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We are proud to be Australia’s official cannabis seed supplier for over 18 Years. We have never had a single lost or confiscated package. Our stealth delivery is so safe, you never have to worry. Your privacy is our Number One concern. Please feel safe browsing our online catalogue. Just click on Buy Seeds and start shopping for great bargin’s on Award Winning Australian Cannabis Seeds.

We appreciate you as our customer. We look forward to providing you with the best cannabis seed strains for growing in Australia, weather you live in NSW or somewhere in the dust, we have a strain that would suit your needs.

We work hard to make sure each strain is fresh and is always in stock. We also love to send you free seeds on each order.

Our main focus is shipping your products via your local postie. It’s important that you feel safe when placing your order. We want you to have such a great experience before and after your harvest. We are here for you 24 hours a day. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to use our contact page.

We love serving Australians and going above and beyond to bring you the best Australian Cannabis Seeds.

We also need your feedback, so if you have any strain requests or comments please contact us. Your input is so valuable. We might just create a new strain and name it after you.

Our seed bank is Austrlia’s only legit seed bank. We can’t wait to send you your stealth package. If you don’t live in Australia, don’t worry. We ship globally.

If you’re interested in Australian Coca Seeds, then you should visit the best coca seed breeders at

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939 comments on “Cannabis Seeds
  1. Lance

    Hi there, what would be a good strains to grow in low light conditions in QLD please? Thanks in advance

  2. Gaye

    Hi I am in new Zealand an would love SM seeds ,I hv not been made happy by other shops ,thanks

  3. Alex Wright

    Do you sell spore syringes for psilocybin shrooms ?

  4. Bewolder

    What do you do with customer information after sales is complete? Are you keeping /retaining customer records?

  5. Peter Carter

    Hey Guys,
    Just placed my order as a BPaY…don’t know what happens from here….could you please let me know.



    • Oewen M

      I made my payment outside of Australia using my credit card, then I got an email a day later that my Alaskan seeds were shipped. They processed my credit card overseas where i think it’s legal for seeds, but it was my local Postie that arrived soon after with my package. The seeds were hidden inside, it took me 5 minutes to discover them. They’re legit, all my beans popped up and all were females (I bought the feminised ones). Hope that answers your question or helps you in some way.

    • Peter Carter

      Hey, No need to Worry.
      They all turned up…no issue. Some didn’t quite sprout properly and died….but no need to Worry…They are sending replacements…Have ordered more from the site and they all were sent to my mail box. And the online support has been instant with no delay in correspondence. Thank You….and I too LOVE growing Cannabis.

      Peter Carter

  6. Barry Rogers

    Yes, fast deliver and a legit seed bank. My seeds arrived last week and 100% have popped up,

    cheers, thanks

    • James Lancaster


      My order arrived on time last week, even during covid. I sprouted them all up over the week end and I’m happy to report they’re all growing.

      James L.

  7. Sherry Ola

    Thanks for the quick delivery, very stealth, no way it wouldn’t of made it! all germed and I am a happy customer.

  8. david maroney

    top place top service

  9. Joe

    What’s your best yielding and highest THC for indoor mainly best yield.

  10. Bill Stokely

    Even with the transportation down, the Post is working fine and my seed came fast.

    When my order arrived this week, the seeds were hidden in the package so well. I like the stealth they used and they asked me not write about their method online, so I won’t. I’ll just say its very clever and there is no way you’ll have any issues about anyone finding out what’s inside.

    My seeds were ordered March 22nd and they got here faster than expected. The seeds I sprouted all did so in just 22 hours.




  11. James Van Tilburg

    How long (on average) does it take for shipping to USA (more specifically Indiana)??

  12. William

    How long can it take to deliver?

  13. Perth Australia


    I was a bit scared to order online with my credit card but my seeds just got delivered like 20 minutes ago by my local Postie.

    The package is discrete and the seeds were concealed inside. Well done!

    • Ken Wright

      I paid by credit card too because it was just easier, it showed up as a clothing purchase on my bank statement and was processed in Europe which is safer than having it process in Australia.

  14. Gold Coast

    My credit card payment was processed overseas but it was my local postie who delivered my order.
    Thank you

  15. Moses Lake WA Australia

    A forward looking seed bank because they sent me freebies and did right by me. Now I need more seeds and I’m ordering here again.

  16. Brisbane Australia

    A reliable place to obtain precious seeds.

    Gary W.

  17. Kerry L

    Seeds came in, I was a bit worried, but for no reason. Thanks a bunch for the free seeds.


  18. Matt Reuben

    I placed my order for my seeds 08/12 and they just arrived this morning on 08/19 to my flat in Perth. I ordered big bud and blueberry.

  19. Fairfield NSW

    Thanks for the speedy delivery of my Agent Orange seeds.

  20. Belmont


    My seeds came in a stealth envelope and they were hidden from prying eyes. Thank you. I’m grateful to get seeds here

  21. Brisbane Australia

    My seeds got here fast and they all popped up, even the freebies. Every single seed sprouted! Thanks so much

  22. Bob M

    Fast delivery and freebies too! For those worried don’t be, shipping to Cairns was fast and safe.

  23. Brisbane Australia

    Fast shipping to Brisbane and thank you for the free seeds, much appreciated.

  24. Wagga Wagga NSW

    My Blue Dreams, Pot of Gold Feminized and Aussie Blues arrived today with a free pack of Pot of Gold.

  25. Sydney Australia

    G’Day, I would like to know which strain(s) you would recommend for me that has more medicinal qualities than “other”… I have been growing, for my personal use, for a few years now, a lot of “hit and miss” has happened. I know that what I’m looking for is something that isn’t so much for a HIGH as much as a MEDICINAL quality of plant.
    Thank you for your help

  26. Luke

    Good strains, top gene pools and my privacy is important to me.

  27. Mat White

    It’s a straight up seed bank. I paid by credit card and my seeds were on their way the same day and arrived after the weekend. Inside the stealth package were also free seeds, the feminised kind. Good deal.

  28. Laurence hodgetts

    Have you got northern lights white widow let me know have you got a contact number

  29. Laurence hodgetts

    Northern lights white widow in stock let me know

  30. Laurence hodgetts

    Have you got any northern lights white widow in stock lret me know have you got a phone number

  31. Greenslopes Australia

    My seeds came and with freebies. I couldn’t be happier.

  32. Miranda Australia

    My Aussie Blues grew legendary bud. Top notch mates, top notch.

  33. Greenslopes Australia

    Their seeds are top notch, very hearty and durable plants for my local climate.

  34. Townsville Australia

    Fast delivery to Townsville

  35. Ferny Hills Australia

    My delivery went smooth and using bottled water I got perfect germination ratio’s. They’re a legit seed bank.

  36. Surry Hills Australia

    I sent cash to be on the safe side. They got it within the week and the turn around for my order was fast, 11 days to Surry Hills.

  37. Tim Habel

    Need help purchase seeds medicinal.

  38. Chippendale Australia

    This is a legit place to goto if your keen to buy top choice seeds. Each strain was exactly as described and from a strong gene pool.

  39. Yarrabilba Australia

    G’day, I got my order in Yarrabilba, no worries

  40. Maylands Australia

    Fast shipping, just hours after I ordered I got a confirmation email that my order was shipped. It arrived a few days later with freebies as promised

  41. Ainslie Australia

    They used solid shipping techniques to protect me from any prying eyes or devices. They’re really good at getting me my seeds, 6/6 orders have made it to my home in Ainslie.

  42. Tugun Australia

    My successful indoor grow growing aussie blues. they stayed uniform in height and yielded good. it was easy to grow.

  43. Lockleys Australia

    My grow is growing fast, I just switched to flowering four weeks ago and you can see the quality of their genetics blooming

  44. Melbourne Australia

    Their Pot of Gold bud is God. Fruity pungent buds. Potent hashy smelling trichromes covered the entire plant with shining gold hues, it was very impressive smoke. I grew eight indoors and it was high quality and all females.

  45. Jane

    What options are there for payment. Apart from visa, Mastercard and bitcoin?

  46. Caboolture Australia

    my order made it, no worries. I ordered 20 seeds they arrived the same week. From all of the seeds 20 germinated and 2 faded out. I was happy with one plant in particular because she produced over 30 ounces.

  47. Rocklea Australia

    Seeds arrived last week, wanted to wait for them to sprout before leaving feedback. i placed them in pucks with distilled water and some thrive, all 20 popped up! Thank you

  48. Perth Australia

    I’ve had chronic insomnia for years and years. Some strains help but pot of gold works the best. I can sleep a solid 4 almost 5 hours straight now. A big improvement to my sanity.

  49. Belrose Australia

    I’d to to recommend a great strain here called white widow xtreme. It’s breeder is the best ww breeder i’ve found in over 20 years smoking the ww strain.

  50. Endeavour Hills Australia

    This is a solid seed bank time and time again. i got another batch this week and I already got them all to come up.

  51. Burpengary Australia

    This seed bank has treated me very well over the years. I’m keen to try some other strains they have because everything I’ve grown so far was top notch.

  52. Croydon Australia

    I grew thier Hash Plant strain and their free MOAB strain, both were great. I particularily enjoyed HP

  53. Hoppers Crossing Australia

    reporting a successful grow growing aussie blues

  54. Helensvale Australia

    Completely happy with my local postie bringing my order so quickly. I popped them last week end, so far so good but i’ll have to wait for the results after harvest.

  55. Bayswater Australia

    solid seed company that got my seeds delivered on time for my indoor project

  56. Melbourne Australia

    I ordered 40 seeds and they arrived no worries. They even sent me this strain; mother of all buds for free.

  57. Casula Australia

    I ordered on Tuesday, my beans arrived Friday. I couldn’t be happier.

  58. Frankston Australia

    My seeds arrived in a few days after placing an order last Sunday. Order came with mother of all bud freebies. fast service, solid seed bank.

  59. Launceston Australia

    I also got M.O.A.B. as my freebie with my order last week. I’ve since germ’d them and they all came up. This is a great place to buy your beans

  60. Lynette

    I want pain relief and certainly don’t want to get WRECKED!
    Low or preferably no THC.
    Can you help?

  61. Mike Turner

    I placed my order late Thursday may 10th and they arrived Wednesday with 5 FREE M.O.A.B. Mother Of All Buds Feminized Seeds. The free seeds looked as nice and fat as my Aussie Blues. It’s a good deal.

  62. Baulkham Hills Australia

    Legit seed bank with the genetics needed in today’s advanced production.

  63. Tapping Australia

    safe place to buys seeds, they always make it no issues no mistakes

  64. Collie Australia

    Thank you, my order is here now.

  65. Moorebank Australia

    I love Shroomies but I love Green Crack best, it’s a great strain and it grows well here outdoors.

  66. Constitution Hill Australia

    fast delivery, it arrived. thanks

  67. Illewong Australia

    My doctor recommends indica dominant strains. I’m disabled and unable to work so I’m on a fixed income, so please recommend something within my budget.

  68. Barwon Heads Australia

    I grew a nice patch near Lake Connewarre using their Aussie Blues fem strain. It’s the real thing, easily wrecked from one drag.

  69. Runaway Bay Australia

    G’Day, I’m reaching out to you because you who may be able to help me out with a few compassionate charitable seeds to help with my diseases? I suffer from multiple sclerosis, disk degenerative disease osteoporosis, spinal stenosis among others issues cannabis is known to help. Anything at all would be appreciated, and I’ll help spread the word.

  70. Inala Australia

    good seed bank, they delivered on time and everything sprouted.

  71. Auchenflower Australia

    seeds made it here in a few, keen to buy more

  72. NSW

    My seeds arrived here in NSW, no issues, everything was there, on time. Thanks

  73. john

    is this site still running

  74. Petrie Australia

    My order came in on Thursday, I started them that night using paper towel and bottled water. Checked them this morning and they all popped up, even the free ones.

  75. Hunters Hill Australia

    Fine establishment to purchase high quality genetics. I’ve done three grows with them so far and I’m keen to order more today.

  76. Merewether Australia

    I’d like to thank the staff for allowing me to change my order already in transit. They have an honest team running this seed bank.

  77. Eight Mile Plains Australia

    Good seeds, good prices and the only trusted place to buy seeds in Australia. Delivery to Eight Mile Plains is always speedy.

  78. Canton Beach Australia

    Fast delivery. I’m a happy guy! Thank you for being legit, I was a nervous nelly.

  79. Perth Australia

    I bought a few strains and they all popped. So did my freebies. So far, seems legit.

  80. Leichhardt Australia

    I just got my seeds and they took about 5 days. The packaging was professional. ‘m just happy they’re here and safe.

  81. Erskineville Australia

    My seeds got here in no time (Erskineville, Australia) Australian Seed Bank is legit mates.


    I was keen to get seeds in Australia so before I read some reviews online before making my purchase. The Austrlian Seed Bank seemed to be the only choice for me living in QLD I thought it must be reliable, and it was. My plants are now growing out in the bush strong and wide.

  83. Saint Albans Australia

    My seeds came in the mail as promised.

  84. Upper Mudgeeraba Australia

    The Australian seed bank is legit, I got all viable seeds and a great harvest

  85. Alexandria Australia

    I got my gear! Cheers

    Anon in Alexandria, Australia

  86. Kallangur Australia

    it took just a few days to get my order to Kallangur, Australia if anyone else is curious

  87. Kingsgrove Australia

    My package arrived on time and everything came including fat freebies.

  88. Perth Australia

    Legit seed bank, I loved my freebies

  89. Lindfield Australia

    Good genetics and service. I’ve order three times since 2015 problem free

  90. Brizzy Ben

    The two strains I grew were excellent. Delivery is not an issue, they’ve mastered stealth shipping on my package they did at least. If you’re keen for good bean, this is a seed bank to count on.

  91. Perth, Australia

    I just got my order, everything is legit. Thank you

  92. Success Australia

    They have good prices when you buy a couple strains because then they add in freebies that are feminzed strains. Delivery was fast Success, Australia.

  93. Matt oz

    Hello there.just wanna ask it is can post to Australia

  94. Chris

    Hi im looking for an easy beginner seed for legal medical personal use. Ill be buying and all in one setup and growing in QLD.
    Any suggestions on low fuss strains? Also a good all round medicinal strain for chemo patients to increase appetite.

  95. Homebush Australia

    Good strains, i’ve grow 5 of them out now. Safe shipping. Legit seed bank.

  96. Wolli Creek Australia

    thanks and cheers

  97. Barker

    A fine establishment if your looking for seeds in Australia.

  98. Bentleigh East Australia

    I’m a very good customer placing a dozens of orders here the past years. I can always depend on the Australian seed bank to deliver my orders safely and on time.

  99. Highgate Hill Australia

    fast delivery to Highgate Hill, my order came with freebies, and they are top notch mates

  100. Carnegie Australia

    I bought WW and AB’s last August. I i got good service and good genetics with some pungent blueberry undertones.

  101. Marrickville Australia

    Got my seeds here problem free. now I just need to find a reliable place for spores, anyone?

  102. Melbourne Australia

    Cheers , my order is here on time

  103. Moorebank Australia

    fast shipping, there here already last week and they all sprouted over the weekend, all 100%, good quality so far i’d have to say. A big thank you to the very good breeder there

  104. Woodend, Australia

    excellent service

  105. Buderim, Australia

    G’Day mates, I just wanted to share my seeds are here in Buderim, Australia. Painless to order from here.

  106. Kallangur Australia

    Fast delivery to Kallangur. Cheers mate!

  107. Brett

    Wheres my best option for seeds please

  108. Kewdale Australia

    Their fast delivery solved my schedule delay due to mold on a previous crop. Thank you for getting them here so quickly.

  109. Yennora Australia

    G’day mates. This is a legit place to buy your gear.

  110. Collaroy Australia

    Thank you for the freebies, I forgot all about them, so it was a surprise to find them.

  111. Toowoomba

    Ausie Blues finished beautifully indoors. Like a bouquet of blueberry flowers coated and dripping in THC trichomes.


  112. Novar Gardens

    they delivered everything as agreed upon, all my seeds that I ordered and also the feminised seeds added for free in my cart during checkout.

  113. Novar Gardens

    Good god my delivery was fast! I got them started straight away, no issues.

  114. Strath Creek Australia

    I ordered last week and my seeds are here at last!

  115. Brighton Le Sands Australia

    It took me awhile to research a reputable seed bank in Australia, and this seed bank kept coming up, so i decided to just take the jump.

    Order placed 11/04 order arrived 11/09, fast enough.

    All the seeds that arrived were good, including the freebies and the double up deal.

  116. Gulfview Heights

    good deal, they have a double up promo and then free fem seeds, so i got 25 seeds for the price of 10

  117. Nollamara Australia

    fast deliver

  118. Adelaide Australia

    My seeds just arrived on time, as promised.

  119. Blacktown Australia

    solid seed company currently with a good feminised seed promo freebies

  120. Tuart Hill Australia

    Fast delivery to Tuart Hill and FYI my little guys are strong and thriving.

  121. Bertram Australia

    all good, they’re legit. It was 4 days for my seeds to arrive and they are the real thing, the freebies too.

  122. Merrylands Australia

    I got my seeds and got them all growing no worries.

  123. Kingston Australia

    What a bargain with the freebies, they’re feminised ones.

  124. Newcastle Australia

    Good seeds, fast delivery

  125. Menora Australia

    smooth delivery mates. Package contents are fat and ready to go, no premies nothing crushed.

  126. Salisbury Australia

    There were no issues with my order nor the quality of the finished product, it’s genuine seed bank with genuine seeds.

  127. Narara Australia

    NYC Diesel grows excellent outdoors.
    Legit seed bank for Aussies mates.
    Good prices and stealth shipping.
    I’m back again a thiird time.

  128. Coomera Australia

    Fast discreet shipping in 5 days (includes weekend). 5 feminised seeds as a bonus was added to my order.

    Samuel Brown

  129. Munster Australia

    Juust picked up 3 strains and got a 4th one free. Pretty good deal, fast delivery.

  130. Pakenham East Australia

    a big thank you


  131. Viewbank Australia

    placed an order late last week, order came in early this week. 100% germd. thank you.

  132. Mount Gravatt Australia

    It’s not as hard as you may think. I just used my credit card on Thursday and on Wednesday i had my seeds.

  133. Birchgrove Australia

    The strain Pot of Gold is the way to go for highest returns

  134. Adelaide Australia

    I ordered a 10 pack of green crack in 2016 because I heard it grows good outdoors in Adelaide. After I ordered, it was just a few days later until the seeds came. Just in time too. With the information supplied in a separate letter, I got all 10 off to a start. Later on in the season i lost one i think to a wallaby, and during flowering I had 6 females and 3 males that I pulled. yield and dried product were above my personal high expectations and I will ordered again this year the same. I still have 5 free from my last order too. So i’ll have 20 on the go this year and i’ll update again.

  135. Cairns Australia

    I loved growing your green crack in Cairns. It buds were very nice and fluffy. Very good smoke and taste and quick clean high.

  136. Cecil Hills Australia

    I read a lot of good reviews about this seed bank from Aussies and Kiwi’s so I decided to give them a small order back in Aug 2017. That one arrived quick so i ordered a few more packs in September and that one was also quick and with freebies.

  137. Wakerley Australia

    We got fast service to Wakerley, Australia for a large order, over 300 seeds. All germ’d. Legit seed bank mates.

  138. Matt

    My father in law has terminal cancer and is undergoing chemo. What’s the most suitable seed to buy?

  139. Currans Hill Australia

    Very fast delivery, will order again

  140. Russell Lea Australia

    Place was legit for me. My seeds came last week as said, and they all came up strong.

  141. Lucas B Curl Curl

    My order made it, just in time.


    Curl Curl, Australia

  142. Chermside Charlie

    I’m happy with my green crack order

  143. Caulfield South

    very good final product, high yields, outdoors. I ordered again this season to do it again. Strain is blue aussies.

    Stu Graham

  144. Heckenberg Australia

    Nice fast shipping. My seeds were so well hidden it took me 10 minutes to find them and I knew they were there… somewhere.

  145. East Malvern Australia

    Legit seed bank mates. My order arrived in time for this years season.

  146. Darlinghurst Australia

    Fast Delivery to Darlinghurst, Australia

    Carl Disdale

  147. Glendenning Australia

    All seeds arrived in perfect condition. quality is very good.

  148. Richard


    I grow one per year for personal use, looking for something like purple spacewreck, resistant to mould and mildew to grow outdoors in a pot in Newcastle
    a little mellow and if possible something to get my wife happy with me
    I am 70 slowing down a little

    Also Prices

  149. Ermington Australia

    I’m interested again in your aussie blues. I ran it in 2010 and wish to try it again.
    My 1st pack of seed produced identical plants. They grew to 3 foot indoors with very fat buds.

  150. Hughesdale Australia

    got my order safely in Hughesdale, Australia

  151. Whalan Australia

    thier white widow buzz lasted a long time. delivery was on time and safe.

  152. Coburg Australia

    thank you

    • Kenny

      hi mate, we are a hydroponic equipment store in Melbourne, if you need grow indoor, we have all the equipment for sell.
      Location: Factory 4 / 5 Commercial Drive, Lynbrook Vic 3975

  153. darrin

    What would be the best strain for arthritis pain & to make some oil with high thc

  154. Roches Beach Australia

    no problems getting my order here

  155. Carlisle Australia

    quick delivery

  156. Seven Hills Australia

    I ordered last week and my seeds have already gotten here. I placed them in the dark with some water friday night and they’re already sprouted, each individual one sprouted including the free ones. So far, things are looking good.

  157. Auckland New Zealand

    I thought they’d take longer than 5 days to arrive, but there all here earlier than expected.

  158. L. Walker

    I don’t know what seeds to purchase! I am 66 and have never tried cannabis before. I would like a strain that helps with health issues. Are you able to advise me? Thankyou.

  159. Bellerive, Australia

    Got seed from you last year and they were great.

  160. Chester Hill Australia



  161. Rozelle Australia

    Good staff with fast shipping to Rozelle. All my seeds were there and freebies. I recommend this seed bank to others.

  162. Merrylands Australia

    I read positive reviews on forums and did lots of research before buying. I only read good things so I bought on Aug 12th and my seeds came right away. They’re already sprouted and growing and all 25 seeds popped.

  163. Dural Australia

    This is a real seed bank. I grew real Girl Scout Cookies whice is a fantastic strains mates, top strains.
    Edward Bell
    Dural, Australia

  164. Bankstown Australia

    mates this place is legit

  165. Strathfield Australia

    top shelp, high grade seeds. fast shipping everytime. 4 orders now mates.

  166. Granville Australia

    My order got here, no problems.

  167. Sydney Australia

    They did a great job getting my seeds to me. Email communication was minimal but efficient. they took only 4 hour to get my package in the mail and my seeds just arrived.

  168. John Freel

    I got them delivered to Kings Park, Australia. The free seeds make this a good deal mates

  169. Loganlea Australia

    I love my Pot of Gold bud, i kept a personal amount and sold the rest for a heavty profit.

  170. Belgrave Australia

    Straight owner with killer strains

  171. Southport Australia

    My seeds were very cleverly packaged, so much so, it took me awhile just to find them. But they were all there and they came with freebies too.

  172. Campsie Australia

    My order arrived. So far things are looking good.

  173. Potts Point

    Their service was so good that I never needed to ask for any. They just shipped it fast and did it right without making any mistakes, twice now. I just placed another order and I will be buying more from here in October. It’s nice to have the seeds delivered locally. Each time, I just paid using my Visa in Europe but the seeds were delivered by my local Postie.

  174. Lane Cove Australia

    My seeds got here in 3 days when I paid with my credit card. This was last week, now that they all sprouted I’m leaving positive feedback.

  175. Glebe Australia

    If your keen to get seeds inside Australia, this place is legit.

  176. Homebush Australia

    Honest seed bank with the best white widow and feminised freebies.

  177. Campsie Australia

    I paid in euro’s but my seeds were delivered locally. Clever seed bank with good genetics.

  178. Leeming Australia

    Turned out to be a safe & legit seed bank for Leeming, Australia

  179. Sam greenfield

    Hi there i want many seeds sent to adelaide. Do you really deliver. Plz invoice me for a hundred tell me how to pay then post them express post so the wait should only be a few days.. early misty

  180. Melbourne Australia

    I needed 20 seeds to get a small grow op up and running and they sent me 25 seeds in just 2 days, local post. Five of seeds were free and they were the feminised type of cannabis seeds. I decided to germ them all and three weeks later, my seedlings are so big I’m switching my lighting into flowering cycle Sunday a couple weeks a head of schedule. I’m expecting to pull 7 males which will leave me 18 female plants and an estimated 1.75 stone dried yield.

  181. Blacktown Australia

    Girl Scout Cookies was the best strain to flip fast here.

  182. Mount Annan

    fast shipping and good seeds. i’ve ordered three times now. strains i’ve grown to date:

    Aussie Blues — 9/10
    Green Crack 10/10
    GSC 10/10
    Rainbow Kush 8/10
    Carameliscious 9/10
    Pot of Gold 10/10
    CBDoc 9.5/10

  183. Don Mathews

    My West Wallsend order arrived safe.

  184. Auburn Australia

    Thank you, my order arrived earlier than promised.

  185. Jack Mann

    Cleveland Australia order 07/22. I got great great value and freebies on top of it.

  186. George Burrows

    Beaumaris Order; I bought Amnesia Trance and got some kush feminised seeds free. Shipping was fast and their stealth packaging was above and beyond.

  187. Surry Hills Australia

    Aussie Blues grow so well here outdoors, Im going to be growing another patch of it again this season.

  188. Len Drisdale

    My Burleigh Heads came through

  189. Craigieburn Australia

    My order came exactly as promised. Legit seed bank.

  190. Umina Australia

    I got my super Silver Haze seeds in the mail today.

  191. Thornleigh Australia

    My local Postie safely delivered my large 120 seed order in just 4 days. Thank you staff for the extra freebies, you went above and beyond. I’ll spread the news.

  192. Andrew

    Just curious how long it would take to ship to south Australia and how do u guarantee there arrival

    • admin

      Shipping times vary and are not in our control, they’re in the hands of the Post, but it’s 2017 and orders get there very fast, very fast. You can chose tracking to follow along and all are guaranteed 100%, no worries delivery guarantee. So sit back and relax. We ship almost immediately so your delivery wait times are minimal.

  193. Pallara Australia

    my seeds got here last week, i sprouted them right away using bottled water as I didn’t have any distilled on hand and 100% grew into thriving little seedlings aready. I highly recommend the Australian seedbank.

  194. Melbourne Australia

    I grew thier white widow extreme and enjoyed it very much.

    • Noah Smith

      I agree about their extreme white widow strain, it’s the best white widow genetics currently out there.


      Marayong, Australia

  195. North Fitzroy Australia

    My loal Postie delivered my gear, arriving just 3 days after my credit card payment cleared. It was well hidden, my gf opened my order and thought I ordered some clothes online. They were hidden stealth like, tok me a while to find them all inside.

    Thanks you,

    James Satherley

  196. Bassendean Australia

    3 day delivery to Western Australia. Cheers

  197. Pennant Hills Australia

    Very fast delivery in their proper packaging. I’ll be order again soon.

  198. Carlton North Australia

    Bought these for migranes, hope the’ll work. At least my seeds arrived on time and 100% greminated.

    I will keep you posted on the grow.

  199. Pascoe Vale Australia


  200. Woy Woy Australia

    My seeds came no problem, local Postie. All hatched, all 100%. Good quality seed bank.

  201. Gosnells Australia

    Thank you. everything I bought arrived and more.

  202. Berowra Australia

    My order took 4 days to arrive. Everything was there including extra freebies. This seed bank is legit mates.

  203. Narellan Australia

    My two packs of Girl Scout Cookies, one pack of Green Crack, 3 packs of Pot of Gold and my feminised freebies all arrived in 3 days by my local Postie.

  204. Maroochydore AU

    no complaints. seeds were here the same week i ordered online.

  205. Greg Sanders

    Seeds were 100% top notch. All germinated and ready to transplant into larger pots.

  206. Dallas Australia

    legit site. My seeds arrived

  207. Quakers Hill

    I made my order sat july 15th and by the time I checked my post box on the 19th they were already there. Thanks

  208. Bangalow Australia

    less than the week to get here

  209. John Porter

    Delivered to my flat in Melbourne in two days.

  210. Gladesville Glen

    24 out of 25 germ’d and growing like weeds.

  211. Ed Wilson

    Super fast next day delivery to Cranbourne

  212. Lockey

    Am in dire need of some good good genitics.what would u suggestvfor a small grow space roughly (4by4foot

  213. Brian Jenkins

    Mate, they deliver fast and killer strains that grew well in NSW outdoors 2016

  214. Rydalmere Australia

    Fast shipping, all seeds were there as well as the freebies. 100% sprouted.

  215. Hayden

    Hi, do you have 20 big bud FEMINIZED indoor seeds for sale in your seed bank?

  216. Marrickville Australia

    Fast deliver, quality seeds.

  217. Davoren Park

    My 2nd order in the past month. This was a very large order, over 200 seeds. All seeds did sprout, pretty amazing

  218. Glen Iris

    Good treatment by this seed bank. Totally legit mates

  219. Sandy Diakomanolis

    Hi do you seed automatic female seeds and if yes can you please email the list,also how long does shipping take to Brisbane,thank you sandy

    • admin


  220. Tom Lawrence

    My order just arrived. Seems my Postie was brutal because package was bit damaged on the outside but my products were so hidden inside and protected that he could of run over my package and my seeds would still be hidden and safe from crushing. It’s really amazing how they packed my order.

  221. Jim Wilson

    G’day. My seeds were delivered last week and now that they all sprouted I’m leaving you good feedback.

  222. Proud Jayden

    I Didn’t think this site was legit looking so fake but guys don’t judge by the cover. Thanks for the free [removed to keep stealth delivery a secret] and my seeds that came with in 8 days! Set for a few years now!

  223. Francis Howard

    Got’em today – Sinnamon Park, Australia

  224. Oleander Watts

    My Springvale order came by local post fast. Just two days.

  225. Jamie Patterson

    My seed order arrived here in Wellington, New Zealand. Inside my package I found everything that was I supposed to. Nice stealth method, I appreciate the extra safety concern.

  226. Kangaroo Point

    Thanks. My seeds arrived on time.

  227. Ashley

    Just placed my first order fingers crossed

  228. Thomas Colling

    I also had a good experience with my first order placed to North Lakes, Australia. My package arrived via my local Postie. Everything was so concealed inside and safe. The seeds took a while to find but they were all there. Using bottled water and a cup placed in a dark room, they all sprouted.

  229. Rex

    How legit is this really or is it just a scam..
    Looking for seeds in Perth is impossible. Or even clones.
    I don’t give a shit about law’s anymore I’m sick of living in pain..
    Real or fake I really like to know..

  230. Locke OBrien

    Great strains for growing outdoors in Queensland.

  231. Larry Whitlam

    Fast shipment to New Zealand. They came in this week and I had time to sprout them this week end. It’s early a.m. Sunday and I already have 5cm sprouts on all seeds.

  232. Darwin Sydney

    fast delivery.

  233. Doon

    Hi are your seeds in Australia or Europe

  234. Ethan Marshall

    Safe delivery to Fitzgibbon, Australia

  235. Glen Iris

    I got fast shipment and my seeds order was sent correctly and very safely. I liked how they did everything as well as my freebie strain. Thank you.

  236. Banjo Chapman

    I ordered Aussie Blues, green crack and GSC. I got three days shipping to Bray Park. I started these seeds in wet peat pellets last night after work and when I just checked now on my lunch break they had all sprouted, every single one. I’m impressed with this seedbank.

  237. Pete Hawthorn

    thanks mates, I got my gear here in a few short days.



  238. Prahran Australia

    I was nervous placing my order, but now that delivery has been completed i feel silly for worrying. They have pretty decent way to get it done. You use your credit in Europe where these types of purchases are actually legal. Then on my credit card statement it said I bought a T-shirt. A couple days later my local Postie delivered my seeds inside Australia. That’s it, I don’t see any risk and I worried for no good reason.

    Anonymous in Prahran

  239. Glen Luhrmann

    Geed service to Mentone, Australia.


    They delivered successfully to Woy Woy, Australia as promised. They got it right, no mistakes. Very professional packaging. You will have a great experience just like me

    Woy Woy, Australia

  241. Burnie Crowe

    A legit place to buy some top quality cannabis seeds in Australia.

  242. Teneriffe Australia

    My seeds grew well outdoors in Teneriffe, Australia, I chose their Green Crack and Candy Kush. Both brilliant strains.

  243. jodie

    Hi there im trying to contact you via message but it wont go through and also i signed up for newsletter . Cheers

  244. stephanie

    Im trying to contact you but your ‘ contact button ‘ is not working

  245. Isaac Jones

    Shipping to Montmorency, Australia back in November was just a couple days.
    I’m very happy with my freebies, brilliant strain. Nice even heights while growing and they all yielded more than I could wish. I’m keen to try your green crack next, my order for that will be coming in this Friday night.

  246. Caboolture

    Same here, I got me seeds with freebies, all popped

  247. Stanmore Australia

    Seems like I’m not the only one who ordered last week and got thier seeds before the week end was here.

  248. Pagewood Australia

    My seeds came last week, 100% popped, no worries, legit bank

  249. Patty Kelly

    Hi, yes they do ship to the US as well, pretty fast, took 5 days for my order.

  250. Tara

    Hello there!! Do you ship seeds to the US

  251. Paul Brown

    Fast delivery to my home. I thought it was coming (last Wednesday) and sure enough my local Postie had my discrete package right on time. I used my credit card and my credit card statement was no problem, they didn’t write any about seeds at all. The Australian Seed Bank has been in business for over 20 years so they’ll do a good job the first time like they did with me. For those are curious I live near Lane Cove, Australia. Cheers.

  252. Hindmarsh Australia

    I purchased 5 strains and got a new strain for free.

    Seeds were dispatched within 24 hours and arrived via my local postie 2 days later.

    It will be my first time growing from feminised seeds and I’m looking forward to a nice sensimilla crop.

    I hope my review is helpful to you. Keep making Australia greener everyday.

  253. Wodonga Australia

    Fast shipment with nice free feminised seeds added too. Legit Seed Bank Mates!!!!

  254. Dave Kerry

    Fast and safe delivery to Mount Gravatt, Australia

  255. Dwight Schluster

    10/10 mates. This is my fourth cycle and third year growing and ordering off here and their seeds are top notch. They have the easiest seeds to grow in Austrlia, especially their outdoors stuff build for Australia like Aussie Blues.

  256. Larry Obrien

    Thank you. For those living in Australia that are curious if this place is legit or not, I order placed my order 03/14 and it arrived 03/17. Ever seed i ordered was inside and 5 free Carameliscous female seeds included as well.

    Larry Obrien
    Spencer Street

  257. Declan Parramore Ormeau

    G’day mates. My seeds just came.

    All the best

    Declan Parramore
    Ormeau, Australia

  258. Glenroy

    Thanks for my feminised seed freebies, they will come in handy!

    Oscar Burrowes in Glenroy, Australia

  259. Finn Timperley

    Speedy 4 day service to Forster, Australia.


  260. Christian Marston Balwyn


    i just wanted to let my mates in Balwyn, Australia know this seed bank is legit with domestic freight,my payment not made domestically. anyways, my seeds are here and there were no issues on my credit card statement, very discrete.

  261. Tony Vaughn

    I live in Penrith and my seeds arrived locally. It took just 3 days. Seed quality: fat ripe health, all sprouted in under 24 hours, and roots took a firm hold in 4 days. Very strong seedlings now, already they’re 30cm tall and stable.

  262. Owen Riemer

    I’m just sitting around on my couch with a tinny and some herb. Been smoking my “Pot of Gold” crop for the past three weeks now, and it’s choice mates. I smoke daily and I never get sick from smoking this strain everyday. It’s the top of all tops.

  263. Strathfield Australia

    these guys sell real seeds, i smoked it, it was real THC.

  264. Albert Park

    good god my order arrived and they all sprouted, all my gsc, green crack, candy kush and the caramel feminised freebies. that’s 35 seeds and all 35 popped. quality seed bank mates, all Aussies should buy here.

  265. Timothy Brier

    I got 810g/m2 growing their “pot of gold” feminised seeds and 680g/m2 growing their Aussie Blues. All wieghts are cured, dried to 16% humidity. So far in my life, they have the best strains for Australia and the best genetics. Definately top shelf cannabis mates. You can’t go wrong, prices are cheap for what you get.

  266. Andrew Lancaster

    When I got home from work last night, my little package of seeds was already waiting for me. They have fast delivery and I started them in water about 12 hours ago and I can see all of my Aussie Blues have opened up with a sprout that should be a full 3 cm long when I get home tonight.

    Andrew Lancaster
    Sydney, Australia

  267. Marcus Leach Docklands

    Plants finshed very nicely. I will order again on payday. Thanks for being legit!

  268. Carseldine

    G’day. My seeds arrived in 5 days including the week end. Very fast seed bank. Paid using my credit card in Europe and seeds were delivered by the local Postie. I live in Carseldine.

  269. Joe Martin

    Mates, if you’re keen to buy seeds in Docklands Australia, I got mine no worries. Order placed March 1st, arrived March 6th wit feminised freebies.

  270. St Kilda Grow Update

    G’day. Just an update on my second grow. I grew the ten Pot of Gold feminised seeds and the free pineapple express feminised. All ten ladies survived till harvest. Pot of Gold yielded just under 18 pounds. The 5 pineapple weighed in at exactly 6 pounds. I sold of 23 pounds and kept the last pound for myself and my mates. $147,200 AU gross in under 4 month’s start to finish. Add in the costs plus seeds and nutrients, and I ended up with 146,332 AU net. Screw Uni and a life full of debts and long hours.

  271. North Lakes

    This is Mike from North Lakes, Australia. My seeds came last week and I had a change to sprout them this week end. I’m happy to report 100% of them opened and are growing. Only time will tell how they finish up.

  272. Essendon Australia

    Seeds popped up, seedlings are strong. I can’t wait to harvest my green crack.

  273. Matilda Garratt

    I bought the Pot of Gold seeds for my sick husband. Delivery was fast to Dubbo, Australia and now that we harvested, he’s had a big improvement the two two weeks. The oxy’s the doctor’s gave him just made the rebound effects terrible for him.

  274. Ken Malone

    great packaging! seeds made it to Beachmere, Australia

  275. Dural

    G’day mates. I’m kind of out here in the sticks, but my seeds order only took 4 days to arrive.

    Peter, NSW

  276. Bracken Ridge

    Everything you’d expect from a well known seed bank. Their seeds 100% germ’d for me, including their PinnExFem freebie seeds.

  277. Jill Harrietta

    Thank you so much. They made it here in 3 days.

    Jill H.

  278. Erina East

    They delivered as promised using my Local Erina East Postie in a super stealth package.

  279. Melbourne Mike

    3rd order in 10 months without a hitch.

  280. Docklands Australia

    Mates, I got my gear in paper towels on feb 27th, they already sprouted 100%. If you’re keen to buy seeds from Docklands, they delivered here to me and seem legit.

  281. pierce waters

    Fast shipping, less than 24 hours and it was tightly packaged using stealth. Safe delivery to Castle Cove.

  282. Terrance

    G’day, I messaged you last week with some questions but never heard back.

    I had another question I wanted to add. What are the fasted growing strains you might recommend.

    Cheers Terrance

  283. Scott Carpenter

    I’m a kiwi living in Dunedin and I got my seeds. This seed bank has a solid reputation here

  284. Junior in Labrador Australia

    Stealth packaging was top notch, my rents opened my mail and only found a wallet.

  285. bob straus


    Bob in Dayboro

  286. Nate Wedgwood

    My order arrived via my local Beldon Postie. The seeds were inside and very hidden from prying eyes. I can confirm 100% germ rates but cannot confirm the final product yet as they are only 5 days old. But they look legit so far.

  287. Ashton Caron

    I wasn’t sure where to order and who ships to New Zealand, but the forums recommended to buy here as they have a 100% success rates to Christchurch.

    I’m happy because my seeds are here and you’ll notice the professionalism they take packaging and hiding your seeds so that no one will find them who shouldn’t. Even I knew they must be inside somewhere and I was searching for almost 5 minutes, they’re so clever and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to send me me seeds.

  288. Springfield Australia

    My order is here and I’m happy with the sevice here. Delivery was local and stealth packaging used was top shelf.

  289. Terry Miller

    Fast delivery of my order to Leichhardt

  290. Marsden Park

    I got my order 2nd week of November. Now I have 15 female plants that are just a week away from harvest that already have lots of THC. i pulled a piece off last night to try, and so far so good, its already potent with only 10% amber.

  291. Paul Jones

    It’s a very green day in Sadliers Crossing mates! This seed bank is solid.

  292. George Wilsdon

    G’day mates, I got them all safe and sound, all the way to Telopea in 3 days, nice selected fat dark seeds.

  293. John Lewis

    For all those living in Carnegie Australia, I’d wanted to report to you that my seeds arrived and I got 100% germ, no weaklings whatsoever mates, legit seed bank.

  294. Brock Mountgarrett

    Hello my name is Brock Mountgarrett, I am Disabled and have limited income and
    have no way to get around, i have chronic pain and anxiety and insomnia,
    and many other problems but those are the 3 that are the most problematic
    especially the pain!

    I live in Sydney and I’m waiting for a legal dispensary to open but none so far. I cant afford to pay street prices anyways so I chose to do it myself at home and I have gotten your GSC, Pot Of Gold Feminised and Rainbow Kush.

    I have a nice set up now thanks to good mates that are caring and understanding. I have one area for vegging and one for flowering and they’re both 5x5x7.5 so they’re good size areas.

    I am getting off opiates for pain and switching to solely cannabis so if you have any ideas for what other strains are good for chronic pain and insomnia I would be greatly appreciate it. I am on a fixed income and I don’t have much money left for anything at all, I’m just grateful I could afford your strains to use for medicine.

    I am spreading the good word about your business here to get your name out in my area! I will do
    anything to help you since you sent what was promised and you included for me feminised Pineapple xpress seeds which i’m grateful as it’s really good for my pain.

    • admin

      Many customers in chronic pain love our Cheese strain. You may also wish to try a more Sativa dominate strain (*where legal) for a day time smoke, sometimes the sativa don’t have as much narcotics effects, but they do take your mind off the pain and they’ll keep you energetic and functioning on busy days. On bad pain days, you may need to just veg-out with a strong Afghani.

  295. Shaylyn Corbin

    My Brizzy postie delivered my Rainbow KUsh , i just love to smoke and play my didgeridoo when I escape the city.

  296. Dylan Freeman

    mates, my seeds arrived. My local Postie brought them, it was fast and simple, no worries.

    Dylan F.
    Camira, Australia

  297. Alex Gilmore

    prompt service to Clayton North, Australia
    extra freebies were feminised which I’m keen to try.
    so far seed bank seems legit

  298. Sean Nyholm Strathfield

    My order came in this week, 100% popped and there already a few inches long

  299. Brock Ballard

    G’Day mates. This seed bank here is legit, i have a thriving garden of Girl Scout Cookies to prove it. How can I post a couple photo’s of my grow?

    Brock Ballard
    Chifley, Australia

  300. Connor Huish

    My order was safely delivered to Victoria Point

    Many Thanks!!

  301. Oscar and Pete Boyes

    We would be interested in meeting up with you to talk more about Cantheism, a local sacramental use of cannabis. Are there people with you and your staff there who might be interested in that?

  302. Archie Jull, Kewdale

    Living in one of the most intelligent cities in the world, I set up a very advanced grow operation in a small closet growing your Pot of Gold strain. Full with venting, odor control, automated LED lighting, carbon dioxide and drip feedings, I’m proud to say I’m harvesting 11 KG per year from a very small space. Keeps the lifestyle high!

    Archie Jull
    Western Australia

  303. Aidan Petrie - Conder Australia

    A bunch of us from Condor have been buying from you through AMS for the past 5 years because no one else would use stealth that works. We always get what strains we ordered and the stealth and freebies keep us coming back.

    Aidan Petrie
    Conder Australia

  304. Maya Rintel in Moorooka


    This is Maya. My order arrived to Moorooka in 4 days, the same week I placed my order. I’m very pleased with your services and when the time comes, I’ll order again, but for now, I have everything I need for the next 6 months or so, especially with all the freebies you sent, thanks for those.

  305. Maryville, Australia

    I got my seeds!!!!!

  306. Leo McCarron

    There is no way my seeds could of been siezed by customs as they were delivered by my Local Postie. They were hidden stealth anyways but I’m not sure why they took so much trouble hiding them when they were domestic.

    I ordered Northern Lights and got 100% germination with no problems after they sprouted either. Strong little buggers. Out of the 10 I got 8 females and the 5 pineapple express freebies were feminised seeds, so they were all females with no hermies, but I was stuck with 13 females in a small room, just to small for them to really flourish after week 4, I gave 4 to my best mate to make room so they could all get optimal lighting.

    They finished flowering 2 days before their posted times, but I was using a strong branded 1000 Watt HPS to flower. Very sticky buds and both are very potent, nortern lights is very trippy while the pineapple express is more indica effects.

    Growing my own is just my hobby, i enjoy the fruits of my labour and everything i learned along the way. I find it rewarding as it all turned out fine with end results and I did it. I’m very proud of my grow.

    Leo McCarron
    Engadine, Australia

  307. Riley Gowing

    Always a pleasure doing business with true professionals.

    R. Gowing
    Alphington, Australia

  308. Ashgrove Australia

    I got my order without a hitch

  309. Tyson Morehead

    My order arrived to Tingira Heights this week, about 5 days since I placed my ordered online. Glad they got here, and they came via my local postie

  310. Liam Whitehead

    I work in a small shop in the Norton Street commercial area and I needed some “medicine” to help tolerate my anxiety dealing with customers. I grew thier supercharge silver haze and it helps me take the edge off. Deliver was straight forward and done in a stealth package professionally. Trustworthy seed bank.

    Liam Whitehead

  311. Golden Bay-Singleton

    seeds arrrived and 100% sprouted strong. legit seed bank.

  312. Dylan MacFarland

    Overall I had a good shopping experince;

    -good price
    -guaranteed delivery inside Australia
    -seeds arrived by local postman
    -100% popped up
    -no weaklings
    -sent the seeds i ordered
    -large harvest
    -quality herb, best I’ve smoked and I’m very proud I was the one who grew such a nice final product.

    Dylan MacFarland
    Perth Area

  313. Adam Keys

    My seeds are here mates!!! Time of order until my door in Broadview was just 5 days.

  314. jaime mcalistair

    my feminised seeds got here by my local post with free feminised seeds

  315. Templestowe Lower

    My third order since july 2015. Always delivered by my local Postie, always stealth packing.

    So far I’ve grown these strains:

    White Widow xtrm
    Pineapple Xpress fem
    Aussie Blues
    Green Crack
    White Queen Fem
    GFSC fem
    Pot of Gold fem

    Mitchell Hermann

  316. Darcy Benstead

    G’day mates,

    I came home from work late Thursday night to find my seed order from Sunday had already arrived within Australia!

    I paid by credit card overseas because it was faster and cheaper than sending a money order.

    Anyways mates, I had a good experience. It’s about my 10th grow (personal recreational) but I wanted to get started growing their famous Pot of Gold strain, I have no worries as all plants will grow buds because all seeds are feminised, even my freebies of white widows.

    It’s a good, reliable place to buy cannabis seeds in Australia mates.

    Darcy Benstead
    Preston, Australia

  317. Steve Sketcher

    got me seeds mates!!!!

    Queanbeyan, Australia

  318. Lance Paersen

    Everything in my order was delivered on time and as promised. It was very stealth and hidden from prying eyes.


    Hamlyn Terrace, Australia

  319. Ringwood East

    My order arrived in 4 days including last Sunday. fast mates. legit seed bank.

  320. Nate Edman

    fast, safe delivery to Walkley Heights, Australia

  321. Henry Laidlaw

    I live in Liverpool and they sent what I paid for as well as some feminised freebies.

  322. Darlinghurst Dan

    The seeds and genetics are all top notch. this i s a legit seed bank for Australians as they delivered what they promised to me.

  323. Airds Res

    I grew up these Supercharged Sativa Haze seeds in my spare room in Airds Australia last spring, good yields and clean uplifting high’s, not couchlocked like those blue indica’s floating around here.

  324. Aiden Bartlett

    I’m suffering from PTSD and I brought back some Afghani seeds with my after my service. But the Indica just made me more paranoid and depressed. I decided to give your Superchagred Silver Haze a try from a recommendation from a bloke on a forum whom also lives with PTSD. After 4 month sprouting and curing, and another 2 months using my new medicine, I’m happy to report noticable improvement on my symptoms. Keep up the good work, and thanks for taking care of us in Australia.

    Aiden Bartlett
    Glenorchy, Australia

  325. Logan Grimes

    G’Day mates,

    I placed my order on Dec 17 and it arrived during the mad holiday rush just in time for Christmas. I started them on the 26th and all are strong, no rubbish, legit seed bank.

    Logan Grimes
    Sydney, Australia

  326. Rosanna Australia

    Seeds arrived before the holidays as promised. Many thanks.

  327. Donna Green

    I’m a personal medical user that decided to grow my own organically in my garden in Nollamara. I can taste the difference of my organic compared to the rubbish hydro i was buying. I will continue to grow organic myself, I only grow up 5 plants at a time, which usually leave me with 3 females and I pull the males.

  328. Anonymous in Dianella

    Thanks for the speedy x-mas delivery!!

  329. Martin Lawrence

    safe and sound to Camp Hill, Australia

  330. Alexandria Australia

    Both my neighbor and I placed small orders on the same day dec/16/2016, they both arrived to our flats in Alexandria on Dec 20/2016. Now it’s the 23rd in the morn, i just checked on my babies and 100% of my 15 seeds are growing strong.

  331. Runaway Bay

    My order took 8 days, they were waiting a couple days for fresh stock of Girl Scout Cookies to come in before shipping out my order. A good legit seed bank for those that want seeds shipped locally

  332. Jens Van Hauser

    Fast Shipping to Auckland, New Zealand
    All seeds popped, all thrived
    5 stars for this seed bank

  333. Issiac Mundy

    No problems getting my order safely to Constitution Hill, I will be back to order your Pot of Gold strain after Christmas.


  334. Ian McKinley

    I forget the exact time, but it was less than a week to get my seeds to Moonah. Out of the 45 seeds i tried to germ, 45 popped up, one was weak and died, the rest made. I’m happy with thier seeds.

  335. Ben Clifton

    My seed order came last week and I had a chance to sprout them all this week-end with a 100% success rate.

    Ben Clifton
    Banksia Beach, Australia

  336. Tracy

    I did a nice grow on the outskirts of Daw Park last grow season using their seeds pot of gold, aussie blues and pinneapple express which were feminised seeds I got from them for free. A good seed bank to deal with if you live in Australia.

  337. Box Hill South

    Mates, I got my seed, grew them, smoked the plants I grew. It’s a very legit seed bank.

  338. Wendouree Walter

    Merry Christmas to my good mates at the Australian Seed Bank. I reckon my New Year is going to be top now that I have a large harvest of Girl Scout Cookies.

  339. Camperdown

    Thanks mates, my seeds are here now in just 5 days including the weekend. i bought these green crack seeds for a Christmas Gift to myself. I appreciated the free feminzed seeds too!

  340. Fred Harrison

    I wasn’t sure how this all worked, i was taken to the amsterdam website, then I purchased with my credit card from there. i thought it was odd and was scared it was a scam, but 4 days later my local postie delivered my seeds to Redfern Australia, no worries mates.

  341. Wakeley William

    G’Day mates, this seed bank is legit, i ordered aussies blues and pot of gold, they sent me female seeds freebies as well. all 25 sprouted two months ago, all survived and are thriving, i already switched to flowering stage a while back and pullef the 6 males that showed themselves, it’s going to be a nice harvest of 19 ladies.

  342. Annerley Anna

    Surprisingly fast delivery by my local Postie, I wanted to kiss him I was so happy to get my seeds!

  343. Logan Hartley

    got my seeds plus freebies, 4 days to Coburg, Australia. this place is a legit seed bank fir ozz’

  344. Billy Evans

    they sent my seeds, 100% sprouted. I’m growing just for my personal non-licenced medical grow in Sunnybank. So far, no problems.

  345. Anthony Shah

    they treated me very well and sent me good freebies along with my order. some here said they were getting there orders in about 3 days but mine took 4 days to get here.this was back in mar/16. my harvest yielded for pot of gold strain avg 450g/m2 and the free pineapple xpress came in just under at 410g/m2. overall results are good. i’m an experienced grower, so my yields may be better than yours.

    Anthony Shah
    Hoppers Crossing, Australia

  346. Rochedale Grow

    my seeds came about two weeks ago now, sprouted 100%, now at 11 days old, nice strong little buggers, good genes

  347. Jeffrey Robinson

    G’Day Mates! I got my gear sent fast to Winthrop, this is a legit seed bank. I just used my credit card in Holland to make the purchase and my local Postie brought my gear a few days later. This is the best place I could find to by gear in Australia.

  348. James McKay

    I got a lovely pack of rainbow kush and some pineapple ex. fem seeds free. Both pulled in above expected yeilds. Both strains are good quality, both were heavily dusted with crystals of THC

  349. Thomas Hartman

    I just love cannabis natuarlly grown in the sun. Girl Scout cookies female seeds tasted so deliscious grown outdoor in organic soil. It’s a hard hitting smoke it also bakes up fantastic cookie edible which should be taken with caution.

  350. Arthur Lewis

    My second order to Lutana arrived already! I love this seed bank

  351. Robert Weaver

    Mates! Safe delivery to Drummoyne. Packaging is very clever and safe.

  352. Edgar Staley

    This was my second time trying this australian seed bank. After growing their Aussie blues, I graduated on to Pot Of Gold feminized. That way i don’t have to worry about the male plants pollinating my girls. Everyone here in Ardrossan says Pot of Gold has gold thc which makes the buzz different and better than a white or brown thc. I really want to give it a try and my second order arrived and this week and i already have 10/10 that just pushed out of their shell.

  353. City of Parramatta Aussie

    Got them a few days ago, 100% sprouted

  354. Brian Rivera

    I wood like some cheese or aussie blue for my pain in my back an other aches an pains, I can’t afford script meds that are strong enough. i have no coverage

  355. Marrickville Hick

    That was speedy. Less than a week mates, this is legit Aussie seed bank!

  356. Acidney Adam

    Me and my mate placed orders the same day. He got his yesterday, and mine arrived today. We both received the same shipping confirmation email, they were shipped the same day, but mine came one day late, i’m not sure how this is possible? his sprouted in 20 hours, he’s here with me now helping me with some vitamin mix thrive stuff to add to the germination water. We both pretty wasted.

  357. Redd Low

    fast delivery to Ingleburn, hoping to get these GSC finished by the holidays.

  358. Felix King

    i love smoking my Girl Scout Cookies and this saturday morning i am going to attempt making ghee for the first time so I can get baked baking cookies from cookie buds. yieklds were so large i don’t even care if i screw it up, plenty more to attempt again mates.

  359. Ned

    quick turnover to Mitcham, Australia. Packaging was top notch, nothing to worry, 100% hidden inside.

  360. Jasper Ryan

    no worries, seeds came in today to Hendra
    my freebies were so well hidden as well in their stealth packaging.
    no worries mates, legit seed bank

  361. Loganlea

    No problems, smooth buy.

  362. Arlo Fletcher

    My seeds came in to Crestmead, Australia this week on time. They did use high end stealth, which was my first concern. The freebies they sent look really good too, not seeds they were just going to throw away, the free seeds are nice selections. Some of my mate had good luck and so, I was keen and made the buy, glad I did.

  363. Roper Black

    Seeds arrived. The wife got to it before me, but she didn’t find them hiding, she just thought I bought a T-Shirt online.

  364. Maidstone

    My order is in

  365. Clancy Cameron

    You have a customer for life in Mosman, Australia.
    Legit seed bank mates! Top gear, fast frieght, potent weed

  366. Hamilton Kiwi

    my seeds arrived in 3 days all the way to Hamilton, New Zealand


  367. Altona AU

    my order to Altona came in last week!! all sprouted and are healthy little buggers

  368. Anzac Robinson

    my order came to Mount Osmond with a pressie of feminized seeds

  369. Tony Atwell

    I’m just reporting out to my mates that if you live in Doncaster, Australia your likely get your seeds like me.

  370. Adrian Weaver

    Delivered to Petrie. I bought their rainbow kush, is an indica that makes you feel so happy, then quickly it gives you a very sleepy come down. overall i liked it!

  371. Denis Dalton

    I bought some supercharged haze which stayed short indoors. Intense and cerebral trip, then 30 minutes later I got a smooth functional high which i love. Delivery to Brizzy was no worries and in about 5 days. Legit place to get some good haze strains.

  372. Davo

    G’Day Mates, I’m standing in my grow room in Capalaba looking at my 3′ tall Green Crack and White Queen plants I bought from here, and they are lovely crystalised ladies, all feminised and soon to be harvested. It’s real THC so this is a legit seed bank.

  373. Maxwell Aviles

    Hi Guys Im from Western Australia, seeds delivered successfully this week.

  374. Maurice Ruthven

    My order came just a few days to nsw Australia great site to get very good strains hope every goes good from now on highly recommend

  375. Tony Aberpollo


    I placed an order this month (Oct 2016) and all is well to Wanniassa in case anyone from here is keen to order.



  376. Keperra Kiwi

    I’m from New Zealand and I’ve ordered sucessfully from here when I lived there. Now I here in Keperra, Australia for the next 2 years, so I placed an order here on Monday Sept 12 and my seeds arrived before Friday the 16th. If you live in New Zealand or Australia, this is the safest place to buy your seeds.

  377. Nicollo Prismantas

    Seed arrived to Campbelltown without a hitch, good packaging, nice seeds, all popped last week. Thank you sincerely!


  378. Kirk Devoe

    have you had any problems delivering to Dulwich Hill, I was thinking about placing an order

  379. Dayboro Aussie

    Thank you!!!!

  380. Josie Harding

    im super stoked to get my seedlings transplanted into buckets, they’re growing so fast. Thanks to everyone of my new mates at australian seed bank for geting seeds to me in Burwood and for helping me get started.

  381. Juan Guera

    Thanks for servicing me in New Zealand, it was a good deal!

  382. Leichhardt Aussie

    My very stealth order came in mates! Very keen to get my seeds started today.

  383. Edward Manning

    I just wanted to leave my two cents about my purchase on Sunday evening 02/10.

    On Thurday 06/10 my local postie dropped of a small bubble pack letter. Inside was a T-Shirt and the beans were hidden very well inside the bubbles of the bubble wrap packaging. There were all intact and undamaged. They also included free feminised as well.

    Overall, I’m happy with my purchase here and I can confirm 100% germ rates on the Green Crack I ordered. I did not try to pop the freebies yet, but they look fully developed and should sprout up like the rest.



  384. Malvern East

    Mates, legits seed bank. My seeds are here now!!!

  385. Trent Smith Long Jetty

    100 percent popped up, sweet!

  386. Coorparoo Cory

    Hi, Cory in Coorparoo, Australia reporting a successful delivery of my beans. Nice dark fat seeds, so if your keen on cream of the crop selected seeds, this is your seed bank, they’re straight shooters.

  387. Fancois Labeuf

    I wasn’t sure how fast shipping would take to Redland Bay, but it was only 4 business days fromt he time i placed my order. I’m satified with my purchase and happy they have guaranteed delivery to Australia.

  388. Drummond

    G’day, it’s Drummon from Bicton Australia, my seeds came in last Thursday, and i placed them in a paper towel and now they are almost 2 inches long this evening. I have to run to the store in the morn because I forget to potters for the seedling and soil. I appreciate you guys being real, thanks for not scamming me.

  389. Brodie Scott

    yes! my seeds came to Cronulla, seems like we are all getting our seeds no problems. very cool, very well hidden inside the letter as well.

  390. Faith in Ngunnawal

    seed came, yeah

  391. Brunswick Crew Australia

    Lots of my mates were keen to buy here, I was the guinea pig. Well my order came in back in September, and 3 of my mates ordered near the end of Sept and they also got them, in good time to boot.

    We are trying to team up to locally supply medical patients. We all live in Brunswick, Australia.


  392. Oliver Casey

    less than a week to NSW,
    so far, so good

  393. Alexander

    I made my first order Oct 1, seeds came Oct 5 to Lutana for anyone out there interested in ordering, it seems to be legit.

  394. Thornleigh Australia

    My seeds came in this week, fantastic stealth using local Post.

  395. Kew East

    I placed my order, hope it shows

  396. Pat Karalee

    Amazing speed my seeds are here already.
    Legit place to buy in Australia!!!

  397. Matthew Robertson

    Just 3 days to get my order in Narre Warren. My normal postie hand delivered like any other small letter. Legit seed bank. Thanks

  398. City of Parramatta

    Fast delivery.


  399. Thomas Voigt

    G’Day mates, I’m so happy, my seeds came in locally last week (Cleveland, Australia) and I had time to germinate over the weekend. All 35 seeds popped. I bought feminised seeds, so lets see if they are really all going to be females.

  400. Moonee Ponds

    Thank you staff, my “package” arrived

  401. Ivan Bergmann

    They did right by me. Fast delivery to Annandale and they look to be legit seeds inside.

  402. Ed

    Web and flow setup worked great for my Pot of Gold strain. It was really cool to see this one finished its flowering stage, they all looked like a cannabis plant made from gold.

  403. ozzzzy

    This place is legit, order went in Sept 23/ order arrived via Hobart local post Sept 27

  404. james pyre

    Faster than I expect, delivery to Ettalong was just 3 days mates

  405. Salvadore Guerez

    My seeds order came in on time to Baulkham Hills. Inside my discrete little package were nice dark seeds, definately they’re the first pick, cream of the crop only. These are the best looking seeds I’ve gotten from any seed bank. Now I need to go sprout them… I’ll post back soon with follow up

  406. Eagleby Australia


  407. George Banks


    My “seeds” arrived to my mates home in Queenland, he called me last Thursaday to tell me they came in.

    I picked them up Saturday morn, and placed them in paper towels with distilled water then placed them in my cupboard over night, Sunday morn they all sprouted, all 25. I placed them into small pots with organic soil and some super thrive to help them along. So far, so good mates.

  408. Birkdale Glen

    GSC is selling out fast, I need some more beans like yesterday, another order is placed. Please add more GSC for my freebies please.

  409. Gary Potters

    G’Day mates,

    I’m happy to report their gear is legit. I already grew out all my “beans” and sampled some fine herb, top grade mates.

    Stealth packaging is top notch and it was safe a delivery to Taylors Lakes.

    Thats all for now

  410. John Cave

    Blazing up my GSC mid-day, called in sick becasue my harvest was ready today, top grade strain mates, top grade… wow

  411. Ronnie

    Hi there,
    I made a purchase on the 7th Sept and they arrived Earlwood, Australia 3-4 days later

  412. Desmond Perkinson

    Hi Guys,

    I’m from Western Australia and you delivered my order successfully . I’m here because I wanted to return the favour.

    Good karma for all of you.

  413. Berkeley Ben

    A few of us in Berkeley Vale have had very good success chosing this seed bank and we think you will too. So far the best strain we’ve grown are their Pot of Gold, Girl Scout Cookies, Green Crack and their Aussi Blues is the best blue strain I’ve grown.



  414. Plympton Pothead

    Do Not Buy Any Strain Unless you buy it from here! I’ve been scammed by two other seed banks, the one with the kangaroo boxing screwed me bad. But this bank came through for me twice now, Once in August and again last week, so I’m confident to tell my mates it legit

  415. ozpeace

    I’ve been a long timer over at oz stoners forums, I appreciate you delivering what you promised to me. I’ll help spread the word.

  416. Kevin Chaucer


    This is Kevin from Maribyrnong, Australia. I just wanted to leave some feedback to return some good Karma for delivering to me with such care, detail and discretion. You’re a very serious and legitimate seed bank in Australia, and I thank you and all your staff for an order well packaged and delivered on time.

    All the best

  417. Ferntree Gully

    It’s a very good September here in Ferntree Gully. Thanks for a great start my grow this year and may the pot gods rain good karma on to you for the rest of your years.

  418. Crows Nest, Australia

    Positive grow results in from Crows Nest Australia. GSC avg’d half a kg per plant, they were just monster.

    I had a few nasty bugs early on that minorly stunted their growth but I got some spray to treat them and they never returned. I read it could of been my dog that brought them into the grow room, it was advised to keep any pets or animals out of my grow room.

  419. Mickey Osisanwo West Burleigh

    No worries mates, seeds came in 4 days to West Burleigh and they were stealth mates, stealth and safe to order.

  420. Hamlyn Terrace

    I live just outside Hamlyn Terrace and I’m here to return the good karma for a safe and quick delivery of my seeds order which arrived with free feminised white queen seeds to my surprise. It’s a strain I’ve wanted to try.

  421. Carl Jones

    Willetton Resident happy to report my seeds came in.

  422. Jonesy, New Lambton

    No bother, everything came as promised to New Lambton via my local Postie.

    Happy September to all

  423. Newton

    Yup, got my little beans safe to West Hoxton

  424. Pat Flint

    I’m living here deep in the bush, yet my order still arrived in 5 days. Nice deal with the free feminized. Now lets see if they all pop.

  425. Blaire Redmont Pymble

    My package arrived yesterday, Christmas came earlier, I openned them like a 5 year old on Christmas ‘morn


    B. Redmont in Pymble, Australia

  426. articles add to

    add to Articles

    one thing on feminized breeding. Most breeders with scruples will stress test the female they are working with for hermi factors, as well as drought and bug issues, etc, before using those plants as the parents. That way the chance of a light leak or other stress factor causing it to turn male is far less than if you just pick up two different clones from a dispensary, spray a branch or two on one of them and breed like that. JUst because you sprayed something on it to change the sex doesn’t mean stress is going to make it hermie – the hermie is in the plant itself before the gibberelin or whatever you are using is sprayed. the change after the spray is the way the plant reacts when hit with those certain chemicals only, otherwise you could make plants turn male in a lot more ways than there are If you buy from reputable breeders (freak of cabin fever seed breeders is one I know personally, connoisseur genetics, Dinafem DNA, GHS and a few others are ones i have personally grown and recommend ) and just try and take the best care you can of your babies your chances of having problems are far less. DNA is another I trust – i ran their chocolope kush outdoor in 2013 with no problem, and it was some of the most talked about smoke around that year – local dispensary told me it was the best outdoor they saw. I’ve grown out quite a few feminized seeds from those listed above as well as a couple of private breeders with nary a nanner yet – and as you all well know i can have my major screwups to stress these babies!!! Do your research on who makes the seeds, talk to the breeder if you get a chance, etc. so forth and so on.

    Whats even better is a lot of the time you get a really close representation of the parent, especially if its say a femmed version of the parent, like a gdp s1 – the picture of the mother is what your plant will pretty much look like, or damn close, in my experience.

    Anyway, if you are going to breed fems, I can’t wait – a femmed version of the blockhead pheno would be a killer release, my friend – just as a hint, lmao!!

  427. Dean

    Wagga Wagga, Australia, my delivery came in, I just wanted to leave you a big hug, thanks so much, I am so happy now that they are here safe!

  428. Liam Hunter

    I just moved to Auckland this year and I had no connection when I got here, so I found this seedbank back in May, placed my order and voila, my kandy kush seeds came and I attempted my first closet grow. I turned a very small bedroom, boarded up the window with cutains, a small LED light and it appeared normal and an ion exhaust to kill the smell. Just over two month later, seed to harvest, I got a nice crop with high yields, just under 3kg lbs dried. Such a nice aroma, but very strong if you can’t keep it under control.

    I have tons of cannabis now, I won’t need to order again anytime soon, but if I do I will be returning to this seed bank.

  429. George

    just had the day off yesterday and heard the postie place somethings inside my postbox, and what do you know, my seeds came to Clayton North, Australia


  430. Regi MacDonald

    They made it to Canberra, Australia

    Thanks a bunch guys!

  431. Mount White

    Arrived safe this week, I am so keen to get them started. Plan is to research and start them Friday night so they’ll be ready on Sunday to transplant. Then back to work.

  432. Red - Caulfield N.

    I just blazed up some of your green crack i grw up with some mates from work, we’re all impressed and very high

  433. Buff Point

    Decent seed bank, they sent what I ordered and I had a prompt reply to my question about the best strain to grow in the Australian bush.

    I’m looking for some more seeds, think I’ll be buying up the Pot of Gold seeds because I’ve been hearing locally from some mates in Brizzy just how keen they are to smoke that strain, wicked buzz they say.

  434. Oscar

    My special little package arrived to Abbotsford this past week and I got 100% germ rates, so far so good.

  435. Dinh in Calamvale

    Got them from my postie today, wow that was fast. Thank you, I am so happy now.

  436. jane stewart Homebush

    I safely got my “beans” in Homebush, Australia

  437. Ipswich Grow

    Service is is what to be expected. They say they delivery safe with 100% guarantee, and they were right, my seeds came packed in a very tricky way, guaranteed you’ll have no problems, it took me forever to just find them and I knew they were hidden in there somewhere.

  438. Alasdair

    God Speed delivery to Epping, Australia.

    I am a repeat customer by the way

  439. Hui

    I’m a kiwi and they shipped to Kawerau without a hitch, clever packaging too

  440. Rummy L.

    Cherrybrook native, happy to report my seeds arrived

  441. Murdock

    I was busy this week but found them in my postbox this week. I wasn;t sure on the precise arrival because I didn;t check my mail for a week, but my guess is 5 days from point of ordering online until I got them to Camberwell, Australia , many thanks to your staff for their stealth packaging

  442. Wallace

    I recently got my seeds in my hands in City of Parramatta, Australia

    Thank you so much Australian Seed Bank!

  443. Eric Ford

    Safe arrival to Northcote, Australia faster than expected. Thanks a lot, you’re the man

  444. Brad Yale

    I’m just a bloke in Bankstown suffering from prosrate cancer, I got my seeds from here to grow my own medicine and it works very well for my condition along with the prescriptions, which I have now cut down to less than half my dosage. their green crack strain helped alot with constipation so i use way less opiods and just smoke the green crack for instant pain releif

  445. Lief L.

    I live in Norway and I wanted a safe place to order that had the best stealth shipping. I heard about this seed bank because my brothers down under also have super stealth requirements. I chose wisely, as my seeds arrived hidden so well, it’s surprising me how good they could be hide.

    Thank you,


  446. Jack B.

    Surrey Hills, my order came, good place to order.

  447. Clint

    Fast and painless delivery to Thornbury, Australia. I had no issues with service or delivery from this seedbank, I posted my grow journal on ozstoners, this seed bank has the best Green Crack Bud, top genetics. Legit seed bank for those looking for frieght inside Australia.

  448. Peter in Wynnum

    I got my seeds this week, I ordered last week or last week end, I forgot, but delivery speed met my needs. Local posties brought them too, including free seeds, sweet deal mates

  449. Gepps Cross

    I got my strains right away, no worries mates. The strain I ordered was superchargerd silver haze and they came with some nice freebies that are feminised. I need them to make my own CBD oil for curing cancer.
    Thanks for taking care of me and my fam

  450. Floyd Green

    My mates in Concord, Australia and Forestville, Australia all got their beans, I’ve placed my order today and anticipate the same stealth shipping as they both got.

  451. Jackie Bell

    I’m sorry I forgot to leave feedback when my seeds arived to South Yarra, Australia last week. They’re already sprouted into little seedlings and I got 100% germ rates on the 6 I popped so far.

    All the best,

    Jackie Bell

  452. Sammy

    I live in Florey and I got my seeds from my local postie, I made payment via credit card in Amsterdam, no worries mates, this site is legit.

  453. Lincoln Bestt

    My cousin in Bonbeach got his seeds in April 2016, and I waited for them to grow into the real things before placing my hard earned cash in the mail, and they also came through to in under a week to me in Margate with all my precious little feminised seeds and freebies.

  454. Glen Johnston

    I paid via credit card, 5 days later I had my seeds in my hands in Brunswick, Australia

  455. Earl Clairvoyant

    I’m growing out Aussie Blues, Green Crack and Girl Scout Cookies from this seed bank and I’d have to say their genetic make-up is all top choice mates. If you live in Australia, this is the place to get your seeds safely. They came via my local Brizzy Postie in under a week.

  456. Jose Morales

    My postbox in Pyrmont had my order waiting for me last Friday, just in time to get them started this weekend mate

  457. Richard Dean

    I’m not in Australia, but in Tauranga, New Zealand and my seeds came last week.

  458. Barbara Lancaster

    I received my seeds. I live in Mandurah Australia

  459. Dustin Coburn

    I just wanted to leave a thank you for doing right by the paranoid guy living in Annandale, Australia. My gear arrived on time as promised, I’m sorry I left you so many crazy emails.

  460. Ryne Savage

    I got my order to day in Willagee

    Many Thanks,

    Ryne S.

  461. Beaumaris AU

    I ordered on July 10th and I live in Beaumaris, Australia and my seeds got to me July 15 and 100% are now sprouted with no weaklings.

  462. Golden Grove Aussie

    I ordered back in March of thsi year and I wanted to make sure they were the real deal before leaving my feed back, and now that I just smoked the finished product which I gardened myself, I am please report the quality of their genetics are top notch and they are for real mates.

  463. Hans Ulrich

    My third package arrived to Elwood, I won;t be needed any seeds now for at least 8 months, but I’ll be back when I do need more. Thank you so much for taking good care of me and I appreciated the freebies in each order.

  464. Coolbellup

    Fast shipping, it took less than a week including the weekend for my local postie to delivery my order

  465. Bishop Tully


    my gear came to Ryde without a hitch. They used quality packaging, you could tell discretion was their top priority. Good luck to you all


  466. Kimberly Ioannis

    Lane Cove Resident
    3 days shipping
    will order again

  467. Jens Joris

    I got my order in Caroline Springs today July 5. Thanks a lot, I’m very pleased with the care you took to hide everything inside so well.

  468. Stephen Maxwell

    My mates, well, just one mate… had ordered from your seed bank back in 2014. He’s just a small time personal grower, planting two feminised seeds and only growing just two plants three times per year, so the two packs he ordered and the freebies you sent him, he still has seeds left, but he wouldn’t sell me a single bean, he likes the strain you sent to him so much, he hoards them like gold, so I placed my order here last week and within the week, before it was over the seeds were in my hands at my home in Kellyville. I wanted to thank you and leave you a positive review. So here it is, Peace

  469. George Milperra

    Hi, this is George from Milperra, Australia. Sorry for all the paranoid emails, you delivered fast as promised.

  470. Dan Johnson

    Just 3 days to Perth!

    I placed my order
    june 26 and it was in my hands on the 29th, nice looking seeds to, all sprouted using the paper towel/baggie method

  471. Pennant Hills Hippy

    My seed came direct to my postbox, no customs, no problems. When I opened my order, the seeds were hard to find, they were hidden real good. I paid by credit card in Amsterdam. They are legit and they are a safe seed bank to order from June 2016 if you live in Australia. I hope you find my comments useful if your keen to buy, we need to spread the word.

  472. Happy Penrith Australia

    Seeds came few days ago, I just wanted to say thank you!

  473. Conny Newhouse

    Thanks for my order, now that I was the guinea pig, heaps of my mates will start placing their orders with you.

  474. June

    My order found its way to Pascoe Vale in just 4 days

  475. Blair Price


    It’s blair, the young lady diagnosed with cancer in May of this year whose going to make my own CBD oil.

    I was reading the Cancer forums last month about your supercharged silver haze being the only strain that actually cures cancer, so that’s why i ordered that one. I appreciated your express delivery option for me, the doctors told me I only have a few months left at most, so I wanted to start growing right away.

    I think I am too young to have Renal cancer, because I’m only 23 and I never drank, used hard drugs or abused my body. With your I help, I plan to beat this.

  476. Norm G. in Casino

    Hands down this is the safest seed bank for 2016 if you live in Casino Australia.

    Thanks for your discretion, you’re very professional in your seed packaging.

    I’m feeling safe to order from you agian so I am just about to place another order, though it won’t be for a large amount again as I’m a pensioner on a tight budget. But you’re really helping reduce my costs for my “recreation expenses”

  477. Cody Smolnikar

    I met some crazy Aussies last month man that shared their digerdoo good vibes and some herb they grew from seeds they obtained here, the strain was Girl Scout Cookies… it was the best damn smoke I ever inhaled! So stupid high but clean man, really clean, not like the dope back in the US. I was paranoid to order in the USA, but they reassured me your seed bank had the best stealth, and they were right, my GSC seeds came in a couple weeks ago to the Mid West with freebies, no problems man, and I’ve got happy healthy little seedling, ready to be transplated into larger pots already man.

  478. Fernard in Auburn

    Just stopped in to let my fellow mates know my order came in a few days ago, big fat & dark green crack seeds and some freebies too

    No worries whatsoever

  479. Nicky

    Delivery to Auchenflower as promised,

    cheers mate

  480. Hulk Hogan

    Pleased and relieved to declare my order arrived safely by my local Postie in Brizzy. When the time comes, I will be returning here for my next order.

  481. Triste

    My green crack seeds arrived to the Gold Coast on time!!!!!

    A million thanks,

    it’s for medical use

  482. lachy


    thanks for speedy service to Salisbury, I was keen to get them started in soil right away, thanks for pulling through

  483. Henry

    That was fast!

  484. Candy

    Short and sweet ordering process to Eastwood, Australia.

    I will use this seed bank again in the future.

    They had sent me what they advertised and included free feminized seeds with my order.

    They have bargains and promo’s and it’s the only safe place to buy seeds in Ozz

  485. Uve Klein

    No worries here mates, all seeds arrived here to Brizzy yesterday as promised.

  486. JJ Michaels

    4th order arrived safe. it was a large order this time, no problems

  487. Blake Parker

    To whom it may concern,

    I ordered on the 24/5,seeds were dispatched the same day,and they arrived on 27/5 in a very nice package. I haven’t ordered from you guys before and I’m impressed.

  488. Jules

    Got them to Collingwood, Australia
    no worries

  489. Jacob

    They delivered fast to my place in Rosehill, Australia, they send what they promised to me, all sprouted, all 30 I ordered.

  490. Paul

    I am so sick of paying top dollar for local herb that doesn’t do much but a slight high. I over heard some mates talking about some killer weed called Green Crack, but i couldn’t find anyone selling it, so I bought the seeds here instead and decided if you want something done right, you’ve got to grow it yourself.

    It was pretty easy, I have no green thumb and only a couple small hiccips along the way which won’t happen next time, and it won’t take up too much of my time, eventhou its my new favorite hobby. She’s really heady and uplifting, powerful high at last.

  491. Bob

    A herd of 6000 cattle had dusted up my entire crop so I came back to order more,

    that’s 2 orders they pulled through for me now.

    B. H.

  492. Trinity


    I got my seeds yesterday, THANK YOU! I was worried but everyone said you are legit, so thanks for being true.

    I read a lot of interesting posts here lately. Probably you spend time growing and responding. Just wanted to say thank you for taking care of us when others won’t.

  493. Yatala Joe

    There is always demand for good smoke at the prison, and the guards are even bigger criminals bringing in the hard drugs thay cook at home. The prisoners come into the system pot heads and leave addicted to the hard stuff, and when released they commit violent crimes to get their fix. This has got to stop, I live near the prison. I think its best to flood it with peaceful herb.

  494. Jesse

    I got my seeds inside Australia from the OZ Seed Bank, in case your keen

    jesse, nsw

  495. Anonomous in Heidelberg

    Happy Saturday Mates!

    I placed my order at this seedbank 5/7 and on 5/11 I received them and put them in paper towel. Now they are nice and healthy a few inches tall.

  496. Vicky

    My order got dropped off by my postie. Very discreetly packaged, so if there was even a tear from rain, nothing would be visible. Well done !

  497. Wayne P. Richards


    I’m an old timer, and I have been smoking cannabis most of my life. I recently took up gardening now that I am in my late 70’s because I’m not as mobile in my elder years and I needed a hobby that I could do from a wheelchair at home, and I also needed something to relief pain form my joints, ecspecially back pains.

    I also find it very therapeutic to have something depend on you, that needs your care everyday. It keeps me moving which is good for my health. I feel my best while tending to my garden, listening to Bob, I just find it very relaxing for me, and I love being in the increased oxygen levels my indoor grow room provides to my lungs, it energizes me.

    Out of the three strains I’m growing from here, their Aussie Blues are looking so good, and the Girl Scout cookies are such a different pant with an interesting smell. I also got some Pineapple Express free that are growing just as strong and lovely as the other two. All the product from here look good I if you need a place to get them, I suggest you try here.

    Wayne P. Richards,

    Malvern East, Australia

  498. Aussie Mooroolbark

    Lickity Split, my seeds came quick.


    Anon Aussie in Mooroolbark, Australia

  499. Ingleburn Ray

    I made my order on April 2 which was a Saturday and my package arrived 5 days later on the Thursday. I’m growing Aussie Blues, and they’re already over a foot tall, not too much longer untill they’re done. Just 7 more weeks.


  500. Ted74

    I was one of those paranoid seed buyers in NSW, then i was googeling safe places for Australians to buy seeds and I came across and they suggested this site, so I bought and didn’t have to worry about a thing. I used my credit card in Amsterdam to buy the seeds and they arrived a few days later by my local Postie. So if your keen on buying seeds in Australia, buy from here.

  501. Paul Armstrong

    Hi. My name is Paul and I placed an order here 4/17 and my seeds came here to Glen Waverley, Australia via my local postie 4/21. They all popped, including my pinneapple express fem seeds freebies ( I kept 2 for another time) and they’re already nice looking little sprouts. I’m keen to grow up their Pot of Gold strain next, heard good things about it locally.

  502. Nils

    We’re so happy to get our seeds in the time for the weekend. This is a legit seed bank, our seeds look very good, cream of the crop, no whitish seeds in the packs, all were dark and fat.

  503. Lloyd

    Ordered a pack of 10 pot of gold seeds. i received free feminized seeds with my order, it came to my door by my postie in a regular package from a different company on the label in about 4 days, in Brizzy mind you… I will be returning.

  504. Arran Avery

    I am 71 years old and I grew my first marijuana plants in 1971. Since then I have learned a thing or two about growing weed. Along the way I spent thousands of dollars on seeds with the latest and greatest (allegedly) Cannabis Cup winning genetics.
    However, I have NEVER had better weed than I have the last 3 years with seeds that I bought in Australia. The seeds all sprouted and grew into extremely vigorous, lush healthy plants with fat, resin encrusted buds. Personally, I like the Girl Scout Cookies, SAussie Blues, Pot of Gold, and Cheese….absolutely mind altering potency! Don’t be a sucker and believe all the hype, doctored photos and scams in High Times magazine……Australian Seed Bank is the real deal and I won’t buy my seeds from anyone else simply because I cannot find better seed!!!!!!

  505. Jay

    I’ve been having good experience with these guys for years. They ship in Aspendale, Australia, so that’s a plus for me. Seeds always germinate with a good success rate of 100%. I have grown some beasters and Girl Scout Cookies is my favorite strain of theirs so far

  506. Clayton Smith

    I’m very interested in your Pot of Gold strain. Looks fantastic!! (need the $ of course before I can order lol) this is my main email, can you send me a private email, I have some questions and live in Deception Bay, Australia

  507. Kurt Price

    Germ’d and seeded 2 from a batch of 4 different strains. Good so far at 1 month. Their stealth shipping is undeniable cause I didn’t know who it was from til I opened it and later found the seed package… top notch…

  508. terry

    My first order made it! My postie stopped by and had no idea whta he was delivering, it was discrete, nothing on the package would give up your secret. pretty neat, i am just happy to safely get my seeds in NSW

  509. Don

    Second order to NSW arrived. This is a pretty easy place to buy seeds from in Australia.

  510. Maaka

    I have only been growing now in the outback for 2 years, my first year I stuck to one strain (aussies blues) which were very easy to grow, handles mites and the lack of rain.

    Anyways, my customers requested more selection, so i grew up more stains my second grow, 10 to be exact, oh, plus the freebies made it 11.

    some of the other strains were not as easy to grow, but because I already did my first year, i was confident and successful.

    it was easier and faster to unload all my crop because customers would buy 4 times as much when they could buy more than one strain.

    I’m happy to help those in pain, and i also only put a small mark up and I don’t take advantage of those in need. I have made many good friends in this business, it has been very rewarding.

    Good Karma to you all.

  511. Leo

    Strait up square trade, legit bank. I paid by credit card in europe, days later I got seeds delivered by my postie. Package was private, concealed, no way of knowing what I ordered. I’m happy to of found this place, my next order will be a big order, I’m just waiting on my next pay day.

  512. Allison

    Hi, just wondering if I place an order and the seeds are hidden in a stealthily way (if that makes sense)… will I be able to find them? In other words, where do I look? Sorry if this sounds like a silly question but it is an honest one. Thanks

  513. Belle

    Hi my name is Belle
    I’m 31 and have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I desperately need high CBD seeds to make oil. Hope you can help. I live in Queensland

  514. Chuck S.

    mate, great job on stealth. I am grateful for the care you took to get me my items

  515. Robbie

    It took just a few days for my order to arrive in a large city, somewhere down under.

    Legit site

  516. ZILKE

    Do you know or have medical strains over 30% THC,if you do please send us your list of those strains. We’re also looking for a 40% thc level for one of are patients here in Portland Oregon.

  517. Apple Jack

    You’ll never guess what I found in my post box today!

    Thank you so much man

  518. Judah

    I place my order here 02/14 and recieved it 02/18. I germ’d 1/2 my order and 3 of the freebies, saving the rest for my next small personal grow.

    Report: They look like weed, all seeds pop’d and the white widow are about 4cm taller than the cheese already

    I’ll follow up here with a smoke report in a few more weeks

  519. Innes

    I’m not sure where to start. I was diagnosed with gastro oesophageal junction cancer in 2015, it’s a rare cancer and I’ve been lucky my entire life, I was shocked to have such a thing at age 54. I’ve been through surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the latter being complete hell. So I asked my good mate to find me some seeds and to grow me my medicin because I can’t grow anything, plus my strength was not always too good, but I doing better and eating after using their Cheese strain. It’s really helped stimulate my hunger and this single factor gave me the strength to really fight back. You ox of pills the doctor’s had me on that only made me feel worse. Cannabis was the right choice for me, your milege may vary. This seed bank was good with fast delivery to me down under and the quality of the medicine worked for me. Have a good night everyone.

  520. Beatrice

    i have my order today, graditude

  521. Anonymous user

    Fast shipping to Lower Plenty. I wanted to get my white widow extreme fem seeds started indoors this weekend,and now I can! thank you for making it happen.

  522. Noah

    I got my seeds!!!!!

    Thanks mate

  523. Stan Adams

    Safe delivery to Armadale, Australia.

    Glad I could count on you. I will spread the word.

    Stan. A.

  524. Len

    hi guys, just wanted to leave some feedback for you, i bought your strain Pot of Gold and I got some white widow free. Both were very potent and high in THC, your white widow had so much THC, it was even found near the tips of the larger fan leaves. Pot of Gold grew very dark amber and it was hard to catch the 50% amber/transparent harvest time, i was late, cathing it at 75% amber, so the buzz was more deep and body, I wish to grow it again and i am guessing a 40% amber would be optimal, i’ll give it a go this next order.

  525. jonathon

    do you have any auto strains?

  526. Connan

    My delivery to Belconnen was 2 days late, which added to my stress levels because I waited those 48 hours for the postie. Anyways they arrived with everything inside, they were super hidden stealth, OMG, i litterally had to dig them out. The quality of each seed was top notch. All the seeds sprouted, even the free white widow tehy sent along and they’re growing fast and strong so far.

  527. Clyde

    Thank you, I got ’em and they’re all dark looking, fat and premium selected, no immature seeds, even the freebies top quality. So far so good.

  528. Hewie

    After waiting just 3 days, my Aussie Blues showed up along with Pineapple Express female seeds free, cool deal

  529. Louis Grant

    Quick delivery and nice fat seeds, all my Pot of Gold strain germ’d and are just about to go 50% amber. I’ll be calling in sick Monday or Tuesday to stay at home and harvest. House is very smelly though, i’ll need to buy a carbon filter on my next grow.

  530. Kurt

    Do you ship to Ringwood, Australia?

  531. Benjamin

    got’em today, cheers mate!

  532. Kiwi Kaia

    Delivery to Dunedin was 4 days. I bought these to help decrease my father back pain and to help wean him get off opiods after a falling off our roof.

  533. J.P.

    I live in Colyton, and my order was recieved “A” Okay

  534. Niel

    They shipped my “beans” to Australia. Already 100% popped includng the freebies. They say there 100% feminized, I can confirm in a few more weeks. So far a good start with this seed bank, no one else ships in Australia.

  535. Moana

    My order arrived to Glebe last week with feminized freebies!

    They were so well hidden, I emailed and complained no seeds were inside the package, but I just didn’t look close enough.

    Everything is already off to a strong start.

  536. Castlehill OZ

    I grew some lovely ladies form your seeds. I bought your Aussie Blues and Green Crack 09/2015 and grew them indoors in Castle Hill. Both strains are unique in their own ways, I grew organic, no chemicals, and the aussies blues have a wonderful berry flavor and mind numbing high while the Green Crack is not as flavorful, her buzz is way better with an instant rush and energy high, the other is more of a stoned feeling.

    placing another order for more G.C. seeds today.

  537. Doc Howie

    My order arrived, thanks

  538. mr. waite

    Very stealth delivery and happy customer in New Zealand

  539. Andrew Walker

    got’em mate,

    i will shop here again

  540. brizzy

    You guys rock! I’m so relieved.

    I was more nervous this order because my first order last year was just a small test order, yesterday’s delievery was way larger. Thanks for the super stealth, i was worried again for no reason mate


  541. Mike

    Legit seeds bank. I worship the cannabis Gods for allowing the safe arrival of my order to Melbourne

  542. Laurence

    They delivered to my front door in Northcote the same week. Very well packaged, so much so that it took me a while to dig them out. No need to worry, they have super stealth.

  543. Erskineville Earl

    The Austrlian seed bank sent me what I ordered and the quality of their genetics are top notch. I’m really enjoying their Girl Scout Cookies as a daily smoke and their Rainbow Kush on more stressful days.


  544. Claude

    I also got my order, everything was there hidden well.

  545. Richard

    Richard here,

    I got my order, germ’d everything mate, up to par,

    Cheers from Redland Bay, Australia

  546. Samantha

    Hi my name is Samantha and I ordered 3 packs of seeds from you back in August 2015.

    I live on the outskirts of Perth and wanted to share with everyone that you’re legit, my “plants” finished and everything was what you said it was.

  547. mike

    How fast is their shipping? Very fast, i ordered online and my seeds came before the weekend.

    p.s. im living in frankston east and it’s no problem, the mail is super stealth and is undetectable

  548. Dianella

    Legit bank mates, my gear is here as promised, delivered by my local Dianella Postie

  549. Josh

    I got my seeds!!!!
    i was so stressed, but they used a very clever stealth letter. No way anyone would know.

    by the way i live near Horningsea Park, Australia


  550. Ethan

    G’day mates,

    I finished growing their Aussie Blues strain last November and got good yields. This strain burns low with a rich smoke, bong hits are heavy so its best to mix with tobacco or other herb to smooth out the smoke. The high is good and clean. I am personally very happy with this strain and prefer it over Blueberry.

  551. Terry Watson

    I finished growing your rainbow kush, impressed my mates and made some new ones along with some great memories. Growing at home in our small QLD community really strengthened our friendships. I have yet to grow my feminized freebies, looking forward to it next season

    Peace to all and I wish everyone a greener 2016!

  552. Pierre

    Straight up site. I paid using a credit card, shipping was fast, seeds arrived to my NSW home in less than 5 days along with free feminised seeds.

  553. Peter


    They gave me very fast delivery of what I bought

    legit items


  554. uniclosetgrow97


    my rents gave me some xmas cash, so i bought some feminised seeds, and have them growing in my dorm using an LED, i only popped 3, as my closet is tiny. they’re already 8 cm tall and seem to be doing well

  555. roger

    I got my seeds fast during the holidays even. 100% of everything they sent sprouted, even the freebies. so far, so good.

  556. Sam Wright

    Seeds came in last early last week to Burwood, I ordered a day or two before new years, so i got them faster than expected.

  557. Freddy Gilbert

    I also got what I ordered and feminized freebies.


  558. Olie

    no problems to queensland

    thank you

  559. Bob

    I grow in Melbourne CBD, I use carbon filters in my building so my girls don’t get any attention from their berry smell. I love Aussie blues , thanks for the fast delivery

  560. John Guang

    Thanks for the small business oportunity here in Melbourne, it has been my pleasure working with honest people here at Australian Seed Bank these past four years.

    May 2016 also bring us great fortunes.

    J. Guang

  561. anon

    They are the real deal and the buds i grew from their seeds were killer, i’m trying to place a very, very large order today, I hope they have enough fem seeds in stock for my needs

  562. Dan Knowes

    happy new years, and many thanks for my package

    D. K.


  563. Rupert

    Overall I had a good buying experience, delivery experience and buzz experience sampling the fruits of my labour. I would recommend this seed bank to anyone looking to safely and discretely order inside Australia, they are the real deal.

  564. newton

    I got the same here mates, fast delivery with fem freebies well packaged stealth delivered to NSW

  565. backlip

    happy holidays, thank you for a fast shipping, just in time for our Aussie x-mas.

  566. Peter, James

    Before I ordered here, I tried nirvana Northern Lights seeds and only got 40% germination rate. Then they sent me another pack free, and this time i got 60% germination. I was put behind schedule for harvest by 18 days which interfered with a trip I had already booked. The seeds that germ’d look healthy, the others smaller and white, they didn’t look good.

    So after that bad experience I decided to order from here, and guess what, their stealth was even better and 100% germination, even on the freebies. Its seems nirvana is fully aware they are selling immature and old seeds and they will be happy to send more crap without complaining too much. I’d rather deal with quality from the get-go.

    P, James NSW

  567. Bald Kiwi

    My super stealth order was promptly delivered by my friendly postie just in time for the holidays!

    Happy holiday’s to everyone at the Australian Seed Bank, my 2016 is going to be a lot greener 🙂

  568. Carrie

    My postie was very, very earlier than expected for my order to Brizzie, just 4 days, thanks for the female freebies, that was a surprise, sweet deal



  569. Josh L


    i had finished growing aussie blues before and I wanted to share with you today that it’s a fine herb, easy to grow outdoors in NSW, strong mellow high and that i really liked it. I order more strains to try this time and they arrived already, just 4 days i think.

  570. Savannah

    Somewhere North of Christchurch, you got a new customer for life. thank you for the seeds and the quality of the freebies, giving me fem seeds free is cool

  571. Bradley

    they came in less then 6 days and I ordered late, after 5pm on Wednesday. My two packs of Green Crack arrived fast, along with some free feminized seeds, sweet deal

  572. Anon

    I just want to send you a big thank you for delivering my seeds very stealthy like mate. I had no worries.

  573. Carmila

    Everything arrived well! I ordered 26/11 and it arrived the 4/12, amazing
    Thanks so much, love the packaging too, can’t wait to start seeing them grow!!
    I’ll be using your website again for sure!

  574. Peter

    quick turnover to Lorne, NSW
    seeds are dark and cream of the srop, high quality.
    thank you so much, you have no idea how hard its been for me to find a reliable seed bank here.

  575. Willow

    Their kush is strong, like a thunder bolt from god to your cerebral or cotex, the part of your brain that makes you really stoned. I’m stoned right now… haha…

    My buds were very sticky when growing and after being fully cured. Lemony, earthy, Musky. Kush is nice because it really helps with my joint and back pain. Highly recommend this strain for veterans and servicemen

  576. Patty

    Lemon Ice is a slow, creeper the first 3-4 minutes, then by the fifth it washes your brain intensely with strong feelings on contentness which makes you easy going after a stressful day, and it lasts a long time… the buzz is the longest lasting I’ve felt.

    When i’m feeling sad I like this one, kush makes me more depressed when i’m already feeling low

  577. Dave Clark

    my third order to Adelaide arrived this week, no problems as usual.

    thanks again,


  578. Moree

    Blue Dreams fmeale seeds was extremely uplifting, no brain fry, clear and long-lasting.

    It should be called purple dreams, beacause this plant is very purple in color, not so much blue.

    Added bonus is they are very maintenance free, easy for newbies to grow,

    The plants are strong against wind, drought and resilient angainst mites, growing large buds that give off a sweet berry aroma, so keep the roo’s away is probably the only thing you have to do outdoors, otherwise they grow like weeds with a sweet aroma.

  579. Melvo

    My Pot of Gold Feminized grew into lovely looking ladies with minimal side branching which can be flowered early indoors and topped for management of its height. I personally grew using sea of green (SOG). You can use many tricks with this strain to produce higher yields, more than 1kg per square meter both indoors and out. Selective topping and prunning the lower branches keeps the plant focused on concentrating THC production where there is more light near the top, instead od wasting energy on the lower branched in the shade. My #1 commercial strain for potency and profits (P&P)

  580. Jayden

    Fat seeds, ripe and easy to sprout indoors. Thanks again for coming through!

    Jayden, Albany (WA)

  581. harry

    No problem getting my delivery to rural Arthurs’s Pass (New Zealand)
    All the best mate

  582. Assarif

    I’m just finishing up my flowering stage on GSC, they’re bloody oozing with THC, even near the tips of the largest fan leaves. I can’t wait for harvest an curing to be finally over so I can blaze some already, just gotta wait another 4-5 days for them to turn 50% amber

  583. M. Goen

    delivered very stealth as promised

    M. Goen, NSW

  584. Freddy Mac.

    Their skunk I ordered is a fast growing strain that was well bred. Skunk can often grow lanky and branch out randomly, I am very impressed with the quality of thier gentic, cudos to the breeder.

    This strain has a skunky bubble gum odor which can stay lingering in your home and car, be warned.

    Overall, living in Australia I am happy to use this seedbank and I will order again.

    I hope you all happy holidays for 2015!

  585. Saarik

    My super skunk arrived!!!! A million and one thanks from NSW


  586. Doug the bud Dallas

    Total chill buzz, very enjoyable if you like to veg-out after class. Make sure you don’t have any plans that may take any brain-power, it’s hard to snap back to reality, even after 3 hours…. so if you need to have dinner with your rents, or engage in conversation at school, this strain is best left alone for Aussie blue or a more sativa energy high. This makes my satuday night buzz top list, I personally like to chill and listen to 70’s classics with my mates…. only when my homework is finished of course, we need to toke responsibly and do well in school. Not all cannabis users are deadbeats!

  587. John Reynolds

    G’day from Port Augusta, thank you for delivering my seeds on time, i was refered by another one of your customers, my neighbor who grew up your Aussie Blues and shared with me, I was hooked on your strain. I’ll try a few more after this crop is finished.


  588. David Jame Gray

    Innamincka delivery was FAST!! They delivered as promised with many quality freebies and my Kush and Green Crack seeds

  589. Bosley Paul

    Expedient delivery to Darwin back in April 2015.
    This was my first time placing an order here, was pleased with the results of THC and the size of the yeilds from Aussie Blues and my Habiba feminized freebies, both had large crystal production and made us all very high and happy

  590. Len

    Great smoke, hands down top quality, if you’re a commercial grower you’ll be happy with yields from Girl Scout Cookies, potent for repeat customers, always sells out immediately, and a growers dreams because of its high yields and feminized seeds freebies

  591. Francis Barko

    So far so good, my Green Crack girls are 12 days ino flowering and already showing many, many trich’s. Very good genetics for us Aussie’s to grow

  592. JIMMY

    WOW, I am so happy!!!!!! My seeds came before the weekend so i can get them going already!! Fast shipping to NSW

  593. T-bone

    I would just like to say the customer service here is very good, i was a paranoid customer sending them emails when I only waited 24 hours for my shipment of seeds to Australia.

  594. Pete

    Fast shipment to my home in New Zealand. My gear arrived stealth, no worries. Cheers

  595. Skywalker

    I’m in the Port Douglas area and this site delivered to me, my three packs of seeds with many fat feminized freebies, i’m pretty stoked to get them started.

  596. KennithLIghthouse

    another happy customer from a third sucessful delivery to Adelaide

  597. Graham

    Thanks for the speedy service to Melbourne.

  598. Merke

    Freaking great mate! I got my order!!!!!!

  599. Jacob

    G’Day fellow visitors,

    I made an order here from Queensland, and it went easy squeezy baby.

  600. Burt

    Cheers mate, just wanted to say thanks for sending the strains you said you would sell, I had no worries with my outdoor grow in the dust. Your genetics grew strong and withstood the local climate and pests.

  601. Gavin

    My 3rd order arrived this week, no problems whatsoever


    In Brizzy

  602. javel2

    Very fast delivery to Perth with nice looking seeds.

  603. Darrel MacP

    two thumbs way up for Green Crack, wild ride mates, wild ride

  604. Jimmy

    a millions thanks from NSW

  605. Tony Craig

    G’Day from Adelaide, South Australia….

    I placed an order for 70 seeds in early May 2015, I paid by Bitcoins and got the fatest, biggest seeds. I heard rumors that if you pay with bitcoins, they’ll send you the cream of the crop selections.

    Seeds were 100% good, no fatalities. I ordered all feminized seeds, so not a single male or hermies that formed any pollen, quality of smoke amazingly high, same for yield.

    Just my personal feedback…

    regards TONY C

    • admin

      All our customers get “fat ripe seeds”, we throw away all inferior seeds to keep our reputation to the highest standards. We only sell the best of the best, “cream of the crop selection” for all our customers, no matter which payment method you use. You are all important to us, without you we wouldn’t be here. We are here to serve you.

  606. Jasper Jim


    got my gear on time as expected. Legit place

  607. Mike Jones

    My purchase was safely dispatched and arrived after 3 days in Perth last week. Today the seedling are already off to a good start and showing vigor.

  608. Castillo

    I paid by bitcoins and received a bonus. All seeds 100%, I haven’t had a single seed not germ, none popped then died off either.


    Good thing my mate told me about this seed bank. It’s not easy to know where to spend my hard earned $$.

    The girl working there (sorry I forgot your name because your THC is too high…lol) she was very straight forward and honest with me and helped me select the right strains for my climate and needs. Only time will tell, but so far my small crop looks sweet.

  610. Zac

    I just got my order this week, put them in paper towel with some distilled water, then placed them in my closet. This morning 9 out of 10 ten sprouted, one looks deformed. Otherwise I’m happy and I still have a pack of feminized seeds i need to grow, they added as my freebies, but i don’t want that many plants growing at the same time in my small closet.

    – 10/10 seeds sprouted is good, 1 deformed, it can happen in nature i guess. I’m still happy.
    – Very good prices
    – Fast shipping in Australia

    I will be ordering again form here if i need more seeds.

  611. Cal

    Got my seeds yesterday in Brizzy. Nice stealth, good looking beans.

  612. red hair

    Want a safe place to grow? grow next to another grower, don’t let on that you grow too. if you have have any smell leak out, you can tell the five-oh that its your neighbor who is growing, and it takes their eyes off you, worked for me for over 20 years, saved my rear from doing time 3 times now, so far, it worked everytime. I just finished my last grow ever, been using the seeds from here. you won’t find better in Australia. I’m off to see the sand for my remaining years on this planet, just wanted to leave a tip and some thanks for the guy you will replace me. It’s been wonderful buying from you all these years.

    R. H.

  613. MisterM


    cheers mate

  614. lanny

    G’Day, i’ll share my experience with this seedbank. After shopping around for over 10 days, I discovered this seed bank because many many people said they were legit and they were getting seeds inside Australia. They were correct. Seeds were all 100% fat and ripe, all of them germ’d. My plants are fat and bushy and healthy, I can already confirm the quality of their genetics after just 5 weeks.

  615. Sandeep Patel

    thanking you very much for customer service, sorry my english no so good,. seeds here , no problem

  616. Barnard

    Silver Jack Feminized is the traciest buzz, i just veg out with drum music and get lost into a fantasy world for hours, excellent sunday morning relaxation after a long work week.

  617. Gabe

    My seeds are here, small city just outside of Brizzy. freebies too. wow, thanks!

  618. ramond rayfield

    My GSC plants are in their final days of flowering, i used a magnafying glass to check th amber color of the thc, about 40% turned amber, so about 2-3 days left untill harvest… wow, best looking plants I have ever grown, an i’ve been breeding cannabis for 28 years. I think GSC from here will be good to cross with your blue aussie for a blueberry cookie flavor and potent high. I’ll be sure to do this cross and maybe you will want my seeds? or we can trade?

  619. Quentin

    Nothing like good herb and watching the rubgy match, last night was a night to remember. the Night Nurse Crackie strain really did me in.

  620. Lawley

    I’m from Melbourne and my “package” made it within the specified alloted time-frame and packaging was cleverly stealth as promised. They could not of given better service. I would recommend this site to my friends and family, at the very least the one’s that are 420 friendly.

  621. Egarton

    thanks for the follow through on your delivery guarantee! I’m on a pension and couldn’t risk the loss of my large order.

    cheers mates

  622. B. Thomas

    Speedy delivery, Just in time to plant for this week end.

  623. Uncle Pete is fair dinkum, you can trust them.

  624. Dr. Robert Smith

    I recieved my order. I live on Kangaroo Island. I was impressed with the speed of delivery out here.

    I have a patient suffering severe side-effects from Chemo, she many rounds left to go, so i hope your Cheese strain will finish in under 3 months so she will be able to use your medicine.

  625. Edgar White

    Everything went smoothly for me, from making payment, germination, vegetation, flowering, harvest… good seed genetics, the best I have worked with are their blue dream female seed genetics. Heavy weight producing yields, easy to grow outdoors, excellent smoke flavor and eurphoric high. I just placed another order again for more seeds since all the females couldn’t make any seeds without a male or a hermie.

  626. Wade

    got’em sprouted, no worries

  627. luis davis


    My order arrived and I am shocked how fast they got here to Bendigo.

    Again, thank you

  628. Vance

    My strong plants are kicking some serious pests butt, they had 1/2 thier leaves eaten before I noticed the problem because they are not planted anywhere near my home, I came back with some lady bugs 4 days later and they got rid of the little critters and the plants bounced back strong, expecting a full harvest when it becomes time.

  629. Carl J.

    Your Bob Marley Strain…two thumbs up! way up… high is clear and uplifting. the best feeling i’ve ever had from cannabis

  630. George Gray

    Sydney Australia, 5 out of 5 Star positive feedback. choice product, good prices, and most important of all, seeds will get delivered to you in AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!

  631. Paxton

    NSW, no problems.

  632. ben


    This Aussie seedbank is Lurk, good oil.
    Mull is top quality, good to veg out

  633. Renee

    Seeds are Dinky-di

  634. pintedup

    I was trying to save money, and after buying some bodgy seeds from the UK that wouldn’t germinate, I ordered here paying 5 dollars more per pack, and they all germ’d, saving me time and money. The finished yields were better than expected. Good genetics great smoke and fair prices. what more?

  635. Eugene and Mary


  636. Gael

    Got them in 4 days to Brissy

  637. Mr Nice Now

    We got extra seeds, so i am pleased to leave positive comments! I’m from Melbourne.

  638. weise

    Doctor needed seeds for his patient, seeds arrived to oz in a few short days after placing the order, patient was un able to tend to the garden, his family helped. Plants grew plentiful and into strong medicine. patient can afford medicine and is in less pain.

  639. thcMaestro

    Just another sandgroper happy to recieve his order.

  640. reese

    G’day fro Brissy, just enjoying my sat-dee smoko with my mornos.

    Postie came by two day ago with my gear. Sprouts on all 15 seeds now, healthy and good

  641. destinydestination

    I just checked on my little sprouts of nurse crackie night nurse and 5/5 popped, I am saving the rest more later, i only need enough for personal medical use.

    I just transplanted them all into soil, so far so good.

  642. GreenMack

    My order came without any problems. The seeds germinated quickly, 2 days, at 27C. I Lost one to a soil issue, i added too much fertilizer and killed one seedling sprout.


  643. Jessica

    Fast delivery to NSW, all freebies arrived with my order, no problems, no worries

  644. yesssd

    got my seeds on time and my freebies are feminized seeds!

  645. Tammy89

    I’ve been smoking your supercharged silver haze because it helps me socialize and get over a lifetime of shyness. Everyone else around me has always been so good with small talk, and it used to make me nervous. Now i take a or two small hulls off a joint, i just get the edge off, not too stoned, and wow, I completely change. I can easily make small talk, talk with strangers and even I met my current boyfriend because I approached him, he was too shy to tell me he was interested. Now we both smoke a bit together and it has made both our lives less depressing.

  646. Michael Jane

    My seeds were here earlier this week, Tuesday I think. Sorry I just woke up and was surfing around looking to buy another strain. Thought I would leave some positive feedback for you because you delivered to me.


    I got my seeds this week, they all sprouted 100% and are off to a strong strong start, already transplanted into cubes yesterday.

  648. Mason

    I wanted to leave my two cents about this seed bank since they delivered to me in Victoria. It’s a great place to order, easy and safe.

  649. Jason Stray

    We bloody got them all today via AU Post, thanks so much for the speedy delivery, on time and with everything we ordered and the freebies.

  650. BoB Marley

    Don’t worry, be happy…

    The Amnesia Trance I grew is out of this world, high comes on in the 1st second like a rush to your cerebral, then it dissapates to the rest of your cranium, leaving you sky surfing, cloud to cloud, in a maze of coniferous. Takes your mind and thoughts to another level man

  651. freebie

    Yahoo! I got my awesome feminized freebies with my order today! thank you aussie seed bank!

  652. Lisa Mcgough

    I like this particular seed because its easy to get your crop up an running quickly, there’s not a lot of complications ordering. Customers get connected with the proper strains so that doesn’t waste their time growing inferior genetics. It’s a quality brand to grow.

  653. RooBait

    Cheers mate,

    20 seeds plus freebies arrived today. No worries now.

  654. Freddy

    That’s was really nice that you sent me feminized freebies last week.

    This is a good company if you need seeds in Australia.

    All the best to you and yours,


  655. James J. Bonner

    Just a tip for everyone whom is also growing the Super charged haze, the seeds need to be a bit warmer to germinate, I couldn’t get them to pop without a heating pad, as soon as I raised the temp 3 degress, they were popping with vigor.

    • admin

      Haze strains have a tropical genetic heritage and they can be a little tricky to germ* (*where legal), just get those heat pads warm but no so hot you cook them and kill them. Mimic local tropical temperatures of 36 Celcius to get them to pop, get em moist, never let them dry out.

  656. Willy

    gotem all, great deal!