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Apple bans, then reinstates marijuana app

MassRoots’ social network for marijuana tokers was banned for promoting drug use, which is stipulated in Apple’s terms for app’s.

Just two weeks after Apple banned the app, Hippies gathered and protested, because Medical marijuana is legal in 23 states. Apple didn’t want to anger so many of it’s customers, many of whom do embibe, so they allow the app with a couple hitches, Geo location would locate your physical position, and as long as you were physically located inside one of the 23 legal states for cannabis, Apple would allow you to download the app…

Australian Seed Bank is Australia’s #1 Cannabis Seed Provider

16 Years and still going strong, is still the number one cannabis seed bank for Australian’s.

Not only will you recieve your product in super stealth worry-free packaging, you will get 20 free seeds with your purchase. Sweet deal! You get the experience of the best master cannabis seed breeder’s in the entire world, producing the latest and greatest cananbis strains with high THC and CBD cannabinoid levels…

CBD Oil Cancer Cure


They is so many people curing their cancer using CBD oil, and many people now want to grow their own cannabis to make their own cancer cure. The most commonly asked question is which strain do I use to make my cancer curing oil?…

Australian Millionaires Are From Cannabis Industry

The number of Australian Millionaires is rapidly growing, and it’s all thanks to the Cannabis Industry.

Australians are starting to grow high quality genetics from seeds indoors and outdoors. It’s quality they have never smoked before. BC and Dutch genetics hit the top of the list, and from amsterdam seeds is a big winner, with more than 50% of these self made millionaires saying that this is the strain they grew for the Australian market.

From Anon It grows fast, and the yield is massive, the nugs are very dense, so you get more weight in buds in less space. And the quality is outstanding. It’s also pest resistant and easy to grow, any beginner can buy 1000 seeds and become a millionaire 3 months later…