New Seeds

Rainbow kush plant is our awesome new amazing strain built for growing in Australia. Our Rainbow Kush grow the largest in Australia! It’s your perfect strain to withstand pesky pests and droughts, extreme heat and the hot sun. The Australian seed bank is constantly developing new cannabis strains, so check back often the latest cutting edge genetics. Just visit our shop to see all our news cannabis seed releases.

New seeds for growing cannabis in the Australian Outdoors

We breed weed seeds that are acclimatized for the Australian climate. Our Rainbow Kush plant is a very popular new strain for this year. Aussies are buying up our stock, so be sure to but it today before it’s sold out. Nothing is going to grow better for you.

Australians now have easy ways to purchase new cannabis seeds

The Australian Seed Bank is your only legit seed bank serving Australia. We take extra good care to provide you with steath shipping to keep your privacy safe. We have perfect stealth shipping of our new rainbow kush plant, so no worries about ordering our new seeds online.

Living in Australia is now even better with easy access to the Australian Seed Bank. You can order our new Australian cannabis seeds online. The weather, the sun, the water, and now easy access to cannabis seeds. It’s the country to be living it! Australian’s love cannabis and they gain satisfaction growing their own weed. Many think it’s therapeutic and good for the soul. And we totally agree.

New gentically modified weed

The worlds leading cannabis breeder is still BC Seeds because they are working on genetically modified cannabis. They have the world’s strongest strains included their newest release, Space Time Bud, which is also known as Space Time Buzz.

They work on advanced cannabis genomes releasing strains like low light Shade Bud, a strain which will grow and produce tons of buds in low light conditions. It’s made specifically for growing in the tight spaces between your house and garage, to help you avoid any curiosity from your neighbors.

They also released Forever Buds, which is not about a forever lasting high like their Infinity Bud, but because its a plant that flowers 24 x 7, all year round, always remaining in its flowering cycle. It’s a strain that produces large yields and can be harvested at any time. Finally, check out their new Sky Heaven genetically modified buds, it’s supposed to induce a heavenly high unlike no other.

More new strains coming soon

Check back for our latest cannabis seed strains for 2021 and our new future marijuana strains. We have a lot of serious breeding that has been taking place dring these lockdowns. You will continue to see the best new cannabis strains ever made in Australia.


175 comments on “New Seeds
  1. Jacinta

    Hi what seeds are good for chronic pain disorder and anxiety I want a outdoor seed to grow naturally very high in Cbd maybe and bit of thc maybe indica what you think thanks

  2. Ken

    Hi – does anyone have any spores to sell or swap – I have Z-strain

  3. Ramsay

    Hi. Are you able to source any psilocybin, or it’s spores?

  4. Joseph daunt

    I need brand new potato seed

  5. Brizzy Bob

    After shopping around I decided to put my trust into this seed bank. It seemed a bit odd to have my credit card charged in Europe, but after some research I found out that these kinds of seeds are legal there so that’s probably the reason why. At least my card wasn’t charged in Cypress or China. After a week my seeds came in the mail and they even included some free ones. The seeds are hidden and not easy to discover. I will order again for a friend in need.

  6. New Farm


    They have many different strains, it was confusing which ones to buy. I finally decide on 3 strains, one old classic Northern Lights, one that I really had to get that grow well oudoors here, Aussie Blues and one of their new releases Super Silver Haze Feminized.

    My order came hidden, and free seeds came along. I’m keen to buy more, legit place mates, you’ll get your seeds.

  7. Townsville

    I ordered white widow feminised and they sent them fast

  8. Friars Gift

    Salvia divi,,r,,,,m seeds,in western aus,is it possible,or am I running round in circles

  9. David w Jones

    Is there a catalogue. That can be purchased.of the different strains.

  10. Bulimba

    Fast delivery and good beans with 100% germ rates

  11. Danny J Brunskill

    I would be able to purchase some Feminised medicinal seeds but I am having trouble finding them on your site, can you please help

  12. Rockhampton Australia

    I loved growing green crack, it grew well last year in extreme dry heat and this season I growing it again because the high is intense and yet all being crisp and clear.

  13. Ted Cowan

    GSC grows nicely indoors, stunk up my flat and I had to buy some carbon filters. It’s a strong strain and we love this in the evenings. Good reputable seed bank, i heard about this place from some mates.

  14. Strathfield Australia

    my local postie delivered my green crack order yesterday. seeds were hidden and secured from being crushed.

  15. North Fitzroy Australia

    GSC grew up amazing, it’s the best strain i’ve ever grown.

  16. Narre Warren Australia

    Great seed bank, reliable and safe and they deliver what they promise time and time again.

  17. Camberwell Australia

    I ordered two ten packs of their girl scout cookies and had 19 of the 20 germinate. of these 19, 18 really thrived and the other looked like a runt. I wanted to say thank you for doing business with me here in Australia. This is the second time I have ordered through you and you came through again. Thanks.

  18. Kingston Australia

    Their kush grows well here indoors. Seeds are top notch.

  19. Brisbane Australia

    fast shipping, very stealth. It was hidden very well inside the package, no worries.

  20. Perth Australia

    Great seed bank mates, they sent me everything as promised last year and I’m keen to buy again

  21. Greensborough Australia

    I got a good deal for Easter, my order got me 10 free regular seeds and 5 free feminised.

  22. Wishart Australia

    I smoke thier Aussie blues in the daytime and their kush every evening, it’s a great nightcap.

    • Parramatta Australia

      Yes, I love Aussie Blues, grows well outdoors here in Parramatta. I’m having a wonderful Sunday afternoon smoking herb since breakfast.

    • Brisbane Australia

      I also grew Aussie blues and loved it, I’ll have to try kush next season. I also heard GSC and Rainbow kush grow well here in QLD outdoors.

  23. Penshurst Australia

    overall i’d say they’re the best seed bank for us, not many choices out there. they delivered my seeds without a hitch.

  24. Collie Australia

    got em all plus my freebies.

  25. Justin

    Hi, can seeds be picked up in aus, ie no posted?

  26. Ashfield Australia

    I gave Rainbow Kush a try and was pleased with my results. Yields for this shortish plant were amazing and the high is clean and narcotic. It’s nugs are surprising dense and heavy. Better than taking pills for lower back and shoulder pain.

  27. East Malvern Australia

    I grew up GSC, green crack, pot of gold and Aussie Blues feminised. They were all heart and if they didn’t have any water for a few days they would all bounce right back. My Pot of Gold strain was covered in so much THC, the late rains didn’t cause any mold whatsoever. Overall, I like buying my gear from this seed bank because their delivery is secret stealth and safe.

  28. Darlinghurst Australia

    Thanks mate, my order just got here.

  29. Bexley Australia

    If your keen on seed, I’m reckon you’ll be happy here.

  30. Bickley Australia

    I bought thier new strains this last round. I’ve placed orders here a third time now, and I reckon this seed bank will treat you right as they did me.

  31. Matraville Australia

    You must get Green Crack seeds if you’re keen on exotic high’s and it grows easily here outdoors.

  32. Bibra Lake Australia

    they’re here. Thank you.

  33. Munster Australia

    My order just arrived, they did good by me mates.

  34. Ningi Australia

    i like my indoor girl scout cookies harvest and have only positive things to say about the australian seed bank. I leave these comments on my own as a satisfied customer.

  35. Rydalmere Australia

    I vouch for their green crack, it grows well here.

  36. Morphett Vale

    I got a good deal with freebies and fast shipping. Very good service.

  37. Ed Williams

    The Green Crack is top notch mates

  38. South Yarra Australia

    Good strong sprouts, ready for the outdoors of South Yarra. They deliver as promised. All seeds cracked up, no worries. Good fat dark seed, grown properly.

  39. Bullet

    What is a cheap decent seed for first time grower

  40. Point Cook Australia

    Rainbow kush was a delight and my goto evening daily smoke

  41. Charles Brown

    they sold me really good gren crack seeds

  42. Carseldine Australia

    fast service, thank you

  43. Charlestown Australia

    Australian green crack extreeme feminized have me and my mates wasted right now

  44. Condell Park Australia

    I will personally recommend thier green crack and quick delivery to Condell Park, Australia

  45. Allen Goodman

    NL and GC are great genetics here.

    Killarney, Australia

  46. Deception Bay Australia

    Fast delivery to Deception Bay. All my seeds arrived and more freebies than first thought.

  47. Chatswood Australia

    I’m in love with my green crack grow

  48. Ashgrove Australia

    I’ve placed a few orders here now, 3 in 2016 and 2 in 2017. I always got what I ordered and the delivery times are always about 3 days.

  49. Beaumaris Australia

    my gear is here. i ordered Aug 1st and it arrived the 4th. Today’s the 7th and my seeds have cracked and are already in soil. How can I share my photo’s here?

  50. Jaime Feddel

    GSC is perfect for my back pain, doesn’t make me too tired and I can function pain free. I have not grown the caramel feminised yet, but i plan to add two in my next grow this month.

  51. Mitcham Australia

    Green Crack is really good. I’ve never enjoyed smoking any strain as much as I did that one.

  52. Narromine

    my beans arrived

  53. Horningsea Park

    My girl scout cookies and freebies are here. I just ordered on the weekend too. Happy customer.

  54. George Brown

    Head up mates, Rainbow Kush grows well indoors. Delivery to Mosman, Australia was a just a few days including the weekend. I think I ordered on a Saturday night and they arrived on the Tuesday. Overall, I’m on good terms with the Australian seed bank.

  55. Jacob Paulson

    South Yarra order success! Cheers, Jacob

  56. Robert Thompson

    Fast local deliver in Sydney.

  57. Mount Annan

    My order made it too, local Postie

  58. Shane Knight

    I grew a strain named Pot of Gold in Dakabin, Australia. If you’re keen on a high trichome producing strain, I’ll vouch for it.

  59. James Earnhardt

    Safe seeds delivery to Crestmead, Australia. I appreciate all that you do.


  60. Oliver Pearson

    Two days to delivery to my Sydney flat. 100% germ rates. Strong seedlings so far.

  61. Braxton Martin

    Good customer service and quick delivery to my place in Cannon Hill, Australia

  62. John Nguyen

    Thank you so much.

  63. Jack Fleming

    My Pascoe Vale order was here in two days. Cheers!

  64. Jim the Stoner

    Ive just ordered my seeds. They arrived in literally 1 week. Absolutely awesome!

  65. Pete McNeil

    Just finished getting wasted from my green crack grow. It’s top.

  66. Liam Rymer

    My order is here.

    It’s a safe place to order seeds if you live in Melbourne.

  67. Mike Rosman

    I fully recommend this seed bank. I’ve had 3 orders placed by myself in the past year and my friends have now ordered twice without any issues.

    It’s very safe and delivery is domestic, for some reason they have to process payment in Europe where it’s legit to do so.

    They even use stealth shipping in case someone opens your package before you get home. No one will find anything, they are so cleverly hidden away inside the packaging.

    Mates, if your keen to buy cananbis seeds in Australia, this is your best bet.

  68. Braybrook Australia

    What a great week! I ordered last week end and gues what… my seeds are already here. Very professional packing. Thanks so much, I’ll order here again next time!

    Braybrook Australia

  69. Geelong

    Same here, new seeds came fast and with freebies. Mates, this is the seed bank to use in Australia.

  70. Footscray Australia

    Very fast shipping to the suburbs of Melbourne. This is my 4th order since 2013 and this seed bank delivers, they’re very consistant.

  71. Lena and Caleb

    G’day mates. Me and my wife were keen to try to grow up some fine herb for manufacturing our own line of CBD oil in Claremont, Australia.

    Were happy to report that we make a fine quality product using the seeds sold here.

  72. Ripponlea Australia

    good seeds, great prices, good people, excellent stealth. I would never use a different seed bank simply for safety reasons. My local Postie delivered my seeds.

  73. Geebung

    legit seed bank
    thank you

  74. Pete NSW

    Solid seed bank, legit local delivery.


  75. Dave Hogan

    No worries mates, seeds arrived to my Perth apartment without a hitch.

  76. Dunedin Kiwi

    I’m happy to report a successful arrival of 4 strains plus some freebies to Dunedin, New Zealand.

  77. Marcus Wynyard

    This Australian seed bank is legit, my package came via my local Postie. All seeds arrived with freebies well hidden and 100% germ’d.

    Marcus Wynyard

  78. Brian Dowell

    I was away on a business trip when I ordered my seeds last week, I just arrived home this morning after sleeping at my in-laws last night, to find my package with free seeds waiting for me. I believe in Santa again!

    B. Dowell
    East Minto

  79. Tarragindi Terry

    i’m reporting back after growing out my Pot of Gold and Aussie Blue seeds I bought from here last August.

    Seeds – arrrived dark and fresh with nice tiger stripes on the Aussie Blue strain. The Pot of Gold were a bit smaller in size and darker in color and they grew into huge plants. 100% germination. I am saving the Pineapple Xpress feminized for next year, the seeds are light brown with alomost black stripes.

    Plants – Pot of Gold were really the fastest from when they germinated. and they never slowed down until harvest. The plants are coated in golden embers of THC which are very potent when smoked. It’s a very eurphoria type stone. Aussie Blues grew solid, you can tell it’s very stable genetics because the plants were all the same heights and width. It has a nice blueeberry taste and a hard paranoid buzz which can leave you zonked out of your mind.

  80. Prestons

    no worries, my delivery was super stealth like, my Prestons Postie had no idea what was inside.

  81. Heath Walters

    I got my order and freebies sent to Blackburn, and it was my local Postie that brought them. Very fast service, nice packaging. Overall, I’m good with my purchase from here.

  82. Tingalpa Australia

    my seed are here!!!

  83. Chuck Cambell

    my delivery was to Melbourne. Everything went as planned

  84. Lutwyche Mate

    Seeds I bought here and their freebies, all 100% germ’s

  85. Bobby King

    G’day mates,

    Aussie Blues makes for a fantastic tasty smoke, and it grow well outdoors in my yard, just for personal use, one or two plants at a time. Shipping service was local, payment in the Dam.

    Bobby, Kangaroo Point

  86. John Barned

    mates, my local postie just stopped by my cousins and delievred my seeds. He lives in St Kilda and everything went smooth.
    ]ohn Barned

  87. George Starks

    Quick and Safe, seeds are here this week, got them soaking on friday night and i checked them sunday morning, they already sprouted 2″, i just got them in soil this afternoon, already off to a good start with this seed bank.

  88. Edward Stockton

    Cheers mates, got my green crack seeds via my local Burwood Postie last week. Everything is up to par.

  89. Ray Winters

    Every seed popped out of its shell and took hold then showed some leaves before taking off in a mad growth spurt. Nice genes

  90. Beverly Hills Australia

    Great seed bank if you’re keen to buy and live in Australia. They delivered what they said they would, fast too.

  91. Clapham Grow

    Their seeds are good. Highest yields yet from our small grow op. We grew the GSC strain for yield and Pot of Gold for premium sales.

  92. George Miller

    Thanks for the seeds so secretly packaged, I’m an old expat who lives on the outskirts near Yandina Creek Australia. I’m using it for glaucoma relief and i really enjoy the relief from girl scout cookies in particular.

  93. Nikau

    Fast delivery inside New Zealand. Will order again when in need for seeds

  94. Austin Phoenix

    Seeds came today locally in Glendalough, Australia. stealth was top notch mates

  95. Granville Darcy

    my seeds just arrived

  96. Hayden

    My order took 6 days to Dee Why. Maybe it took longer because of the week end? I’m just happy to have my seeds here.

  97. Cheltenham

    Got my beans !!!!

  98. Walcott

    I got my seeds safely to Southern River.

  99. Judas

    I got them too! I live near Bacchus Marsh. Local Postie came last week. All popped using distilled water, already looking strong, very vigerous gentics mates

  100. Kahili

    Got them safe and sound

  101. Asquith

    Asquith local postie delivered my order, this is my third rodeo. Genetics are good if your growing in the outback.



  102. H. Schmidt

    I bought the Girl Scout Cookies seeds, they came with free White Widow Feminized seeds. My “package” came in the same week by my local Postie in Melbourne yet I made payment in Holland. I’m happy to report my harvest is heavy yielding, I grew all 15 seeds and got about 16 pounds dried. At end of flowering her stalks became very heavy and tilted over, I had to support both strain due to the high crystal production. This place is legit and they have top notch genetics, I’ll be placing my second order here on pay day this Friday, I’m keen to try their Pot of Gold strain I’ve been hearing so much about.

    H. Schmidt

  103. Algester, Australia

    Good gear, i just smoked, top notch. fast delivery, cream of the crop slection for my beans when they came, mates if you keen for potent heelchair weed, i recommend girl scout cookeis, i grew their feminised version, wow, top grade.. till soaring to new levels.///

  104. Keenley

    I had no problems getting my seeds in West Hoxton, good packing mates

  105. Whiskey Jones

    My local Postie swung by with my seeds to Casula yesterday. I forgot my order date, but it was under a week including the weekend days. Very nice packaging, professional seed bank from what I can tell so far, but I am yet to grow these things and will have to report more later.

  106. Hurlstone Park

    Sweet deal and freebies and it only took 4 days to arrive to my place in Hurlstone Park, Australia, so far I like.

  107. McDowall, Australia

    G’Day mates, I live just outside McDowall, I really needed to get a high yielding strain to pay off some debt, and i took the risk, paid by Visa and bamm, seeds came, all popped, turned into nice plants and heavy stone, it sold out faster than I predicted, so make sure you pick a good strain in your in a pinch like me,… I grew up the pot of gold, got some white queen free which is nothing compared to pot of gold weed mates… i suggest if you’re going to pay for the nutz anyways, you might as well use them on the best strain. They wer all female fem plants too, i forgot to say.. and no hermies.. quality seeds here mate

  108. Casula Craig

    Chilling on my couch muchin on some smores after blazing up my freshly harvested Pot of Gold, how sweet life is!

  109. Pymble Pete

    Thanks guys, I got them in the mail this week!

  110. Moonee Ponds

    free seeds came with my order, I wasn’t even expecting them, thanks a bunch guys

  111. Elsternwick

    Hi, this is Paul B. in Elsternwick, Australia and my order came in a couple days ago, thank you

  112. Bao-Zhi

    I got seeds in mail like they said. We appreciate efforts this site did.

    Thank you


    Mile End, AU

  113. Agostinho G.

    Living in Australia and trying to buy seeds is not always an easy thing to do, I searched for ober a month before settling on buying them here. I heard reviews through friends in a town nearby Launceston, and that was good enough for me, so back in June I placed an order for Pot of Gold fem seeds and green crack seeds and they included some freebie fem seeds as well, no extra charge or shipping charge for the freebies. Pretty straight up and legit seed bank. I am here today placing my second order, I would love some Girl scout cookies feminized free on today’s order if possible at all, thank you in advance.

  114. Elsternwick Australia

    I grew out the girl scout cookies feminized strain and man, what a great high. Can’t wait to try their pot of gold strain, the plant when finished looks like a plant covered in gold with all the THC

  115. Edward

    I asked them to ship my first order (MAR 2016) to my cousins in Dandenong West and it arrived no problems. I decided it was safe to ship to my personal home in Adelaide (AUG 2016) and they also arrived. That is my personal experience here.

  116. Dean in Saint Albans

    I had nothing but good luck my last 3 orders and I will be coming back again in about 1 month times when my Girl Scout Cookies are finishing up

  117. Moggill Local

    My special package came, my rents opened it and didn’t even find the seeds they were so well hidden, now i’m off to the bush to start them in my mini greenhouse, any idea’s for heat source without using electrcity? I was thinking about water powered hydro set up from the stream.

  118. Mr. Zarmponis

    two thumbs up for Pot of Gold and Girl Scout Cookies

  119. Hoppers Crossing

    My harvest is complete, 10 females scored me over 7 pounds dried cured Green Crack. Good Times are here to stay for a long time now mate. Wicked soaring highs that make you feel like your high on coke, if your keen on racey highs like me, you won’t find a better strain.

    Hoppers Crossing,


  120. Morris


    This was my first grow in the apartment next to my parents, so I was paranoid about any small odors. I know my rents told me they don’t do drugs, but who knows if they would recognise the small from their youth. So i wanted to get a low scented strain after attempting to grow their Skunk strain.

    I didn’t have the money to buy a carbon filter, so I gave my Skunk away to a friend in the bush.

    my second successful attempt was growing green crack and using a small bucket of pine smelling cleaner as air parfurm to cover the smells during the last 2 weeks of flowering. I think i got decent yields, i was only using 13 watt LED’s, but they were almost brand new and my stems were thick, i also used a fan to help stimulate them.

    I am have to have buds down under


  121. geary

    I have both your pinneapple express (freebies) and your girl scout cookies growing side by side, both are just days away from harvest and grew into fine specimens. I took a couple buds off each plant yesterday and brutally dried them in the mic, not recomended i know, but i was eager to try them, i hit your GSC first, so i was too high to differentiate between the two, but i confirm they are high in THC, last night was mind blowing

  122. Carrum Downs

    Thanks, I got my delivery, it arrived safe after only a few days. It was very well hidden and discrete. I got 1 pack of Girl Scout and a free pack of Pineapple express feminized for free. I am happy about my purchase and I will consider ordering here again when the need arises.

  123. Lara

    Do you currently have Rainbow Kush in stock and do you ship to Toorak Australia?

  124. sir charles

    hay are you located in Australia just looking for a seed bank in Australia to get seeds quickly for my business if you could get back to me that would be great

  125. Mr Green

    Is it possible to speak via the email address provided?

    Mr Green

  126. Peter

    Hay …just wanted to know if I will be able to buy BC seeds through your seedbank…forever bud seems too good to be true ..what is your opinion on this…also what is your sucsses rate for Perth West Australia

    Thanks Peter

    • admin

      We have a hard time carrying BC Seeds strain because we always sell out and they’re demand is too strong, they don’t have enough stock to replenish us as we need to supply strains for medical patients that can’t live without their strains… we only carry strains we can keep a stable medical supply and we have over 100 strains!

  127. Janusz

    I’m currently growing Aussie Blues from this seed bank and my BC strains. I bought seeds from BC a few years back and I just keep breeding my own seeds from their Elephant and Infinity Bud, I thought i’d never want to try another extreme strain again, but now i’m curious about their Space buzz, it sounds very interesting

  128. Lauren Lipscombe


    I would just like to inform me fellow mates that me “beans” are here safe to me flat in Kippa-Ring

  129. Ryder Blacksmith

    I finally have a smoke report on their Green Crack, man, this bud is amazing. I personally grew this using organics, soil indoors, I did not add any crack or cocaine to the buds, it’s 100% cannabis.

    No other strain I’ve tried yet will help you focus like meth and give you energy most of the day. It’s a busy mental buzz

    Because I grew 100% organic, no hydro-chem, she tasted really clean and potent with berries undertones and tangy mango taste

    If pot normally burns you out, I recommend you try this one, it’ll keep you active.

  130. Just in time

    I’ve got a medical grow started now, just in time. you delivered my seeds to Brizzy last week, they are now all popped and 4″ tall. Transplanting them to pots tomorrow. Thank you for shipping expedited to me on such short notice.

  131. Shalom

    Girl Scout Cookies has amazing flavour and the potentency to kill my severe and chronic back pain. I personally recomend this strain to anyone who built up a tolerance to the Cheese strain for pain relief.

  132. not far from space

    Night Nurse (Nurse Crakie) grows well in Australian climate outdoors. I ended up with 7 females that produced a total of 2.61 KG of dry buds. I have not yet germinated my feminized freebies, I was thinking of giving them to my mate as a Christmas present and placing another order for next year, as I will be attempting my first indoor hydro grow.

  133. Gallagher

    just wanted to drop you a quick thank you for delivering my beans

  134. A barge

    Cheers mate, full large order with freebies arrived to Christchurch as promised.

  135. Burt

    I’m confirming the quality of their GSC. Top grade seeds

  136. Agu

    what i expected from what the website said, all seeds arrived and germ’d. got me self GSC.

  137. Darcy I.

    Many interesting strains to grow in Oz, i bought 2 strains here and a third strain was for free, i think you can also make your goto place for cannabis seeds because they treated me right. Real cannabis seeds!

    Darcy I.

  138. Jeremy

    Okay, I just placed my first order with you guys, I’m happy I can finally try green crack, Ive heard really god things about that strain, I can’t wait to hget started, how many days do I have wait for delivery? I realize I ordered on a Friday… hope the week end won’t slow things down.

  139. Jessica

    just placed a new order for nurse crackie aka night nurse

  140. Lisa Mcgough

    Thank you for adding nurse crackie, I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this in NSW for awhile now. I placed another order and left you a positive review, thank you for the freebies.

  141. Answerplease

    I’ve heard real good things about Nurse Crackie being way strong than green crack, i haven’t personally tried it, I can’t wait to get them harvested soon, they not ready yet to test, thank you

  142. Barkley Stoner QLD

    Ordered 10 pack Rainbow Kush seeds, 10 germinated. 7 females, 3 males. Excellent 100% germination rate. The 3 male plants that did grow out were fast straight out of the gates from seed, they were easy to spot and remove from my garden. I averaged 2.34 pounds per plant cured to 28% humidity. They did not go rainbow color with deep purple until very end of their flowering cycle. Over all, a worthy strain in your garden. The smoke was heavy but smooth, i suggest inhaling the thick smoke as slowly as possible. You won’t need much to inhale to get heavy hitting results, this strain should not be underestimated in its power.

  143. Nigel

    CHEAP Prices, fast delivery inside Australia and once you grow them you will have a years supply for you and all your friends and that’s when you do not even sprout up the freebies. good friking deal mate!

  144. Matt

    I started this strain (rainbow kush) outdoors, and it’s fantasticly larger alongside the purple power i’m also growing. I can’t wait for them to finish flowering so that I can submit a smoke report.

  145. Greg Bantam

    I got boatloads of free seeds with my Rainbow Kush order! I love this seedbank!

  146. Klein H

    coolness man, rainbow kush is ready to go into flowering, they are very vigor, and thanks for all the freebies, I will be ordering again soon after this harvest

  147. Left Alone in Perth

    I grow outdoors in Perth and our local law enforcement can’t even distinguish hemp fгom marijuana and the costs to do the THC testing is too high, so they leave us alone. My cousin Sarah’s garden was just ѕtarted and your Rainbow Kush served us well in the past, rodent and pest resistant. Keep up the good work and fast local delivery!

  148. Darren wilton

    thank u for the excellent service,happy to deal with such professionals.

  149. Charles Edward Kent

    Rainbow Kush is the largest yielding strain for NSW, its very popular here, killer buzz too! I’m placing my order now.

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