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Jenny Hallam Activist Defy Threat of Criminal Charges

Jenny Hallam activist defy threat of criminal charges over CBD Oil. In a year people should be celebrating medical cannabis legalisation, activists defy the threat of criminal charges. Earlier in 2017 police raided the home of oil producer Jenny Hallam in South Australia. Shutting down her medical oil production that supplied patients across the country. In Adelaide, South Australia, Mark Raynor is defiant. He vows to continue doing what he does although he could face criminal charges if caught.

Jenny Hallam CBD Oil

Mr Raynor says he does not supply medical cannabis. He shows people how to make cannabis oil for themselves rather than making money out of supplying it. He distils the oil from a mix of alcohol and cannabis into a thick black paste. It is not illegal to supply people with information.

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Medical Cannabis Impossible

Medical cannabis impossible for patients to access

Patients struggle to access medical cannabis even though it is legal in Australia. Activists lash out at the government for making it so hard for patients to access the cannabis they need.

Legalised in November 2016, only 137 patients have government approval for access to medical cannabis. They have to apply to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Special Access program.

Accessing legal cannabis too hard

High profile medical cannabis activist and former nurse Michael Oakley says accessing legal cannabis was too difficult. Mr Oakley’s 21-year-old son Ben, suffers from Stiff Person Syndrome. It is a neurological condition that causes seizures and excruciating pain. This is a rare condition with spasms severe enough to put Ben’s life at risk. It also causes extreme pulse and temperature fluctuations,

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Australian Patients Frustrated With Cannabis Doctors

Australian patients frustrated with cannabis doctors

With the legalisation of medical cannabis, patients across Australia celebrated. Now they would now have easy access to the medication they need. Or, so they thought. Australian patients frustrated with cannabis doctors have nothing to do. You would think with medical cannabis legal it would be easy for people to get what they need to treat life threatening conditions. Not so.

Public reports by frustrated patients say cannabis doctors will not prescribe medical cannabis even though it is legal. Others say their doctors do not know how to access medical cannabis or did not understand its benefits.

Prescriptions for medical cannabis years away

Australian Medical Association (AMA) vice president said it was years before patients could see doctor’s prescribing cannabis.

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Grow houses pop up across Victoria

Grow houses pop up across Victoria

Grow houses pop up across Victoria, the state is becoming Australia’s unofficial cannabis capital. Across suburbia and regional areas, these innocent houses hide sophisticated secrets behind. This was the domain of Italian syndicates supplementing their market garden crops. These days it is big business for Vietnamese and Albanian syndicates growing crops of 100 plants at a time.

Plants worth $2500 each, with four crops a year, yield growers a million plus a year. These growers have no concern for what it costs to grow as they have no intention of paying. With their own electricians on the payroll, they bypass or steal electricity worth about $1000 a day. This is around $1.5 million in electricity theft a year in Victoria.

These syndicates are slick.

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