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What colour is best for blue meanies mushrooms to turn into?

Blue Meanies Mushrooms
What Are Blue Meanies Mushrooms

Blue meanie mushrooms is a strain of mushrooms that were first introduced in Australia. It is becoming more popular as other countries are becoming aware of the strain, like Bali for example. The name blue meanie comes from its appearance of blue bruises on the stems and caps. It is said the bluer the mushroom the more intense the trip.

Where Are Blue Meanies Found?

Blue Meanie mushrooms are found in manure of grazing animals. They will be scattered across the land of dung or in clusters. You can find them in mostly tropical regions like, Africa, Australia, Europe, Hawaii, India and a few other countries or regions. Though not impossible, it may be difficult to grow blue mean mushrooms due to its specific habitat.

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Myths About Coca Bush Seeds

Coca Bush Seeds
What Are Coca Seeds?

Coca Bush Seeds are planted to create the coca plant, with the purpose of several uses. The plant consists of different minerals, oils and compounds that can have some effects on the body. The known compound found in the coca is alkaloid cocaine, which causes concern in many countries.

The coca seeds turn into the plant and people use the leaves for its benefits. The leaves can be chewed to use as a mild stimulant and if one is feeling fatigue. Chewing is a common method of using the leaf, as it has traditionally been around for years. Making tea from the coca is another popular form that is sacred and used by indigenous people across the Andes region.

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How to store Erythroxylum Australe Seeds

How to Store Erythroxylum Australe Seeds
What Are Erythroxylum Australe seeds?

The Erythroxylum is a type of shrub found in Australia. It is known as the Erythroxylon shrub or dogwood, which is a woody-like plant. When mature, the plant produces a red or orange fruit that stores the seed. As for the seeds of this shrubby plant, you will notice the tough, hard outer shell. This shrub is rather durable and strong and can withstand rough weather conditions.

Although the shrub is resilient to the weather, the seeds need special care, as they are susceptible to be easily damaged. With changes in temperatures like high humidity, the seeds can be useless, resulting in the prevention of reproducing. So, taking a little bit of care of the seeds is necessary in order to store and grow them.

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Perks Of Growing Grand Daddy Purple Seeds

Grand Daddy Purple Seeds
What are Grand Daddy Purple seeds

The Grand Daddy Purple is a distinctive marijuana strain of indica. What piques this strain’s interest is the sweet aroma, high yield of the crop, and its eccentric abilities that make you feel relaxed. This stunning strain provides high potency in their buds, and easy to grow indoors and outdoors for your personal use, or whatever marijuana endeavour you choose.

High Yielding

Growing your Grand Daddy Purple produces a higher yield than some of the other strains of marijuana. You can expect efficient use of growing the seeds, as they better respond to fertilizers, and take less time to actually mature. In result, the use of fertilizer on the Grand Daddy purple seeds will yield a larger crop for you.

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