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Prescription Drug Abuse Declared an Australian National Emergency


Many Aussie’s are addicted to prescription narcotics like oxy’s. Not only are they abusing their doctor’s prescription for such drugs, many people are addicted to opiod prescription drugs and they don’t even have a prescription.

The biggest concerns are for the health of the addicts and the safety of the community. Though many addicts are productive in society and hold down stable jobs, many of the unemployed need to get their fix, as the withdrawal symptoms are too severe, which leads to crime to get the money for their next dose. There is a large rise in Car thefts and Car and house burglaries, as well as mugging, store hold-ups, and petty theft, even from family members.

The withdrawal symptoms are too strong and physically painful. Coming off opiates makes you sweat, fever, major muscle pain and cramping, headaches, to just name a few. It’s like you’re dying the pain is so intense, and it can last for weeks. That why opiates are so addictive, and the addicts always relapse. It’s not just the physical addiction to keep the muscle pain away, the high from dopamine and the messing with your Re-Uptake inhibitors will also causes long-term neurological damage.

The doctors shouldn’t be prescribing these drugs so easily. Other English parts of the world also freely prescribe opiates too. But cannabis is harmless and Australia makes it illegal. It doesn’t make any sense to anyone with common sense.

Many opiate addicts also abuse and mix alcohol, which causes renal failure and sometimes death. Overdoses of opiods can cause respiratory failure and the medical costs to the tax base, and the time lost at work as well as the stress it causes family and friends is overwhelming.

It’s a huge problem and easily solvable by legalizing Cannabis, or at least leaving pot heads alone. They harm no one. They are creative and loving and a great addition to our communities. It’s the hard drug users that are causing the downfall of Australia’s Society

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