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Medical Cannabis Legalization; its Biggest Hurdle

What we need as medical cannabis users is more common sense, not doctors telling us how to take our medical marijuana.

The biggest hurdle Cannabis Legalization faces in Australia is its dose and concentration of cannabinoids.

Sounds simple? Not so.

Before we only had to worry with how much THC was in a dose, but now that we know about all the newest discovered cannabinoids, things get complicated from a medical marijuana doctors perspective as he doesn’t know and can’t consistently prescribe the same dose to his patients.

So what are the solutions?

Common Sense!

Look, even if he could prescribe the exact doses of all cannabinoids, each person is different in how cannabis affects him or her. Some people are really sensitive and they are baked out of their minds on ¼ toke. Others can imbibe and entire ¼ ounce on there own and still function. So what we need doctors to do is explain more about cannabis effects and how to find the right dosage for you.

First, you should always be careful when starting to smoke a new strain. You will build up a tolerance if you smoke the same strain everyday, then when you suddenly switch and start smoking a new strain, you are more likely to take too large of a dose. So use common sense, and take your new medicine in small increments until you know the right dose for you.

Do you have any cannabis dosage tips? Please leave your comments below;

3 comments on “Medical Cannabis Legalization; its Biggest Hurdle
  1. Rambo

    Thanks for giving your germinaton tips and growing ideas for my situation. You disclosed many good legal loop holes, thanks for your ever on-going emailsupport

    • admin

      You are one of our best customers, we are happy to support all customers, large and small. Have a wonderful afternoon, email me directly anytime.

  2. Kangaiero

    Great article, it’s dosage of THC and all the cannabinoids that are impossible to make exact, even how you inhale a doobie, and how long before you exhale changes your dosage. Best to just use common sense and not operate heavy machinery. You can’t overdose on marijuana/cannabis mate

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