it is still illegal in most states. Also, a national regulator for the industry needs setting up…

33.7 Million Dollar Australian Cannabis Research Donation Lambert Family

NSW grandparents gave the ultimate gift of love to the University of Sydney to research the medicinal potential of cannabis. Barry and Joy Lambert made an unprecedented $AU33.7 million donation to medical research. Watching their 3-year-old granddaughter, Katelyn, struggle with Dravet Syndrome prompted their generosity.

Katelyn was a normal, healthy baby up until 5 months old when she became sick. After 5 months of testing and emergency visits to hospital, Katelyn was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome. This is a genetic condition that affects the brain’s electrical wiring.

Dravet Syndrome usually sows up in the first year of a child’s life. This rare disease causes seizures, blackouts and uncontrollable twitching. These can last for long periods of time leading to developmental delays and intellectual disability. A decline in the health of the child can begin in their second year. This puts them at higher risk of death from Dravet Syndrome effects and any other related illnesses…