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Strongest weed in Australia (Aussie Blues Strain)

Strongest Weed in Australia

If you’re talking about the strongest weed strain in Australia, then it’s definitely Aussie Blues. These marijuana seed strains have a strong psychological effect, and that’s one of the reasons why they are in high demand in Australia. The Aussies use it more often to release feelings of stress and anxiety. Sometimes, this weed is used to get rid of the pain.


You can get high-quality marijuana in Australia, including domestic strains that you can grow easily indoors or outdoors to enjoy.


Some important features of the Aussie Blues


Aussie Blues results from the crossbreeding of an unknown Haze variety and Duck. This marijuana strain is tall and bushy, and their genetics consist of 10% Indica and 90% Sativa.


When you grow these marijuana seeds outside, they can reach about 8 feet when fully developed. It assumes the shape of a Christmas tree and braches out when grown-up. The bud is bluish-grey in colour, making it easily noticeable.


In terms of taste, Aussie Blues has a characteristic lemon taste and flavour. It is a Sativa-dominant strain and smoking it has a powerful and uplifting effect without beclouding the mind. It helps you feel energetic and give you a feeling of positivity.


Sativa strains generally are far better if you plan to consume your marijuana during the day. It will keep you active and fit throughout the day. You won’t get tired in any way, and you get a boost in your mood.


The Indica strains, on the other hand, are better for the night. It gives your mind and body a numbing effect.


The THC level of Aussie Blues is about 15 to 20%. The THC hormone activates the memory receptors in the body, and this makes you feel overenthusiastic.


Growing Aussie Blues


You can cultivate Aussie Blues both indoors and outdoors. Although they are mostly grown outdoors, growing them indoors may produce up to 25 grams of Cannabis per strain.


For Aussie Blues to harvest properly, it needs to be in a temperature above 17 degrees Celsius. It will take a longer time to flower for temperatures below 17 degrees Celsius.


Where to buy Aussie Blues seeds?


You can simply get the best Aussie Blues marijuana seeds from the Australian seed bank. You get your product shipped in a discrete manner right to your doorstep. It is so much discreet that even the mailman may not know what you ordered.

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    • Bob King

      I grew the Aussie Blues strain and it’s the strongest weed I’ve tried. Next I’m keen to try something more mellow.

  4. Wendy Scott

    How can i buy aussie blueseeds please

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    I’ve had a bad experience many years ago either through a bad batch or just to much to soon. I want to ease off the booze and get into this wonderful plant.this sounds like a terrific place to start,you guys are in formative and sound will definitely will be hearing from me ✌️

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