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Liberty Caps

Liberty Caps

Liberty caps (Psilocybe semilanceata) are one of the most common magic mushrooms in the world. They are also one of the more potent. These mushies have a domed, bell-like cap that grows up to 2.5 cm. Liberty caps have a distinct protrusion from the top, very much like a nipple. The can be yellow or brown with shallow grooves when damp. As they mature, these mushrooms fade in colour. They have light or similar coloured long stripes running down the cap. The gills narrowly attach and are a creamy colour that turn dark purple as they grow.



Its stem is 2 to 3 mm in diameter and the Liberty cap grows from 4 to 10 cm high. The stem is cream and wavy, and can be a blue colour towards the bottom.

Found: These mushies love the wetter, grassland areas during Spring and Summer. They are often found in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia from Spring through Summer. You will not find Liberty caps in cow paddocks.

How much to take: You need to be careful with Liberty caps. They are the most potent of all magic mushrooms. You will need from between 10 to 20 fresh picked mushrooms or 1 gram of them dried. It is best to start off with less when you first try them.

7 comments on “Liberty Caps
  1. Em

    Found in Tasmania

  2. Chris

    I’ve been finding these in Belgrave, Melbourne.

  3. Ros

    I am wondering what dose would be a micro dose

  4. josh

    can you find these in the northern territory?

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