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Hunting and Identifying Magic Mushrooms in Australia

Hunting and Identifying Magic Mushrooms in Australia is a fun hobby with huge rewards. Just make sure you seek out to find your shroomies when it’s the right season.

Identifying magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms can look like every day, ordinary mushrooms. So, it is important to identify any mushrooms you collect. There are many poisonous varieties. Australia has many species of magic mushies that are easily mistaken for poisonous ones that can cause death.

Synthetic Psilocybin

You can buy magic mushies dried in capsules and there is a synthetic form of the psilocybin. It’s a white crystalline powder and it’s used for making tablets and capsules. You can also use it dissolved in water.



Australia has at least 30 species of magic mushrooms.

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Blue Meanies Panaeolus Cyanescens

Blue Meanies

Blue meanies Panaeolus cyanescens grow across Australia from Spring through Summer. Their season starts a little after the gold tops finish. These medium to high/very high potency mushrooms are a small greyish white with a domed cap. As it develops the cap can split and show blue streaks. It is light brown or yellow but changes colour into a greyish white colour as it matures; and the centre remains dark.



It bruises blue when damaged and the gills develop black spores. Some species in Australia have a darker brown cap. The stem is thin and a blue grey colour with white lumps. The stems dry to a blue/back colour.

Identifying Australian Blue Meanies Panaeolus Cyanescens

The main way to recognise blue meanies is through the black spores and blue staining throughout the mushroom.

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Gold Tops

Gold Tops Australian Psilocybe Cubensis

In Australia you find Gold tops (Psilocybe cubensis) only in New South Wales and Victoria. Their season runs from Spring through Summer. They enjoy a temperate climate with a temperature in a consistent mid-20s. They flourish after the first heavy summer rains.

Gold Tops Can Be Highly Potent Shrooms

These medium to high potency mushrooms have a large growing a cap of up to 20 cm. As the yellowy white to dark brown coloured cap matures its cap is grows flat or becomes uplifted. It becomes covered in thick purple coloured spores.

Identifying Australian Gold Tops

Identifying Australian gold tops. Its surface is often moist to the touch and it has white flesh that leaves a blue stain.

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Liberty Caps

Liberty Caps

Liberty caps (Psilocybe semilanceata) are one of the most common magic mushrooms in the world. They are also one of the more potent. These mushies have a domed, bell-like cap that grows up to 2.5 cm. Liberty caps have a distinct protrusion from the top, very much like a nipple. The can be yellow or brown with shallow grooves when damp. As they mature, these mushrooms fade in colour. They have light or similar coloured long stripes running down the cap. The gills narrowly attach and are a creamy colour that turn dark purple as they grow.



Its stem is 2 to 3 mm in diameter and the Liberty cap grows from 4 to 10 cm high.

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