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How to make million’s with Cannabis Domains

Do you own a Cannabis domain name and you want to make millions, leave a comment below with your email address and the drug related domain(s) you own and we’ll get back to you. You may be sitting on a pot of gold.

16 comments on “How to make million’s with Cannabis Domains
  1. John


  2. Brandon

  3. Brandon

    A friend of mine suggested I contact your site to see if you could sell my growing list of cannabis domains. I started collecting domains about 2 years ago, and would be interested in selling some if buyers are willing to pay over $10,000.00. As Marijuana becomes more and more legal, the value only increases over time. If you could kindly reply with a contact for me, it would be appreciated.

  4. Domain Name Sales

  5. Mitch Harries

    I own a popular Australian vape website selling digital vaporizers globally. My health recently turned for the worse and I’m looking for a buyer. Revenue is 1.2 mil and net is about 68k, looking to get out by September 1st, I can help train the new owner on the backend and you can use the wharehouse for free until December 31, 2016

  6. Ethan W.

    I only make a 12 hundred per month in advertising revenues from my forum, how much could I sell my domain for?

  7. Omar

    I’ve got a few cannabis related names you might be interested in.

  8. Kirsten

    Together with your seeds I earned so major cash so now I don’t have to do much but relax. Aussie Blues strains saved me many headaches growing in the outback. Rainbow Kush is another good yielder that is pest and mite resistant.

  9. Aurora Moore

    We make edibles and find your strains are the most consistent in growth and cannabinol levels, which makes your strains the best choices for medical marijuana edibles, allowing us to keep consistent dose percentages.

    We appreciate all your efforts and will continue to use your seeds to help serve our growing customer base all over Australia.

  10. Scott

    We own 500+ premium marijuana domains, to name just a few:

    We actually own real names. Not random mashups or “new” words.

    • admin

      Please don’t post irrevellant information on our boards, please leave comments that are useful to our web visitors. Thank you.

  11. Shameless in Perth

    Yeah cool, I own and wanna give me a trillian dollars mate, for them both? I accept Cash and Bitcoins

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