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Best Seed Banks that Ship to Australia


Best Seed Banks That Ship to Australia

Are you looking for the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Australia? We’ve got you covered as we would be showing you a list of the best seeds back that ship to Australia.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a newbie grower looking for the highest quality of marijuana seeds or an experienced grower searching for how to boost the genetics of your current plant, choosing the best seed bank helps to ensure you’re getting the right product. More so, your privacy is protected and you won’t be ripped off.

Without Much ado, here are the best seed banks that ship to Australia:

Australian Seedbank

Australian Seedbank is one top seed bank you can find in Australia. We have a large assortment of native Australian cannabis seeds. Talking about quality, our breeders are experts in creating the best strains for growing in the bush. We have strains that perform well indoors and those that do well outdoors in the Gold Coast.

Whatever you need in terms of the highest-quality cannabis seeds, Australian Seedbank got you covered. We preserve and store Australian cannabis and marijuana seeds even for future generations. Wondering how? Well, we use vaults around the Globe to ensure our strains survive for many generations.

The interesting part is that Australian Seedbank has the most discrete shipping method to protect our customers’ privacy. You have no worry whatsoever; we offer stealth shipping. So, when you order online, your local postie will deliver without any delay. Visit our shop to get the best seed cannabis seeds in Australia.

Australia has already approved medical marijuana since 2016, and the government is already reviewing laws surrounding cannabis as the climate is suitable for growing cannabis in Australia.

More so, the possession and cultivation of cannabis are allowed at a minimum quantity. And in most regions, the status of cannabis is decriminalized, meaning that the use of these products may not be legal by the law, but it will not be charged as a criminal offence.

If you comply with the government’s guidelines, you can grow medical marijuana plants in Australia. The good news is that some cannabis products are now reclassified as Schedule-8 drugs to use with proper prescriptions. However, you need to keep the law of different regions in mind as they vary.

In a nutshell, one of the best seed banks that ship to Australia is Australian Seedbank. You get your product delivered to you in stealth packing. You can visit out store and choose your favourite strain.

Another Seed Bank Shipping Down Under

Another seed bank shipping where the kangaroo hop is OZ Seeds. They have some amazing top notch weed strains for the Aussie climate. So check them out as they have mastered stealth shipping to get into Australia.

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  1. Harry Steven

    I have therapeutic mushrooms available penis envy liberty caps golden teacher magic muchrooms

  2. Steve Milner

    I live in Melbourne, paid by cash via snail mail and my order arrived last week. I sprouted all of them up over the week end, they’re a legit seed bank in Australia.

    • Bill

      I ordered using the links and I made my payment with my credit card in Amsterdam on 06/26 and my seeds arrived to my flat in Brizzy on 07/06. Today is the nineth and all 100% of my seeds sprouted up strong. Some in just 18 hours the rest by 26 hours. I’m keen to buy some NL now, I’m currently doing Aussie Blue. Will update more on harvest.

  3. Casey

    First I placed my order using my credit card on the Holland site, you can’t use a credit card for seeds in Australia mates, that’s what I learned from talking to others. The big card companies won’t permit it down under. Next I just waited for my email that they shipped out my order, it took about 18 hours to get. A few days later bob’s your uncle and my seeds arrived safely. My local Postie delivered them to me here in Perth. If you’re keen for seed, trust this site. I got my seeds every time without a hitch.

    • Dave

      I also got my seeds off these guys promptly also in perth region

      • James R

        No worries from Adelaide, they’re a legendary seed bank. I just paid with my credit card using the Amsterdam site in the links and my seeds arrived the following week.

  4. Iziah ford

    Hey just wondering how long the seed take to arrive at there destination

  5. Yvonne Campbell

    What guarantee do I get if I don’t receive the seeds
    Can I pay through PayPal

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