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447 comments on “Q & A
  1. steve

    Greetings! Seeking on advice on how to obtain ayahuasca in Australia for recreational purposes. Saw a page on this website that mentioned it but had no further links attached. If you could point me in the right direction that would be appreciated.

  2. Tristan

    I am looking for goldcaps in either a syringe or spore print, do you have these available? I’m ready to purchase directly.

  3. Brian Corbin

    I paid for my seeds on the Netherlands site, then my local postie deleivered my seeds the following Thursday, so no issues of confiscation. Overall I had a good experience and all my white widow and aussie blues popped up. I’m keen to buy some haze next. Good geentics and they have very good stealth shipping.

  4. Jeremy

    Hi there I would love to buy some Salvia seeds.

  5. Robert

    I am interested in Salvia d seeds or cuttings please.

  6. david buys

    do you sell high cbd seeds

  7. Noelene Day

    Do you have Cannabis seeds, marijuana seeds Australian 100%

  8. Tony

    Made for canna growers!!

  9. John

    i am looking for for seeds hi in thc easy to grow Auto bud feministing Morwell Victoria Latrobe valley. I have cancer I want to be able to grow my own pain relief can somebody please help me I would be even happier if I could be handed a cutting I have 600 watt cool tube lights the nothing to put underneath it I am on a pension because of my cancer and I need help the medication I get off the doctor is just crap and it makes me feel like s*** and I can’t have a normal day .2 months ago for the first time I smoke weed I thought we have you been all my life instant pain relief and I was at the back yd with my kicking the football for the first time since I was diagnosed with cancer so please something to me help me with seeds I would cut his of an easy strain to bro I live in Victoria

    • Paul OBrien

      I’d try Australian Seedbank wholesaler who has his catalog in Australia and specifically a medical cannabis industry professional and patient himself. Why wait month or more and spend your money overseas I swear you won’t be disappointed

      • Kathryn

        I am having trouble trying to get seeds to Australia, is there a seed bank in Australia that and with easy payment options

    • Earnest Green

      G’Day, my seed came within a week and they included freebies and all germinated in 20 hours. I ordered all indoor seeds for my hydro grow and the freebies are indoor or outdoor Bubblegum. If you’re keen on buying your seeds in Australia, this seed bank is legit.

  10. Kevin

    How long after ordering does order take to get to Queensland Australia please

  11. Tracy P

    Hi! I’m interested in Aussie blues seeds. Do you have any for sale, or know of anyone in Australia that sells them form a shop? Do you know if they can be grown outside in NSW?

  12. Trev

    Why are your ‘Australian ‘ seeds for sale in US dollars?

  13. billybob

    Where are the answers from the Q & A

  14. Jade ball

    Hi , I would like to try start growing my own so I can produce edibles . I have chronic nerve pain from a failed upper spinal surgery . I have found edibles work . What type of seeds would I buy to get the pain relief / relax to the body effect

  15. jim

    What is the best seeds to grow outdoors

  16. Scott

    Can I get these in Perth w,a

  17. Kenny

    Do u send seed to Japan???

  18. Ben

    Postcode 5253 how long will delivery take if ordered today

  19. Xavier

    Hi do you have feminized seed?cuz im planing to order thanks


  20. Steven bunyan

    Hi there again . I understand you said every package is wraped indervidualy .i live alone no body else but myself unwraped the parcel .but if you say i might have missplaced the freshness bag what happens now.thank you.

  21. Filip Krygsman

    Hello there, I like to know the kind of cbd oil or seed best for diabetics.
    Also having been a recreational user off and on for most of my life, I am 71 years now, I love to know the best way to grow from seed for the purpose of fighting diabetes. Having been a recreational user I am not too concerned about the thc content, but would like to keep it at a minimal level if possible.
    From my readings I believe that the jury is still out on the most beneficial result of having some thc in there as well. I may be wrong, but love to here your opinion on my condition if possible.
    Many thanks

  22. vicky

    how many seeds are in a pack?

  23. cas

    I am new to this site, just trying to explore it and figure out what it is all about. My real aim to find my way to mushroom spores. Am I on the right path here?

  24. James

    Are you shipping currently?

  25. brett flenley

    I’m very interested to hear from those who got the seeds. Are they Real now that you have grown? Also I was reading through the information about the mushies, and was wondering if I could grow them in my back yard. Providing I could create and maintain the correct environment? Also Thanks for the solid information regarding these products and their use. I feel alot safer knowing the info is there.

    Bilkie Vic

  26. Queen b

    How many seeds do u get in a pack

  27. Nickolas

    Do you ship to perth

  28. John Robinson

    I got my female seeds today. I’m so happy to get cannabis seeds in Australia.

  29. Joey the Happy grower

    Hi there, hope to see you at the Hiexpo in Sydney, could you guys please tell me your prefered method for germinating seeds?? In as much detail as possilbe, please!!! I don’t know whether or not its just bad luck or what but I have had next level issues germinating seeds in the past(not yours).

  30. vin keyser

    hi , from time of payment what is ur average shipping time to Perth ?

  31. Kane

    How do I buy?its said you don’t ship to Australia

  32. hira boyle


  33. Jason

    Hi are you still in business i am interested in buying seeds thanks

  34. Guy

    Product arrived! It took me to another website called AMS, yeah ha!

  35. Pram

    Hi there, I live in Queensland Australia and i got me seeds

  36. Freddy Clarke

    Delivery taking to long to Darwin

  37. John

    This seed bank is legit, my order made the same week i placed my order.
    cheers !

  38. Justin

    Hey there, I got my order but there were five feminised MOAB. Can I keep them?

  39. Kayla

    Just curious as to where you are situated and how it all works as im new to all this buying online.

  40. AJ

    So seeds are shipped from within Australia, is this correct?

  41. Jane Doe

    Have any of your orders been picked up by customs or postal delivery?

  42. Casey

    Got my “package”. I’m very happy, thank you. Very stealthy wrapping very safe to order from you, i will tell all my friends. Yea!

  43. smile

    Is there something to grow up earliest by an indoor seed?

  44. Nathan

    Hi could you please send me a brochure on your strains and maybe pics with each strain?
    Also what types of indica you have and do you stock afghani?

  45. Barry

    Hi there how long does a shipment take to get to Adelaide South Australia , I’ve had re-send orders intercepted from “3” other company’s and real dissapointed…

  46. Ben

    Hi there. I’m keen to start growing for the first time and would like to know what your recommendations are for starter seeds from your stock for the climate here in Tiwi Islands

  47. Bateau Bay Australia

    If anyone out there is curious at all, I got my strains safe in Bateau Bay and they appear to be legit little cannabis seedlings.

  48. Imran

    Excuss please sir, my mother is suffering from stage 4 cancer . Please sir we need help as this is our last hope please.

    We are financially broke . I left my job 3 years ago now just because we can’t afford it . Right now earning on daily basis, day to day but feeling helpless .

    We really need help from you. Im attaching you her reports please if you can help us so I can help my mother to ease her pain and I hope to get her healed please. I hope you can feel my pain as a son please.

    • Urs

      Hi Imran,

      We’re trying hard, reversing stage 4 cancer in our household. So if you can’t get this green gold for a while, then try the natural juicing therapy. Buy a slow juicer and watch your mother get better every week.
      Best of luck

  49. Jim Baker

    Do you have a walking store or do you only sell internet?

  50. Lane Cove Australia

    I was keen to grow “pot of gold” which is only availble at the australian seed bank, so I placed an order on Friday June 8th and it arrived on Wednesday the 13th. that was acceptable shipping times for me.

  51. Brisbane Australia

    My hope is to grow a small, quick flowering, low odour plant. Can you suggest something that will grow like that here?

  52. Mulgoa Australia

    I’m 28 and i just move to Mulgoa from Auckland, looking to meet some new 420 friends here. I’m usually busy throughout the week but free on weekends.

  53. Arana Hills Australia

    FYI, I live in Arana Hills and my order arrived with everything there.

    • Footscray Australia

      I’m in Footscray and my order came in last week, i popped them over the week end, everything is legit

  54. Mahaka Parata

    Helo there, I live in New Zealand and was wondering if you ship here?

  55. greame

    has anyone successfully had seeds delivered to qld?

  56. john

    how come you cant get a reply to an email from this site

  57. Olivia

    First time grower here. Just want to know which strain is easiest to grow indoor and outdoor but still produce strong buds? Also, will the basic 5 seeds pack enough to start off with? Just wanna make sure this all legit before purchasing more.

    • Dean Jenkins

      Big Bud and Cheese are great strains at a lower price point. Aussie Blues does wonders indoors or outdoor here in NSW

  58. Damoo

    Who has received seeds from here recently? In Aus

  59. Oakden Australia

    I got my order. I’m very excited to outgrow my friends with these Aussie Blues genetics.

  60. Chris clapham

    Is it true magic mushies can be found at picton tunnels and if not can someone give me a location as just moved here

  61. Bentley Australia

    Very good selection and quality cannabis genetics for my climate here

  62. John

    Looking for salvia divinorum seeds can you help

  63. tamberette

    G’Day, I made my purchase using the link to Europe for credit card payment processing, then 3 hours later I got a confirmation email my seeds were shipped with the Postie, and just two days later my order arrived with feminised freebies that were not expected. Australian Seed Bank are Legendary C*nt$

  64. Mark

    Hi there experienced growers have been using a good indoor all-round high yield ind strain called white widow/big bud.This strain is good for outdoors in hot dry central Australian condition and is a low to moderate smelling strain.No where near as strong smelling as a jackherrer say.But been having problems two years in a row with the plant triggering too early.Planted in September and going into flower at two to three foot tall in late October early November.Then reshooting into a disappointment.
    I am looking for a strain that’s not too smelly and will grow through to Feb to March before flowing at 6 to 10 feet tall.Have done this before with Jackherrer but the smell was ridiculous and was lucky to get it .
    Please can you help me with a larger growing and not early flowing low smelling stain.But not too much on the sativa side if possible.

  65. William

    What the best cannabis strain or shroom strain to use to help with ear drum rupture pain from Wednesdays dive ?

  66. Masterog

    How long for the payment to come out thanks

  67. Laverton Australia

    What freebies did everyone get

    • Clarinda Australia

      Rainbow kush on one order, carameliscous feminised on my latest

    • Mike Emery

      I just bought thier promo that’s ending soon it was Limoncello Haze Feminized Double Up Deal Double and it came with free Chronic Feminised seeds, delivery was quick too, within the week to Cairns.

  68. Kiwi Kieth

    How long is shipping to New Zealand?

  69. Woongarrah Australia

    The Australian seed bank delivered to me quickly, in less than a week from time of order until I got them. I didn’t have to sign anything, my postie came during the day and they were waiting for me in my postbox when I got home after work.

  70. Champ

    Do I have to show i.d or sign for it from my end on deliverey? Also can I clone off my feminised seed and still get feminised ?

    • Chris Williams

      I didn’t sign for mine when it came in mid-october of this year.

      If you clone the plants grown from a female seed, that would mean that you grew a female plant and cloning that would mean your clones are all females mate.

  71. Ben

    What is auto fem mean

  72. Ryan

    Read though almost all qa but still not sure which product should I pick

    Live in bris so will be warm almost all year
    Can you please recommend products for
    1.lower back pain to make CBD oil
    3.easy to grow indoor ( garage )and keep supply to make cbd oil

    Should I buy feminized or normal or auto flowering or ?

    Appreciate your help


    • Oliver Lee

      I bought their supercharged silver haze, it was for making CBD Oil, but I can’t comment on the lower back pain as we only use the oil to rub into the skin, but I think it would help heal any soft tissue damage and help inflammation which should reduce your pain. Good luck.

  73. Matt

    Does it stay an ominous on bank statements for debit visa?

  74. Champ

    Hi also what is the strongest highest yielding strain for indoor 8-9 wk flower. Also is there a good all rounder high yielded and something that can handle the heat higher than average for summer indoor?

  75. P Dinklage

    Do you deliver over the ditch?

  76. s. jobs

    looking for a hardy growing outdoor variety, preferably with autoflower genes (short grow time). What do you recommend?

  77. simon

    I’m looking for a strain that is easy to grow and is the best for making tea…….anyone have any recommendations?

  78. Pat Gibson

    I’m planning on growing Pot of Gold and Green Crack. Can you recommend a strain to help me sleep?

  79. Harrold Beaudry

    Delivery time to Frankston was 5 days for mates, including the wait during the week end.

  80. Ashley

    Whats the average delivery time to australia? Some of these comments say only a few days?

  81. Kim

    Is this legit? How long is Perth shipping? Is this a ‘buy at your own risk’ thing?

    • admin

      Fast shipping to all major cities. Deliveries deep into the bush will take an extra 1-3 days. All orders have a 100% worries-free delivery guarantee.

    • Clifford

      There wasn’t any risk for me in Haberfield. I just ordered using my credit card, they processed it in Europe where it’s legal then my local Postie came around a couple day later with my order. Easy.

  82. Jeanette Balindong

    Hello, good day. I would like to ask if you could provide us a kilo of Gutha wheat for research purposes? If not, where do you think I could buy them?

    Thank you.

  83. Christian Bidewell

    Can i make a small purchase first to see if i get them before making a big one

  84. Brad Hunt

    For the breeder:

    I’m growing stealth outdoors so need shorter, more discrete plant with low/no odor. Effects cannot be paranoid or sleepy. Do you have any suggestions?

  85. Norm

    G’Day mates. I can’t sort through all you’re strains because you’ve got too many choices. I’m looking for something with more CBD than THC, can you narrow down my choices?

  86. Clara Winters

    My seed arrived but they came with 5 extra Carameliscous seeds that are feminized. I didn’t order these, dod you send me someone else’s order by mistake?

  87. Nell

    Hi I am looking for a high CBD strain for oil making, for pain & cancerous tumour reduction. What strain would you recommend?

  88. Dan

    Interested in ordering some seeds however I would like to know how this is all legal? Is it sort of ‘buy at your own risk of getting caught’? If i could get some info on the legal stuff surrounding this it’d be great.
    Appreciate it, thanks

  89. Bobby

    I ordered four days ago and eargerly awaiting the arrival. Ive looked at the comments and they seem to usually come within a week (I live in melbourne).

    My question is will the seeds come in a parcel type package or an envelope? Also how long should I wait before contacting you guys if the seeds do not arrive?

    • admin

      For the safety of our customers we do not disclose how the order is prepared. It’s the weekend so please be patient. They should arrive any day as they were shipped out within 24 hours.

  90. colin mauger

    I have a orthostatic tremor and severe back pain what strains would you recomend

    • admin

      An orthostatic tremor is a very rare and frustrating condition. It’s best to see what works best for you by trying Indica’s, Sativa’s and a hybrid of the two. The problem with Indica is its tiring effects.

      You’ll need an indica that relieves stress and body pain but not make you too tired. The Cheese strain will help you with the pain. Pot of Gold Feminized Strain is 30% sativa and might be a good fit for you. You can also try Caramelicious. I hope that helps answer your question. If you can provide specific details of you’re struggles, I might be able to provide a more accurate and detailed response.

      *Disclaimer* *Please consult with you doctor as I cannot prescribe you medication.

  91. danny

    is this real domestic shipping ?

    • admin

      Orders are processed in Europe where legal, then your local postie delivers your order within Australia.

      • William Brammall

        Ordering seeds in Australia was easy. I just paid using my credit card in Amsterdam and a couple days later, the local Sydney Postie dropped off my package of seeds and freebies. This is a legit seed bank mates.

  92. Dianne

    I only require the plant to stop pain from migraines. What is the best form of marijuana for this. Don’t wish for a ” high”

  93. Elrod Frogwhopper

    Come on, come on. What do you charge for shipping and do you accept debit cards.

  94. jimmi

    you guys send to nz?

  95. Ben Lebowitz

    how many feminised seeds do i need to grow 10 female plants?

  96. Brad NSW

    G’day mates.

    Last night was the first time I sampled my harvest. Best herb I ever did try. The strain I grew up was Aussie Blues.

    My question is long can I store the poolen from the male plants for? I want to breed my own cross with Aussie Blues and Pot of Gold.

    Wentworth Falls

  97. Rory Corser

    I grew up thier Pot of Gold strain which was one of thier most expensive strains. Thank God they all germinated. I bought their Pot of Gold direct from their Amsterdam payment processing site. I just used my credit card and 5 days later my local Postie was the one to delivery my order. My credit card statement said nothing about seeds at all, it is very safe to order. I have nothing to say about their freebies, they sent me Pineapple Xpress feminised that I am saving for next year. As far as thier Pot of Gold strains, she’s a really good-looking lady. She stays fairly compact and just bleeds golden trichomes everywhere, I even found some dripping into her soil. Just goey goodness and and high that is crisp and soaring without that hangover feeling when you come down. Top notch.

    Rory Corser
    Pemulwuy, Australia

  98. Lachlan Dobson

    they really go above and beyond and my seeds made it via local postie


    Granville, Australia

  99. Eltham

    no worries mates, my local Postie brought my order to Eltham, Australia in 4 days flat

  100. Tank

    I suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, survivors guilt, chronic depression,insomnia, and psychosis . Medical marijuana is a catalyst that decreases my self harm, anger, and constant stress. Is there a specific strain you suggest to aid in my recovery?


  101. Freddy

    Hi do you ship the seeds from Australia or they come from overseas. Cheers

  102. Barry Lam

    Can you ship in three different packs to the same location on diffent days.

  103. Drake

    Do you send feminised freebies right now? I live in Ashfield, Australia and I don’t want male plants in my garden.

    • admin

      Current freebies are feminised, act fast

    • John Lanc

      Hey Drake I am from Ashfield as well and am looking for seeds on this site, have you made a payment and received your product I was hoping someone could confirm with me so I may purchase some from this seedbank.

  104. Kiwi Noah

    Fast delievy to New Plymouth. I order last Sunday, seeds came in yesterday, less than 4 days.

  105. Stephen

    I’m looking for a massive yielding strain, potent, with great hard looking nugs? is there such a strain or am i dreaming? ps live in south australia any strains better for my climate?

  106. Elton

    I me got another successful delivery to Salisbury, Australia

    Cheers mates!

  107. Dale

    This is Dale in Sydney, I got my first order 09/02, got here right away. thnx

  108. Rowville Australia

    I got them Tuesday, thank you, you guys are good.

  109. Roger

    HI.. are these products shipped inside of Australia ? One would think by reading all the comments, however when I go to Purchase, im redirected to Amstadam Seeds ? Can you explain that ? Thanks

  110. Rowville Australia

    G’Day mates, anyone in Rowville get their order alright? it’s been three days and I’m starting to get paranoid.

  111. Marshall

    Ordered from Westmead Australia Sunday Aug 14th and I got my seeds Thursday Aug 18th, My GSC sprouts are almost 3″ now after being germ’d for 2.5 days

  112. Ben Paul

    the seeds from here came to Kiama problem-free. This is a legit seed bank

  113. andrew

    where are you in australia and why dont you have a phone number
    it seems all these sites are a scam

    • admin

      It’s an online business and posting our OzZ phone number and advertising our exact location inside Oz would not allows us to operate safely. If you feel like we are a scam and you’re not comfortable shopping here we understand. Most of our customers come from word-of-mouth and we prefer it that way.

  114. Mel

    How can I be 100 percent sure this isn’t a scam site ? I live in Tullamarine, Australia and I’m keen to order

  115. Wally Travers in Camberwell

    how long does shipping take to Camberwell?

  116. Divyansh

    My wife and I recommend trying your Light of Jah strain, it was an enlightening experience to share with your partner. It heightened our senses during love making.

  117. Pratt

    I got what I paid for delivered safe and sound to Wayville, Australia

  118. Kyle

    hey guys I can confirm the seeds you sell are real and they got delivered by my local Postie here in Australia!

  119. Pete

    Pete in Pennant Hills is one very happy customer!!!

  120. A. Knutson

    I’d like to come live in the “Outback” and spend a full grow cycle outdoors to make some big money.

    I will be travelling from Germany. Do you know if my tourist Visa will allow me enough time form seed to harvest? If not, which country is cheapest to fly to so I can re-enter?

    I don’t have any friends there yets.

    • admin


      Your visa should be good for 90 days. As for which country will be the cheapest to fly to for a border run, you’ll have to check the current promotions and plan ahead. Usually its cheapest to book your flight months in advance and countries close by could be more expensive then a 4-5 hour flight on a promotion. It might be cheaper for you to get a longer term visa befoe you enter the country. I hope you find that helpful.

  121. Chase Bennings

    I live in NSW and this seed bank is legit.

    I left my comments to help medical patients.

    Chase, NSW

  122. Keith

    I got my package, everything was as it was promised. By the way, do you offer bulk discount pricing? I have a plan fi I can get the right price.


  123. Winston Hills

    All the freebies you sent to me are labelled as feminized Pineapple Express seeds. Does this mean I won’t get any male plants for pollinating?

    • admin

      That is correct, they are feminized 100%, you will not get any male plants with feminized products. If you want to breed, you’ll need to use non-feminized products, or use regular (non-feminized) male to use with the feminized. Their off-spring will not be feminized.

  124. William Baafi

    We offer advertising services to Seed Companies, among the like of Cannabis Dispensaries.

    Can you confirm whether you would be interested to advertise on our WebMusic Radio?

  125. Brad Snow

    As an Aussie myself, I believe greatly in the work you guys are doing 🙂 I would love to help spread the word your guys are real.

    – Sincerely Bradley Snow

  126. Paulo

    Hi,I am in Australia, and I ordered seeds via your site, and my seeds did arrive internally in Australia without any problems.



  127. Bahadur

    I just placed my order, thank for the confirmation and the email support helping me find the right strain. I can’t wait to plant these in my closet.

    • admin

      Anytime, we are happy to help with all questions you may have. It was a real pleasure to speak to you. I wish you all the best this year.

  128. jason stewart

    hi, i have just put in my first order and am waiting to see the result. cant wait and see . if it is as good as i am reading ill be back for more. cheers from tassie

  129. robert

    No issues recieving my order to Ascot Vale, Australia


  130. Hudson

    thank mate, you made good on my order.



  131. Bron

    Hi I live in Victoria and have nerve pain due to ms what variety would you recommend

  132. Leigh

    Hello there,how many seeds would be classified as a safe number to order in one go?

  133. Toongabbie West

    My order arrived safe and on time. Brilliant product, I already sampled it during new years.

  134. Andrei


    thabk you

  135. anon

    Do you have one million feminized seeds currently in stock? I would need strains that can handle NSW outdoor climate grow conditions.

    • admin

      we have over 400,000 Aussie Blues in stock and about 200,000 of a a few other strains. We will need about 100 days notice and partial payment to produce for you a full one million. I sent you a private email. please check your inbox.

  136. Gregory

    I found a pack of aussie blues and some free feminized seeds in my stocking christmas morn from my santa, thanks for coming through to Australia

  137. justin

    good place, legit

  138. Mondeo

    This site is legit, 93 days after i popped my beans, i harvested real plant with real THC and I smoked them my self. quality herb

  139. kale.m.superstar

    I found your site from a seed bank review site, is it true you’ll send me freebies when order?

    • admin

      yes, you’ll get fresh ripe freebies. We only send the best because we want repeat customers. Right now we’re giving away Feminizeds seeds as your freebies, very cool deal!

  140. billy

    my local australia postie brought me some early xmas presents to treat my wifes cancer. I didnt know raindeer could deliver so quickly

  141. Lu

    gday i live here in aus and i got my seeds today.youre the best australian seed bank !!! so could you advise me whether you sell wholesale lot seeds?regards

  142. Elisabeth

    I have to take methotrexate (chemo medication) every week – the side effect of which is debilitating nausea. I’ve discovered if I make up a drink in warm milk- it really helps. Which seeds could you recommend for growing outdoors on the North coast of NSW?
    Thank you

    • admin

      We’re very sorry to hear about your current situation,

      Each patient is diffent and has a strain that works best for her. Pot of Gold Feminized is the one strain that stands above the rest for most patients, a smaller percentage like Cheese and Rainbow Kush. On your better days when you can function a bit more and when you have a good appetite, you may want a more sativa dominant like Super Silver Haze Feminized.

      All the best. If you have any more questions, please let us know

  143. Duncan Jones

    Legit seed bank, postie delivered me my seeds in SA

  144. kev

    Hi can you put male with a feminized seed plant to get seeds.will they be alright

  145. Terry Anderson

    I got my seeds in australia, postie came already last week. It was shipped out fast. Thanks for the quality freebies, I will be placing another order soon.

  146. T-bone

    Thanks again for sending me my seeds, sorry for all the email and paranoia, you guys were very patient to me and delivered everything, I needed not to worry.

  147. Jaylynne M.

    if i do what the instructions say, how long do i veg stage them? I bought two strains remember, do I veg them the same or differently?

    thanks in advanced


    • admin

      the sativa’s can have a lower time to veg stage because they will take longer to flower. so you can veg your sativa strain 2 weeks before your indica, that’s why we suggest you germ your indica’s 2 weeks before if you want to keep them in the same grow room.

  148. richard price

    my order arrived, but no germintation instructions were included. i know each seed strain has diffeent rquirements

  149. canvaspico

    Legit seed bank, Bloody oath

  150. DrWho

    ive got mites or some sort of pest and many weeds in my pots. I used the rich soil by the river. not sure what is causing so many problems?

    • admin

      A medium heated to 140F/60C will kill larvae, eggs and fungus that is residing there. Many people place their soil in a pan and place it inside the oven with a turket thermometre to make sure reaches the likk temperature even in the centre of the soil. cooking for 1 hour should suffice.

  151. Royce

    Is it okay to mix alcohol and beer? I just drank 8 Four X and want to blaze up your Aussie Blues in a water bong

  152. MichaelPHD

    They have very good customer service.

    I’m sure I was a rare case, but my first order got mixed up and they sent me feminized seeds instead of regulra seeds. I was growing for seed, not bud, so it was an issue for me. I was set back 5 days, but they fixed the problem right away and were easy to deal with.

    Honest group of people working in Australia.

  153. harry hy

    Hi, First time grower. Please suggest a strain for hydroponics limitted space max 2m tall. For sale only so a fast grow and good yield. NSW climate so hot for summer. MAybe a different brand for winter…
    Will place order straight away. Cheers

    • admin


  154. Tom

    Nice to do business with honest folks like yourselves who have amazing plant genectics. I will be back again.

  155. Archie Archard

    Do your seeds come with random freebies or can we choose? I didn’t anywhere to choose the freebies, you added the strain to my cart automatically.

  156. Liam

    I was sceptical to buy your seeds, but you pulled through. You are Aussie’s legit seed bank and when I’m redirected I finally get it, it makes it legal to pay credit card inside holland. Seeds arrived AU post, no problems, will order once again today.

  157. Freddy

    when you grow feminized seeds, and breed the female plants grown from the feminized seeds and pollinate using male plants from non-feminized seeds, is their a higher chance those offspring seeds will be more females ??

    • admin

      seeds when grown* (*where legal) turn into plants, and the environmental conditions decide if they will become male or female. The less stress you place on the plants while growing up, the more likely they are to be females. A talented grower with get 80% of his plants to be females. This is important in seed production because 2 males can easily pollinate many many more than 8 female plants, so really you would want as many females from seed as possible.

  158. Jim

    I blew out my knee last week, and i can’t get it under control. Can you reccommend something to help against inflammation? do i need a specific strain or CBD oil rubbed into the skin or both?

  159. Dee

    i want to get some seeds but i am worried that the seeds will get stopped through Australian customs has anyone had that problem ordering here in australia

  160. Callum Wild

    piss around your outdoor plants to help keep the roo’s and other rodents away.

  161. bankrolljim

    Which strain do you suggest for the highest yielding, most profitable strain to grow outdoors just west of Rockhampton, Queensland?

    • admin

      If you have alot of space, AMNESIA TRANCE FEMINIZED and AUSSIE BLUES FEMINIZED and LIGHT OF JAH FEMINIZED grow big outdoors

  162. Moe

    sorry for the confusion from my previous email, im living in Australia and the seeds arrived, i was just worried for no good reason thanx

  163. vin

    I own a vinyard in NSW and I always plant a few cannabis seeds every year for personal (and a few close friends). Over the past 3.5 years I have used this site for their quality genetics and Australian climatised genetics. And of course super stealth and fast delivery. I got a few immature seeds as freebies 3 years ago, but have never had that problem since. Overall an excellent place to buy seeds, and the best place to buy seeds if you live in Australia.

  164. Rupert

    Will you give me 200 fee seeds when I order 1800 seeds? I have a large outdoor grow for “medical use” and as a collective, we are on a strict budget.

    Thanks in advance

  165. Jesse

    Delivery to my place in Exmouth was delayed and was 2 days late. But they did arrive, all seeds were accounted for and the stealth shipping was outstanding. Over all a good experience except for the paranoia I endured waiting those last 2 days.

  166. dave

    Hi, I suffer from fairly high anxiety and depression. I am on prescription medication for this as I have been diagnosed with uni polar. I am told and have researched that I could receive some relief from these crippling symptoms simply by taking marijuana.

    If I buy it in this country or have it socially it does not help at all. It only makes me feel paranoid and very unsocial! For these reasons I have not touched it in many years. I have seen on your site that you have medical seeds and was wondering if there was something you could recommend for me to try. I live in Cairns, Australia so it is very hot and humid in the summer months (about 4 months of the year around 38 degrees centigrade) and in the winter months it rarely gets above 27. I do not have a hydroponic system so it will have to be grown outside. I do not consider myself to have a green thumb so need something which is easy to grow. I am not really after a high as such, I just want to be able to help myself with the above symptoms. It would also mean I would not have to rely on a beer or port in order to help me relax as alcohol only makes me feel worse in the long run.

    Is there anything you could recommend for me? Any help would be ever so greatly appreciated!!

    Many thanks!!


  167. dave

    trying to log in so I can write to you to ask a few questions.

  168. JP

    Can I order bulk and get a discount? I did a series of small test for purchases and genetics, you are for real. It’s time to make millions with 10,000 seeds.

  169. Lola

    Melbourne here folks, no worries for delivery, pro’s here will do you right

  170. DailyToke

    I live in Shepparton and my seeds arrived. How to I germinate them please? No instructions were included and I can’t find anything on this website.

  171. Stefen Watson

    I also need help with selecting a strain to grow outdoors in Canberra. I need it for dealing with pain from spinal cord damage from a car wreck. Can you help a brother out?

    • admin

      it’s best to have a few different strains on hand at all times, some for severe pain on those bad days, others to be more active and aware during waking hours when you have good days. Try some mostly sativa’s and mostly indica’s and some hybrids. Cheese is good for pain.

  172. Braxton

    Can you recommend a strain to grow outdoors this years

  173. Shaggington

    My Melbourne order arrived smoothly. Thank you for being legit.

  174. Tobias

    Can you give advise please for which strain would be best suited to combat siezures caused by epilepsy?

    • admin

      What is the cause? Genetic? The result of brain injury? The result of stroke? The result of a brain tumor? The result of substance abuse? Each cause would have a different strain that would be best used.

  175. DoctorJill

    Hi. Just letting you know that site delivers and with free seeds.

    I posted another review to the wrong email, sorry


  176. Roland Hamilton

    My seeds came today!!!! THANK YOU

  177. David

    So I got your seeds a few days after my online purchase. Everything sprouted up, just waiting to give my final smoke report.

  178. Cameron

    Darwin Australia has some very happy and currently very high customers. All the best. My question is which strain to you recommend for desert like climate? I am moving my grow farther south where no one will be looking and pumping the water in.

    • admin

      Durban Poison will do the trick. make sure you let the seeds soak as long as they need and keep them warm so they pop. Desert genetic strains like durban poison are built to store in local desert conditions, so if it rains a little, then gets dry with no rain for months, the seeds won’t germinate, only to later die. They can get wet and won’t germinate to protect themselves.
      They usually need 3 consecutive days (enough rain to help a seedling survive in a desert) so be patient if they don’t pop in the first 48 hours. You also have to recreate desert conditions, and germination at 25C will not be enough, they like 30C

  179. Aaron McNiel

    Do you have any growing tips?

  180. Dean Levi

    Fast shipment to Canberra, seed sprouts are healthy, all 100% sprouted. So far, seems to be legit seed bank. Will update as my grow progresses.

  181. Greg Bantam


    My seeds are phat and arrived NSW via the local postman undamaged in cool stealth.

    Awesome fast shipping!I only just ordered Sunday, and they arrived on Wednesday

  182. ANDREW




    • admin

      CHEESE FEMINIZED is 60% Indica, but it feels more like 100% and is highly recommended as a heavy narcotic stone, same recommendation for RAINBOW KUSH FEMINIZED

      GANJA DWARF AUTO-FEM – 100% Indica Strain
      Afghan 100% – Indica Strain
      HABIBA – 100% Indica Strain

      MANGOLICIOUS is 85% Indica
      MASTER KUSH FEMINIZED is 85% Indica
      RAINBOW KUSH FEMINIZED is 85% Indica

      Shipping is fast and arrives to your door via your local post. Times vary as they are out of our control, but you should expect fast arrival.

  183. Diarmuid

    What are the best seeds for indoors just using sunlight

    • admin

      what is the indoor humidity and temperature levels? do you have any natural or unnatural wind? do your windows open? do have any mites? many variables to help you find your perfect strain.

  184. John

    I ordered 10 regular white widow seeds, and you also sent me free seeds that are feminized. Do I have to grow the feminized seeds differently than the regular seeds?

    • admin

      the difference is that you don’t need to pull the male plants during flowering, you will have 100% pure sensimilla buds (seedless australian cannabis) that way the sticky trichome goodness is the main production instead of pollination and seeds production

  185. Harriette

    we used you seeds to grow medicine to cure our mothers breast cancer, thank you from the bottom of our hearts

  186. Samual

    Skunk is among the most famous marijuana strains on earth which
    has been refined for a long time. The Thai Skunk you offer is the original unaltered. I’ve been looking all over for it.

  187. Ally Banks

    Thank you for the fast shipping. My father opened my mail and it was so cool and stealth, he didn’t find the seeds.

  188. Vlad S

    My purchase was of your cheese seeds to help my father ease his chronic joint pain. We enjoyed many evenings together listening to 60’s music while reconnecting and remembering my youth. Thanks for the reconnection and allowing my father to be less grumpy and happier.

  189. Eliot not my realname

    This is what happened to me. I wanted to buy seeds online, but I didn’t want to ask my mates for references, because I didn’t want them to know what I was up to. Loose lips sink ships. So i did some research online and tried a two seedbanks, one was in the UK and they were not a well run outfit whatsoever. Not honest. I made a very large order for 250 seeds. I asked ahead of time if the had the strain in stock, they said yes! I did get my order, but they screwed it up and tryed to f! me, sending me sative non-fem strains and caused me delay’s and tons of profits. Luckily I thought and planned ahead with a month buffer. Next order was from here, another 250 seeds (feminized) and it arrived. No pronblems, all seeds in stock and high quality (the finished buds too) well run company. Next I planted all my 250 feminized seeds, and the rest of the mixed order from th UK. Almost all the 250 germ’d, 249/250, pretty f-in cool. The UK shit, 91 our of 250 germ’d. the cost was about the same, but if you do the math on how many plants I couldn’t grow outdoors because if the UK bank, you’ll realize it cost me about $325,000 in profits at the end of the day. I sold my entire grow for 1.2 Millions Aussie Dollars, now I spend my time doing what I love, racing cars, smoking up and living life. Thanks for openning the doors of opportunity, I wouldn’t of been able to break the million mark without your quality.

    Disclaimer, everything I write is a lie, I do not do anything illegal. This message was sent using a proxy service. Good luck finding me.

  190. Meirion W.

    I use this seed bank all the time. Too many orders to remember exactly, but at least a dozen times over the past few years. Awesome shipping times , strong growing strains and good service with super stealth packaging. Aussie Blues is a kick a$$ strain! Grows well NSW.

    Meirion W.

  191. Paulo G.

    for some reason my dog chewed my mail and I was relieved you hid them so well. no damage. damn dog eats anything the postman brings.

  192. calvin

    okay, i found them. thanks for the quick email back.

  193. Jake

    I got 5 feminzed seeds as my freebies instead of regulare male/female seeds, is this normal? Thank a million.

  194. D J

    Don’t we get the 20 free seeds anymore with each order

    • admin

      Currently most customers wish/demand for Feminized Freebies, so as of today, you will get 5 free feminized with each order.

  195. Kim Burley

    i got my seeds too, 100% germ’d. cheers

  196. Sam Bradley

    ok, i got my seeds, thank you. but they didn’t come with germination instructions

  197. Smitty

    I’m glad to share my good news, my uber stealth delivery was earlier than its expected T.O.A.

    Praise to the cannabis gods and this seed bank

  198. Matt

    Thanks for being legit aussie seedbank. My harvest from your Aussie Blue seeds was amazing and its smoke delightful. My wife, myself and my close mates are very greateful for all you do for our 420 community. Good karma to you.

  199. Irwin Blue

    Do I still get 20 free seeds on my next order?

  200. Perry

    I ordered from your site as you said and my seeds were quickly deliverd to my front door in australia,
    I did not want to wait a long time, so thank you.
    It was 3 business days since order and the your turn around was fast and the shipping update was top.

  201. Anton

    I’m from Australia, i ordered 10 ak 47 xtrm beans from your seed bank. Great varieties & easy payment methods. I already received them yet days ago, you sent a email on the 25th of March when they were shipped. Thanks for the fast service and quality business practices.

  202. Marty

    Hi guys I never knew about this company.. Would love to have a chat to you guys about some breeding projects I’m currently doing.. And also would like to know where to send my resume for any future jobs as this could be very interesting.. But working to own my own seed company.. Thanks for your time..

  203. Jasper

    When planting outside, is it best to place them in rows or scatterred throughout the bush?

  204. Burt

    My Uncle was diagnosed with cancer in his lymphnodes, can you reccomemnd something to cure him, increase his survival and ease his pain?

  205. Pichard

    Delivery to Bunbury was 4 days from the moment I placed my order online. Legit seed bank that came through for me wiht very unique stealth shipping, these guys are pros and the free cannabis seeds were sweet. Cheers, P

  206. Chuck

    I wanted to leave some comments. I placed 3 small “test” orders the past month, you guys are legit. I will now place a larger order, as we have a small wharehouse outside of Melbourne to fit 1000 females plants, we have a plan to make 2.5 million in 4 months. Do you offer bulk pricing for 1000 Feminised seeds, we’d gladly pay full price after August when we’re rich?

    • admin

      I sent you a private email. There are many real stories about one grow season millionaires in Australia, there is even a good story in Hightimes many years back

  207. Shaun

    Hi, I live in a climate which changes from 20-30 degrees to quite cold heading up to winter. What’s would be the best plant for these conditions?

  208. Lyle Pimm

    Hello, I have colon cancer again, I’m doing another round of chemo and wanted to know if you know a strain that that not only helps with chemo side-effects, but cures cancer? I’m getting tired of fighting.

    • admin

      Cheese Feminized is popular for colon cancer sufferers. Never give up! Keep fighting. I sent you a private email, check your inbox.

  209. Peter

    Which strain do you recommend for Sjogren’s Syndrome (arthritis)my own body attacks my joints and my tear and saliva production, so my eyes and mouth ar always dry and uncomfortable.

    I look forward to your reply,


    • admin

      Look for sativa dominate strains, Amnesia Trance feminized is perfect for your needs. Indica strains will give you cotton mouth, which you already have from lack of saliva production. The sativa will give a nice glaze to protect your eyes and relief your discomfort.

  210. Karmel Solair

    Can you advise which of your seeds are best for Rheumatoid arthritis. It’s killing me and the standard drugs for it.

  211. HARVEYWhitman

    OK, I got my seeds okay to Brisbane, but no instrusctions came on how to grow them, can you please help? I’ve never grown cannabis before

  212. Cyril

    I just received my order and my 20 free seeds, my question is do I get 20 free seeds on every order or was it just on my first order, a one time thing? I want to make another order today now that I know your legit

  213. error404

    Has anyone from south east asia bought seeds from you guys. I might buy seeds from you guys since you guys are the nearest place to get seeds, but im a lil bit scared with the shipping method.

    • admin

      We have customers from every coutry in the world, we have been in business for almost 20 years. We have the best no worries stealth shipping

  214. Henry Jones

    I was so worried and anxious when I placed my first order, but I had nothing to worry about. I was provided with what I ordered, in a very poffessionally stealth package that took me about 8 minutes to find my seeds hidden inside. I have already order again after I got 100% germination rates, even on my 20 freebies! Thanks guys and gals.

    • admin

      Just sit back and relax, we have been in business for almost 20 Years and we know how to keep our customers safe and satisfied.

  215. Hunter

    I paid by bank transfer and got my seeds with 20 free seeds within a week, is a legit site!

  216. Chris

    oh and if you are hiring I want a job 🙂

  217. Lloyd of London

    My order arrived to UK in 5 days. Seeds are dark and fat.

  218. JJ D

    Yes, I’d love to move down under and work for you too, where can I send my resume?

  219. Adam Beecher

    Are you hiring? I’m 27 years old, love cannabis and I’m a jack of all trades.

  220. Paula

    What are the best seeds to order to make Rick Simpson oil or cannabis paste for cancer treatment please?

  221. J. W. Dedrick

    Seeds arrived as promised in just a few days.

  222. Hamish Bloodworth

    Which cannabis strain do you recommend for nasopharyngeal cancer? My father was recently diagnosed and he is deteriorating quickly and I would like to cure him and make him pain free, he was always there for me and everything I have in my live I owe to him.

    Nasopharyngeal is a cancer that starts behind the nose, where it meets the throat, so inhalation of cannabis should be avoided.

    Hamish Bloodworth

    • admin

      You’ll have to choose a strain that is a really good pain killer like Cheese Feminized Seeds. You’ll also need to make Cannabis Butter “Ghee” and bake some edibles. should have some good tips on the topic. You’ll have a hard time sorting out the proper dosage, so it’s important to grow consistently and measure twice. Edible’s will take much longer for their effects to start and finish, so be patient until you find the correct dosage and start with less ghee until your find the magical dose. I would suggest making a large batch of ghee and then freezing it. Then you’ll have a large supply of the same concentration to work with. All the best!

  223. Jim

    Thank you for the providing fantastic genetics. I’m currently growing a small patch of 9 different strains, 3 are from you (thanks for the 20 free seeds with my order) and the other 6 strains are from 2 other seed banks. Your seeds are growing into monsters compared to the others and your quality shows through. You took the time to provide me a brillaint product, so I wanted to take the time to leave you a positive review, but I couldn’t find a review section, so I’m adding it to your Q&A, hope that is ok,



  224. mr little

    Here’s my experince on my first order:

    My precious little ripe seeds arrived safe and sound and sprouted during new year’s eve 100%, the freebies were appreciated. This seed bank is legit and delivers to Australia in such a stealth manner that is so good, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

    Thank you,

    Mr. Little

  225. Paul G

    What strain can you recommend me for MS?

  226. lester

    I recieved my first test order and free seeds, thank you. if I order in bulk what type of discount can I get? I need 10,000 seeds in Australia, all the same strain for commercial op.


  227. Vitali

    This is the best seed bank for feminized seeds. My third order arrived today and the last 50 seeds I ordered all sprouted and were all females. The 40 Freebies 39 sprouted and were all females. No hermies. Very strong genetics. I’ve ordered feminzed also from other places and this seed bank is the best place to buy feminized seeds.

  228. maziar

    Hi ,

    Do your customers in Iran, their packets are received without a problem?
    If so, I’ll order without worry.

    Thank you and have a nice day and night

  229. 70sbug

    Thanks for the speedy delivery. I needed to get my grow schedule back on track when my seeds were confiscated from another seedbank.

    You sent my sent super stealth, which is fantastic because they’re not visible to customs at all. Thanks for pulling through.

    Since I was delayed a couple weeks from the other seedbank, I was forced to grow Bianca Feminized because I needed 6 weeks instead of 8 to make up for the two weeks I lost.
    White Queen is really popular and grows well in Australia.

    I am placing another order when I finish this comment. Thanks for taking good care of us in Australia. Have a nice day!

  230. Fergus

    If I order 1 strain (10 Seeds), do I get 20 free seeds included each time I order? Then if I place another order for 1 strain the same day, I would again get another 20 free seeds? So I want to make 2 orders, that means I would get 40 free seeds right?

    • admin

      That’s correct, 20 free on each order. Order twice and get 40 free. Plcae 3 Orders and recieve 60 free in total. Order as many times as you please and get 20 free each time you order.

  231. Richter K

    Awesome breeder. Affordable prices and great strains, no doubt I am a lifetime customer.
    Keep on keeping on,

  232. Ash

    I ripped open the packaging and after some digging I discovered my seeds safety stashed away from human sight. Got some cool freebies. Very happy with my order, stealth packaging and their customer service.

  233. Saint Nich

    Fantastic news, all my seeds sprouted. My last order 29 out of 30 sprouted. I would like to recommend this seed bank for its shipping and high quality genetics.

  234. george smith

    got them, just like you promised. You are legit and I appreciate your honesty. I will be ordering again in a couple months.

  235. thomas schmutter

    got my seeds i ordered 5 days ago,today, thanks for being legit, all 30 seeds sprouted

  236. john

    I am a cronic pain suffer and i am wanting to know what seeds i should be getting to help with the pain . Please help me with this problem

  237. rief

    arrived today, very stealthy, thank you

  238. Damien

    Do you have access to low THC seeds, something that can be used to make medical tincture?
    I need this for my daughters epilepsy.


  239. shaun courville

    Hello my name is shaun courville I am disabled marine veteran that was ina an explosion in iraq and have lost my ability to work and lost my two bestfriends on thesame explosion, I was honorably discharged but I have chronic pain and anxiety and insomnia and cant eat, camnibus helps all the above for me so I’m on a fixed imcome and disability wont go through for a yeari cant afford to buy from the dispensary so I opted to grow but I need help, I got my light system donated and the soil and a grow den grow tent bbut I can’t use it till I get some seeds andi washoping you could hook me up with a sampler of somerthing good for cnronic pain from your seed selection, i will document my grows on youtibe and advertise for yu and ill talk your company up and stick with you and be a loyal customer if you will be sypathetic to my needs and hope to start a long lasting relationship
    Shaun courville
    My address is
    united states
    91 brigham road appt #3
    Saint Albans, Vermont 05478

  240. James

    I could not see many, but I am chasing auto sativa dominant for medical reasons. Can you help? Also, can you recommend a good notice board or forum, an aussie one.

    • admin

      No auto’s for mostly Sativa Dominate is: Light of Jah auto-feminized.

      Other mostly sativa strains are:

      Aussie Blues 90% Sativa

      New York Diesel 75% Sativa

      Waikiki Queen Feminized 70% Sativa

      Haze Feminized 85% Sativa

      we have a larger selection of Sativa dominate strains to browse, AUSSIE BLUES is the most popular strain in Australia

  241. narelle

    How do I buy and price please

    • admin

      Just click on seeds. choose your strains, and pay by credit card, bank transfer, bitcoins, western union, money order, cash..etc… it’s very easy

  242. michell P

    confirmation I have received my order, i express my gratitude,
    Kindest regards

  243. Karen Wilson

    My Order # {*************} arrived Wednesday. I soaked them in bottled water and friday night after work I checked in on them and they all sprouted nice and healthy.

  244. robert

    Just tryin to order some seeds hav done everything just waiting on conformation on paying for them

  245. alex

    Interested but need to know i will actully receive the order have stuffed around ordering online and only been succsessful once

    • admin

      you get exactly the strains you order and the best guaranteed delivery. We have the best reputation for Australian Customers.

  246. Les Wojcik

    Do you know where and how I could get a medical cannabis oil in Australia.
    I much appreciate, if you could help me to get this information.
    I need to help my wife with breast cancer.

    Best regards

    Les Wojcik

    • admin

      just follow and click the “seeds” button, we sell the oil too. Sorry to hear about your situation, but I know everything will work out wonderfully for your wife.

  247. Steve

    Hello, I was wondering what would happen if these would be interecepted by customs?

  248. Catherine

    I am inquiring about buying seeds to make oil from the plant as i have been told and read that the oil is really good for people with cancer?. Is there any info you can give me etc?

  249. Jess

    Very interested in your product but need to know if your postage is discreet? How long would delivery within QLD take?

    • admin

      Delivery times vary depending on how remote you are, major city hubs obviously recieve thier seeds more quickly, so you just need to calculate the time it takes to drive or fly to your location and add one business day for processing to get a guestimate of how long delivery takes.

  250. anthony

    hello i was looking at getting ak 47 seeds just any good seeds that will grow i only want to order from Australian companies cheers.

  251. Kangaroo

    Whats with the kangaroo and Aussie stuff in the picture?

  252. Sean

    Hi there,

    I bough some AI seeds at the start of the last season. I planted four and have harvested 3. The fourth is still going and in its 4th of flowering. its a huge phenotype, at around 6 and a half foot.

    Im in Melbourne, Australia. Im wondering if it is normal for it to be taking so long? its in its 9th month now. i cut the other ones 6 weeks ago.

    I ask because its getting very cold now and I’m worried it won’t be able to properly finish up before the chill kicks in. Any information you can five me would be most appreciated.

    Thanks heaps in advance !

    • admin

      Can you confirm the strain you are growing and where you got your seeds. I look forward to reply more in depth once I have the information I need.

  253. dan

    hi there I live in new Zealand, weed is not legal at all here, would that effect me receiving your product? I don’t want to spend all that money just to have them thrown away at customs or worse have the police so up on my door. thanking you

  254. wilson

    Are You Guys Legit Or Are You Cops?

  255. Adam


    Is it possible to buy weed seeds in Australia? I’d rather not receive any international packeges with seeds, as I’m not sure if it’s 100% safe.


  256. Simon Richardson

    Are you based in Australia and if so where abouts. Will they be any problems with postage within in Australia or if you are based overseas have you ever hAd problems before thanks

  257. p cohen


    I tried calling you several times today, and I’m not getting
    through for some reason.

    Cohen {****}

    {** ***}, CA 951**

  258. Kev

    Hi, Do you sell high THC content 100 percent Indica strain seeds?
    I would like to buy some medical marijuana seeds to make Rick Simpson Hemp oil. Thanks very much

  259. Joe b

    Hi there, I want some seeds, I live in Queensland and am sick of using pesticide contaminated product. Help please. ASAP cheers

  260. Kerrie

    Hi I was wondering how safe is it to send to Australia? How much is the postage? And what happens if I do not receive them at all do I get my money back. Are they in Australia or do they came from overseas thank you

  261. zaw zaw

    I am from myanmar.I want to buy seeds.Do you ship to my country.

  262. Hamoon shahbazrad

    Just I need to know. If I buy some seed from your bank is that illegal!!? Cause I called police station couple days ago and they said growing it’s illegal in Australia. Could you please explain for me?????

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