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Alcohol More Dangerous Than Cannabis; Australian Study Finds

Sunday March 1st, 2015

Yes, tell us something we don’t already know. I thought that was just common sense, but I guess there still are some folks out there that drink and have never tried cannabis and believe all the scary media and it’s supposed harmful effects. Drink milk, smoke organic cannabis, and you should live a long, happy and productive life.

Are pot smokers more productive than drinkers? Let us know your thoughts and reply leaving your comments below:

3 comments on “Alcohol More Dangerous Than Cannabis; Australian Study Finds
  1. Randy Banner

    I never heard of anyone getting cirossis of the liver from smoking pot, it’s a healthy way to feel good, alcohol really messes with yer heart too. Just eat cananbis cookies, you’ll live a long time. No damage to yer liver, heart or yer brain

  2. Katelyn

    The media surely spins us cannabis imbibers as lazy, as before they did the same with drunk Irish. As can speak for my self, I get a better sleep after a night cap of some quality Cheese Bud, and feel rested and energetic when I awake 7-8 hours later, ready for a productive day assisting a neurosurgon. My office does drug test, but I have ways around this, my co-workers have never been upset with me, I am always on-time and excel in my field. We all need to relax during the weekends, and to me, I’d rather be opening a person skull with someone who smoked the night before instead of our surgeon who get shaky hands after drinking whiskey everynight.

  3. Jon Hammer

    they try to lie and say cannabis is a gateway drug too, but I have never tried any other drugs and i’m 58 years old. Cannabis is the only drug I need and it’s a big part of my families lives, we are very close and we are a very happy family with productive jobs that benefit society.

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