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Marijuana Retirement Fund

(SA) South Australian aged 65 woman was allegedly charged having in her possesion 1.15 KG of cannabis and thousands of dollars cash, about $6000.00 to be exact.

Her Berri home was raided on Friday November 20, 2015 and she was charged with drug trafficking.

I guess her pension couldn’t cover her lavish elderly lifestyle. Neighbors must be shocked that a grandma that should be baking grandchildren cookies was alegedly dealing cured cannabis. Maybe the marijuana cookies were already sold by the time the police arrived?…

State legalizes Cannabis in Victoria, Australia

The Victorian Law Reform Commision (VLRC) makes a state-based recommendation for the trial cultivation of Cannabis inside Australia.

Australia already has an opium poppy industry, and this new move could also regulate cannabis cultivation using the same rules.

There largest concern seems to be inhaling smoked cannabis and it’s health implications. They are more likely to distribute oils, vaporizer liquids and sprays, much like the do methadone, using specialists to prescribe THC and having a pharmacist fill your prescription.

We feel this is huge news for all the home growers out there. Growing from seed and taking care of plants is also very therapeutic, especially for those who live alone.

Sydney, Australia also receives $33 Million for medical cannabis research…

Australians Flock to Canada for CBD Treatments

Australia has made it illegal to use CBD oil treatments, even when the legal steroid treatment doesn’t work and has terrible side effects, especially on young children battling lung cancer.

Families are purchasing supercharged silver haze cannabis seed strains online that are specially bred to produce the best THC/CBD combination for the best healing effects.

It was the only way to get the CBD Oil we needed to live. It’s so much effort, trying to hold a job when you’re caring for your critical condition children. Then you have to worry about the fuzz, growing cannabis to make medicine to save your children’s life. Both my children are dying, and the government took our CBD Oil away. We had no choice but to pack up our bags, sell our house and move to Vancouver, BC Canada for an unlimited supply of life saving medicine…

Cannabis Shortage Complaint to Western Australia Police

The Esperance Police in Western Australia received a very serious phone call from a very upset women. She was very frustrated on the telephone because the Police made it so difficult to find any herb, that town had gone “dry” and there was no cannabis to be found anywhere.

I guess the Police doing their job a little too well, had recently made the price of cannabis in Esperance rise quite high because of the drought.

The woman continued to complain that lower income families could no longer find any cannabis at a reasonable price. That the blue color workers needed an affordable solution to get through the day’s daily grind.

She also wanted the prosecution of cannabis users stopped…