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405 comments on “Q & A
  1. Queen b

    How many seeds do u get in a pack

  2. Nickolas

    Do you ship to perth

  3. John Robinson

    I got my female seeds today. I’m so happy to get cannabis seeds in Australia.

  4. Joey the Happy grower

    Hi there, hope to see you at the Hiexpo in Sydney, could you guys please tell me your prefered method for germinating seeds?? In as much detail as possilbe, please!!! I don’t know whether or not its just bad luck or what but I have had next level issues germinating seeds in the past(not yours).

  5. vin keyser

    hi , from time of payment what is ur average shipping time to Perth ?

  6. Kane

    How do I buy?its said you don’t ship to Australia

  7. hira boyle


  8. Jason

    Hi are you still in business i am interested in buying seeds thanks

  9. Guy

    Product arrived! It took me to another website called AMS, yeah ha!

  10. Pram

    Hi there, I live in Queensland Australia and i got me seeds

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