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Strongest weed in Australia (Aussie Blues Strain)

Strongest Weed in Australia

If you’re talking about the strongest weed strain in Australia, then it’s definitely Aussie Blues. These marijuana seed strains have a strong psychological effect, and that’s one of the reasons why they are in high demand in Australia. The Aussies use it more often to release feelings of stress and anxiety. Sometimes, this weed is used to get rid of the pain.


You can get high-quality marijuana in Australia, including domestic strains that you can grow easily indoors or outdoors to enjoy.


Some important features of the Aussie Blues


Aussie Blues results from the crossbreeding of an unknown Haze variety and Duck.

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Mushroom laws by Australian state 2021

Mushroom laws by Australian State

Despite international evidences showing the positive effects of psychedelic drugs like magic mushrooms to treat mental illnesses, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression, the Australian Therapeutic Drug Association has made an interim in February 2021 against rescheduling psilocybin and MDMA from schedule 9 (prohibited substance) to a controlled medicine (schedule 8).

However, the use of magic mushrooms to treat mental conditions may be a step closer in Australia given the $15Million grant for clinical trials.

Dr. Nicole Lee, one of the professors at Curtin University’s National Drug Research Institute, has stated clearly that “while many international trials have looked into the impact and safety of magic mushrooms on users, we still need to conduct more research into whether psychedelic drugs would work better than existing treatments.”

“There’s need for those clinical trials so we can be sure that these are actual medications that would be effective in therapeutic purposes before we reschedule them for use.”- He continued.

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Magic Mushroom Hunting during lockdowns

Magic Mushroom Hunting during Lockdowns

Lockdown is a period we all dread as it affects our mental and emotional health. Asides from that, you face restrictions on international trips, you distance yourself socially, and many other unfavourable conditions. Many people tend to look for drugs to manage depression, anxiety and boost their overall health. Others have looked for natural alternatives by hunting for psychedelics, such as magic mushrooms.  


One person who decided to try psychedelics during lockdown is Juan. She took a walk around her city and tripped on mushrooms at a nature reserve nearby. After trying the mushrooms, she recorded that it gave a lasting positive impact, which helped her to deal with the depression of lockdown.


Two friends living close by,

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Are mushrooms illegal in Australia?

Magic mushrooms in Australia

Magic mushrooms have been widely shown to be useful in managing depression, PTSD, and anxiety. However, when it comes to legalizing drugs, Australia is far behind the US. For example, decriminalization of cannabis started as far back as 1970 in some regions in the US, whereas Australia legalized medical cannabis less than three years ago.

Now, many studies have been showing that doses of psilocybin have helped a lot of people suffering from depression and cancer-related anxiety, amongst other benefits. Yet, the cultivation, manufacture, and possession use of magic mushrooms are still considered illegal throughout Australia.

However, recent studies have shown that there is a movement for the medical use of Magic mushrooms.

Australia’s first legal collection of magic mushrooms is being studied by researchers in the Brisbane laboratory.

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