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Salvia Divinorum Australia

Salvia divinorum Australia is easier to find nowadays. Salvia divinorum is a plant that activates visions and other spiritual journeys. It is also known as diviner’s sage, shepherdess’s herb, magic mint, Sally D, seer’s sage, and Maria pastora. It grows in the damp, moist shaded areas of the cloud forest in the remote Sierra Mazateca of Oaxaca, Mexico. The plant is an herb from the mint family with the main active ingredient of salvinorin A. When ingested it changes the brain chemistry and causes you to hallucinate. It is the most potent producer of hallucinations in its natural form. The effects can be very intense and scary, but only last a short time.

Salvia Divinorum Australia

The Mazatec people of Oaxaca have used Salvia for centuries in their spiritual ceremonies. They have great respect for the plant, praying to it before harvesting it for use. This is not a party drug. It is a drug for people who seek a meditative state of mind to explore the mysteries of the universe. The Mazatec people use it for exploring deep conscious states and spiritual reasons.

Using Salvia divinorum

Users usually chew the Salvia leaves or concoct a drink by extracting the juice from the plant. You can also smoke the dried leaves as a cigarette or through a water pipe. You can also vaporise and inhale it. The Mazatec people traditionally chew fresh Salvia leaves but you can use dried leaves as well. The normal dose is around 26 leaves but that will depend on the size of the leaves.

You get the effects of Salvia Divinorum Australia by chewing the leaves to release the juice into your mouth. Hold the leaves in your mouth, to extract the juice, for as long as you can for the best results. The Mazatec people pound the leaves into a pulp and squeeze it to collect the juice. This is added to water, but the effects are weaker than chewing the leaves. You can also vape Salvia with successful results.

Effects of Salvia divinorum

There appears to be no short-term dangers from Salvia and no reported overdoses from using the drug. Research showed that while it is a very powerful drug, it did not seem to have any detrimental effects. Salvia has a completely unique effect on the brain. It attaches to the kappa opioid receptors of the nerve cells. Scientists believe further research into its use for treating drug addiction, pain and Alzheimer’s could be useful.

Salvia is used by the Mazatec people for spiritual reasons. It helps to connect with their inner divinity. Using Salvia can produce hallucinations, seeing and hearing things that are not really there. Users can feel a new sense of connection to the world, have a new understanding and a sense of inner peace. Sometimes users can experience travelling to different dimensions, mood and emotional swings, and may feel disconnected from the physical world around them. You can lose the ability to tell the difference between what is real and what is not, which gives concern for people getting behind the wheel of a car and driving.

When smoking Salvia, you get the full effects within a few minutes and these last for anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. When you chew the leaves, the effects can take up to 20 minutes to kick in, and you will feel the effects for up to 3 hours. Some people say they do not feel any effects the first few times. Others have such a powerful experience they only ever try it once.

Australian legal status

Australia was the first country in the world to ban salvia divinorum in 2002. If you want to grow, cultivate, possess, sell, or import salvia divinorum or products containing it you need to get legal advice. Shipping products containing salvia divinorum, or salvinorin A into Australia can mean you will face severe criminal penalties if you are caught.

If you are thinking of trying Salvia divinorum, keep in mind the effects of Salvia have not been fully studied. Other side effects include dizziness, slurring your speech and a loss of physical coordination. While the long-term effects of taking, this drug are unknown, studies on animals showed a negative effect on their ability to learn and memory loss. Many people in Australia prefer cannabis instead of using salvia divinorum Australia. You can buy Salvia Divinorum Australia Seeds at



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