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Golden Cap Spores Is the Mushroom You Must Explore

Golden Cap Spores Is the Mushroom

If you are an ardent fan of pop culture, then you may have heard about Golden cap spores. It is the most popular magic mushroom mentioned in several movies, TV shows, or in arts (like painting). The golden cap shroom is referred to as Psilocybe Cubensis.

 This magic mushroom belongs to psychedelic species. Most people prefer it over other mushrooms as it can be grown easily at home. You need not to have any prior experience or much knowledge about mushroom cultivation. So, it is the perfect species for the first-timers with less experience cultivating mushrooms. The species has been a hit among the cultivators and users for several years. Wondering why?

The cultivators are attracted to the golden cap spores as they grow in flushes. The users like the shroom because of the psychedelic journey it offers. Using the magic mushroom offers a profound impact on the users. Are you interested in knowing more? Read ahead:

Ideal Place Of Growth

You may wonder how the spore gets its name. The matured psilocybin spore has a cap of the golden color. The darker color spores have a distinctive appearance with long winding stems. They also have mild potency. These shrooms colonize in the dung of plant-eating animals like goats and cows.

These spores are dung-loving species and grow in tropical as well as subtropical environments. So, it is usually found in Mexico, West Indies, Central/South America, and the United States. But, you can easily grow them at home. You need a sterile environment for growing the shrooms. You have to spend only a few dollars and find the best spore store to grow it at home.

Effects Of Golden Cap Spores

The psychoactive compounds in the shrooms offer a great experience to the users. It mainly contains psilocybin as it is one of the important compounds in the fungus. But, it also contains other psychoactive molecules like psilocin, norbaeocystin, and baeocystin.

When all these compounds combine, it results in psychotropic effects. The effects mimic the entourage effect, which is popular in the cannabis world. Users can get the effects from the shrooms within one or two hours of taking it.

The effects last for four to six hours. To get the mystical-type experience, you need to take one to three grams of dried mushroom. Taking five grams or more can offer an overwhelming shamanic and intense experience.

Memorable Experience

Using the golden cap magic mushroom offers a memorable experience to the users. It has a mildly high psychedelic effect, which the newbies find soothing. So, it is a perfect choice for people trying magic mushrooms for the first time. It offers spiritual effects rather than tripping effects found in other magic mushroom species. Therefore, people take it to get a feeling of enlightenment. You can connect to nature and feel good. It also has an amazing ability to heal your mind as well as spirit.

If you prefer Golden cap spores, then you need to get the spores from a trusted and reliable store. A seed bank with good reputations can offer high-quality and authentic spores offering the best results.

Only a reliable seed bank offers clean, contaminant-free, and viable spores. It is easy to use such superior spores for cultivation, personal use, or study.

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