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How to make million’s with Cannabis Domains

Do you own a Cannabis domain name and you want to make millions, leave a comment below with your email address and the drug related domain(s) you own and we’ll get back to you. You may be sitting on a pot of gold…

Police Arrest Father, Stop 2 Year Daughter Cannabis Oil Treatment

Father Adam Koessler, a Brisbane native was arrested for treating his dying daughter’s stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer. Rumer age 2, would get her hunger back after her Cannabis Oil treatments, and she gained back her weight, was active and feeling better, and was getting better. Then the police arested her father, and her treatments stopped. Now she is curently very ill in intensive care on morphine…

Fake Cannabis Kills

A fake Cannabis called Sinsense has been for sale in Australia and after the death of two Queensland natives for using synthetic cannabis, Sinsense has been declared by police to be “exceptional danger to humans”

There are very highly toxic chemicals used in the manufactoring of synthetic cannabis, and you don’t know the percentage of each dangerous substance in each as dose, as they are not consistent.

Using names like Devil’s Harvest and Black Cherry, Sinsence sold for about $70.00 for 3 grams.

The police currently have the product in evidence and a complete analysis for illegal substances will be available in about a few weeks…

Apple bans, then reinstates marijuana app

MassRoots’ social network for marijuana tokers was banned for promoting drug use, which is stipulated in Apple’s terms for app’s.

Just two weeks after Apple banned the app, Hippies gathered and protested, because Medical marijuana is legal in 23 states. Apple didn’t want to anger so many of it’s customers, many of whom do embibe, so they allow the app with a couple hitches, Geo location would locate your physical position, and as long as you were physically located inside one of the 23 legal states for cannabis, Apple would allow you to download the app…