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New Seeds

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Rainbow kush plant is our awesome new amazing strain built for growing in Australia. Our Rainbow Kush grow the largest in Australia! It’s your perfect strain to withstand pesky pests and droughts, extreme heat and the hot sun. The Australian seed bank is constantly developing new cannabis strains, so check back often the latest cutting edge genetics. Just visit our shop to see all our news cannabis seed releases.

New seeds for growing cannabis in the Australian Outdoors

We breed weed seeds that are acclimatized for the Australian climate. Our Rainbow Kush plant is a very popular new strain for this year. Aussies are buying up our stock, so be sure to but it today before it’s sold out. Nothing is going to grow better for you.

Australians now have easy ways to purchase new cannabis seeds

The Australian Seed Bank is your only legit seed bank serving Australia. We take extra good care to provide you with steath shipping to keep your privacy safe. We have perfect stealth shipping of our new rainbow kush plant, so no worries about ordering our new seeds online.

Living in Australia is now even better with easy access to the Australian Seed Bank. You can order our new Australian cannabis seeds online. The weather, the sun, the water, and now easy access to cannabis seeds. It’s the country to be living it! Australian’s love cannabis and they gain satisfaction growing their own weed. Many think it’s therapeutic and good for the soul. And we totally agree.

New gentically modified weed

The worlds leading cannabis breeder is still BC Seeds because they are working on genetically modified cannabis. They have the world’s strongest strains included their newest release, Space Time Bud, which is also known as Space Time Buzz.

They work on advanced cannabis genomes releasing strains like low light Shade Bud, a strain which will grow and produce tons of buds in low light conditions. It’s made specifically for growing in the tight spaces between your house and garage, to help you avoid any curiosity from your neighbors.

They also released Forever Buds, which is not about a forever lasting high like their Infinity Bud, but because its a plant that flowers 24 x 7, all year round, always remaining in its flowering cycle. It’s a strain that produces large yields and can be harvested at any time. Finally, check out their new Sky Heaven genetically modified buds, it’s supposed to induce a heavenly high unlike no other.

More new strains coming soon

Check back for our latest cannabis seed strains for 2021 and our new future marijuana strains. We have a lot of serious breeding that has been taking place dring these lockdowns. You will continue to see the best new cannabis strains ever made in Australia.


172 comments on “New Seeds
  1. Jacinta

    Hi what seeds are good for chronic pain disorder and anxiety I want a outdoor seed to grow naturally very high in Cbd maybe and bit of thc maybe indica what you think thanks

  2. Ken

    Hi – does anyone have any spores to sell or swap – I have Z-strain

  3. Ramsay

    Hi. Are you able to source any psilocybin, or it’s spores?

  4. Joseph daunt

    I need brand new potato seed

  5. Brizzy Bob

    After shopping around I decided to put my trust into this seed bank. It seemed a bit odd to have my credit card charged in Europe, but after some research I found out that these kinds of seeds are legal there so that’s probably the reason why. At least my card wasn’t charged in Cypress or China. After a week my seeds came in the mail and they even included some free ones. The seeds are hidden and not easy to discover. I will order again for a friend in need.

  6. New Farm


    They have many different strains, it was confusing which ones to buy. I finally decide on 3 strains, one old classic Northern Lights, one that I really had to get that grow well oudoors here, Aussie Blues and one of their new releases Super Silver Haze Feminized.

    My order came hidden, and free seeds came along. I’m keen to buy more, legit place mates, you’ll get your seeds.

  7. Townsville

    I ordered white widow feminised and they sent them fast

  8. Friars Gift

    Salvia divi,,r,,,,m seeds,in western aus,is it possible,or am I running round in circles

  9. David w Jones

    Is there a catalogue. That can be purchased.of the different strains.

  10. Bulimba

    Fast delivery and good beans with 100% germ rates

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