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Prescription Drug Abuse Declared an Australian National Emergency

Many Aussie’s are addicted to prescription narcotics like oxy’s. Not only are they abusing their doctor’s prescription for such drugs, many people are addicted to opiod prescription drugs and they don’t even have a prescription.

The biggest concerns are for the health of the addicts and the safety of the community. Though many addicts are productive in society and hold down stable jobs, many of the unemployed need to get their fix, as the withdrawal symptoms are too severe, which leads to crime to get the money for their next dose. There is a large rise in Car thefts and Car and house burglaries, as well as mugging, store hold-ups, and petty theft, even from family members.

The withdrawal symptoms are too strong and physically painful. Coming off opiates makes you sweat, fever, major muscle pain and cramping, headaches, to just name a few. It’s like you’re dying the pain is so intense, and it can last for weeks. That why opiates are so addictive, and the addicts always relapse. It’s not just the physical addiction to keep the muscle pain away, the high from dopamine and the messing with your Re-Uptake inhibitors will also causes long-term neurological damage.

The doctors shouldn’t be prescribing these drugs so easily. Other English parts of the world also freely prescribe opiates too. But cannabis is harmless and Australia makes it illegal. It doesn’t make any sense to anyone with common sense…

Medical Cannabis Legalization; its Biggest Hurdle

What we need as medical cannabis users is more common sense, not doctors telling us how to take our medical marijuana.

The biggest hurdle Cannabis Legalization faces in Australia is its dose and concentration of cannabinoids.

Sounds simple? Not so.

Before we only had to worry with how much THC was in a dose, but now that we know about all the newest discovered cannabinoids, things get complicated from a medical marijuana doctors perspective as he doesn’t know and can’t consistently prescribe the same dose to his patients.

So what are the solutions?

Common Sense!

Look, even if he could prescribe the exact doses of all cannabinoids, each person is different in how cannabis affects him or her. Some people are really sensitive and they are baked out of their minds on ¼ toke…

Alcohol More Dangerous Than Cannabis; Australian Study Finds

Yes, tell us something we don’t already know. I thought that was just common sense, but I guess there still are some folks out there that drink and have never tried cannabis and believe all the scary media and it’s supposed harmful effects. Drink milk, smoke organic cannabis, and you should live a long, happy and productive life…

How to make million’s with Cannabis Domains

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