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Bizarre facts about magic mushies

Bizarre facts about magic mushies. Magic mushrooms can pop anywhere in the world. Where they were once used for shamanic, religious and healing ceremonies by native peoples, today they are sought after for their mind-altering effects.



Bizarre facts about magic mushies

Here are some bizarre facts:

  • There are more than 200 species of mushrooms you can classify as magic found in most countries. Meaning the people of the world have access to species that produce mind altering effects.
  • In only two countries in the world is it fully legal to grow and be in the possession of magic mushrooms – Czech Republic and Spain.
  • Magic mushrooms are not addictive in themselves though people can become dependent on them.

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Magic Mushrooms Australia

Magic mushrooms Australia. Magic mushrooms are a popular mind-altering drug among Australians for recreational use. People go mushrooming for a little magic from Spring through Summer.

Magic Mushrooms Australia

But, it did not start out this way. They were not always something used for fun. Magic mushrooms were a popular substance used by the native people of Mesoamerica. For more than 3000 years these people used magic mushies in healing religious ceremonies. Recreational use is widespread with the stories spreading across the world in the media of magic mushie trips.

So, what are they?

Magic mushrooms occur in the Australian outdoor environment. Aussies hunt shroomies for their hallucinogenic properties. When consumed, people hallucinate or, more commonly, ‘trip’ out.


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A Bittersweet Victory For Chronically Ill Patients

A bittersweet victory for chronically ill patients. When Australia legalised medical cannabis in 2016, it was a victory for chronically ill patients. But, it has become bittersweet as they battle for access.

A new Bill to make it easier for medical cannabis importers to have a stock on hand will go to the Australian Senate. Greens leader Dr Robert di Natale believes the Bill will pass. Its intention is to make it easier for Aussie patients to access the medicine they need to help them with quality of life.

Introducing this Bill, di Natale accuses the government of ‘ignoring the will of parliament’. When the government legalised medical cannabis in 2016 it did not make provision for doctors to prescribe some patients with terminal conditions. They have to apply for permission under Category A of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) special access program.

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Aussie Music Idol Uses Medical Cannabis for Cancer

After 25 years cancer free, much loved Aussie music idol is hit with cancer again. Olivia Newton-John is again fighting for her life