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427 comments on “Q & A
  1. Tracy P

    Hi! I’m interested in Aussie blues seeds. Do you have any for sale, or know of anyone in Australia that sells them form a shop? Do you know if they can be grown outside in NSW?

  2. Trev

    Why are your ‘Australian ‘ seeds for sale in US dollars?

  3. billybob

    Where are the answers from the Q & A

  4. Jade ball

    Hi , I would like to try start growing my own so I can produce edibles . I have chronic nerve pain from a failed upper spinal surgery . I have found edibles work . What type of seeds would I buy to get the pain relief / relax to the body effect

  5. jim

    What is the best seeds to grow outdoors

  6. Scott

    Can I get these in Perth w,a

  7. Kenny

    Do u send seed to Japan???

  8. Ben

    Postcode 5253 how long will delivery take if ordered today

  9. Xavier

    Hi do you have feminized seed?cuz im planing to order thanks


  10. Steven bunyan

    Hi there again . I understand you said every package is wraped indervidualy .i live alone no body else but myself unwraped the parcel .but if you say i might have missplaced the freshness bag what happens now.thank you.

  11. Filip Krygsman

    Hello there, I like to know the kind of cbd oil or seed best for diabetics.
    Also having been a recreational user off and on for most of my life, I am 71 years now, I love to know the best way to grow from seed for the purpose of fighting diabetes. Having been a recreational user I am not too concerned about the thc content, but would like to keep it at a minimal level if possible.
    From my readings I believe that the jury is still out on the most beneficial result of having some thc in there as well. I may be wrong, but love to here your opinion on my condition if possible.
    Many thanks

  12. vicky

    how many seeds are in a pack?

  13. cas

    I am new to this site, just trying to explore it and figure out what it is all about. My real aim to find my way to mushroom spores. Am I on the right path here?

  14. James

    Are you shipping currently?

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