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New Seeds

New Seeds – Newest & Latest Cannabis Seeds wins Aussie Marijuana Award in 2018

New Seeds Australia 2017

New Seeds in Australia. Australia’s latest strains and award winning cannabis seeds for 2018

Girl Scout Cookies XTRM Feminized – ** New Australian cannabis strain for 2018 **



This Years Top New Seeds Categories:Australian Marijuana Strains

Australian Green Crack Extreeme Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Nurse Crackie– New for 2018 Also know in different countries as Night Nurse

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Rainbow Kush Cannabis Seeds

Rainbow Kush

The latest strain bred for growing the largest yields in Australia Outdoors. Aussie Rainbow Kush is the most beautiful plant you’ll ever see in your garden. You’ll see all the colors of the rainbow, and if you smoke some, you’re likely to see some leprechauns.

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Click here to see our new amazing strain, Rainbow Kush, they grow the largest in Australia!

Our Australian seed bank is not the only seed bank to produce new seeds for 2018.

The worlds leading cannabis breeder is still  BC Seeds because they are working on genetically modified cannabis. They have the world’s strongest strains included their newest release, Space Time Bud, which is also known as Space Time Buzz.

They work on advanced cannabis genomes releasing strains like low light Shade Bud, a strain which will grow and produce tons of buds in low light conditions. It’s made specifically for growing in the tight spaces between your house and garage, to help you avoid any curiosity from your neighbors.

They also released Forever Buds, which is not about a forever lasting high like their Infinity Bud, but because its a plant that flowers 24 x 7, all year round, always remaining in its flowering cycle. It’s a strain that produces large yields and can be harvested at any time. Finally, check out their new Sky Heaven genetically modified buds, it’s supposed to induce a heavenly high unlike no other.

We breed seeds that are acclimatized for the Australian climate. Check back for our latest cannabis seed strains in 2018 and the future.

Living in Australia is now even better. The weather, the sun, the water, and now even easy access to cannabis seeds. Australian’s love cannabis and they gain satisfaction growing their own weed. Many think it’s therapeutic and good for the soul.

141 comments on “New Seeds
  1. I got a good deal for Easter, my order got me 10 free regular seeds and 5 free feminised.

  2. I smoke thier Aussie blues in the daytime and their kush every evening, it’s a great nightcap.

    • Yes, I love Aussie Blues, grows well outdoors here in Parramatta. I’m having a wonderful Sunday afternoon smoking herb since breakfast.

    • I also grew Aussie blues and loved it, I’ll have to try kush next season. I also heard GSC and Rainbow kush grow well here in QLD outdoors.

  3. overall i’d say they’re the best seed bank for us, not many choices out there. they delivered my seeds without a hitch.

  4. got em all plus my freebies.

  5. Hi, can seeds be picked up in aus, ie no posted?

  6. I gave Rainbow Kush a try and was pleased with my results. Yields for this shortish plant were amazing and the high is clean and narcotic. It’s nugs are surprising dense and heavy. Better than taking pills for lower back and shoulder pain.

  7. I grew up GSC, green crack, pot of gold and Aussie Blues feminised. They were all heart and if they didn’t have any water for a few days they would all bounce right back. My Pot of Gold strain was covered in so much THC, the late rains didn’t cause any mold whatsoever. Overall, I like buying my gear from this seed bank because their delivery is secret stealth and safe.

  8. Thanks mate, my order just got here.

  9. If your keen on seed, I’m reckon you’ll be happy here.

  10. I bought thier new strains this last round. I’ve placed orders here a third time now, and I reckon this seed bank will treat you right as they did me.

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