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  1. Hi there. I’m keen to start growing for the first time and would like to know what your recommendations are for starter seeds from your stock for the climate here in Tiwi Islands

  2. If anyone out there is curious at all, I got my strains safe in Bateau Bay and they appear to be legit little cannabis seedlings.

  3. Excuss please sir, my mother is suffering from stage 4 cancer . Please sir we need help as this is our last hope please.

    We are financially broke . I left my job 3 years ago now just because we can’t afford it . Right now earning on daily basis, day to day but feeling helpless .

    We really need help from you. Im attaching you her reports please if you can help us so I can help my mother to ease her pain and I hope to get her healed please. I hope you can feel my pain as a son please.

  4. Do you have a walking store or do you only sell internet?

  5. I was keen to grow “pot of gold” which is only availble at the australian seed bank, so I placed an order on Friday June 8th and it arrived on Wednesday the 13th. that was acceptable shipping times for me.

  6. My hope is to grow a small, quick flowering, low odour plant. Can you suggest something that will grow like that here?

  7. I’m 28 and i just move to Mulgoa from Auckland, looking to meet some new 420 friends here. I’m usually busy throughout the week but free on weekends.

  8. FYI, I live in Arana Hills and my order arrived with everything there.

    • I’m in Footscray and my order came in last week, i popped them over the week end, everything is legit

  9. Helo there, I live in New Zealand and was wondering if you ship here?

  10. has anyone successfully had seeds delivered to qld?

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