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Liberal Democratic Party of Australia and Legalisation of Recreational Cannabis

Liberal Democratic Party of Australia and Legalisation of Recreational Cannabis

TheLiberal Democratic Party of Australia would like to implement a domestic wide recreational use of cannabis in all of Australia, not just certain Provinces. We also believe it should be legalised Australia-wide. They also think cannabis cuiltivation, transportation, manufacturing concentrates from cannabis derivatives should all be legal, throughout all of Australia.

Another milestone would be removing prohibition on agricultural hemp, and encouraging medical doctors to prescribe medical marijuana in Australia. We think the latter policy would really get the ball rolling…

Australian Licence to Legally Grow Medicinal Cannabis

Australian licence to legally grow medicinal cannabis in 2016. Head of Mullaways Medical Cannabis in Crescent Head, Australia, has flirted with the law for many years. Tony Bower grows cannabis to make medicinal tinctures available to the public. He has been doing this for 13 years. Of course, all this is illegal in Australia so he continually puts himself at risk of jail time for helping people with his medical cannabis.

Australian licence legally grow medicinal cannabis

Great news came in September of this year. After a hard fight of 8 long years, Mr Bower has been accepted for medical cannabis trials in New South Wales. Now he is going through the licencing process, which is another step closer to his Mullaways Cannabinoid Tincture going through human scientific trials for the purpose of registration with the Australian Registration of Therapeutic Goods…

Australians No Coca Cannabis Profits 1

Australians No Coca Cannabis Profits 1. Australians don’t grow coca they prefer cannabis profits as their #1 choice. With cocaine in big demand in Australia, why do they not just grow it? Australians pay the third highest price in the world market for their cocaine. Prices fluctuate at around $AUD300 g, making Australia’s cocaine the third highest price per gram in the world behind Kuwait and the United States. All Australia’s cocaine is imported, mostly from South America, making the drug lords huge profits. With the wide-open spaces, arable land, and perfect climate, why is cocaine not grown in Australia?

Australians no coca cannabis profits 1
Cocaine is extracted from four different varieties of the coca plant, grown in South America. Long before the Europeans discovered the coca plant’s effects, the South American tribes chewed the leaves…

Magic Mushroom Season in Australia

Magic mushrooms are reminiscent of Australia’s hippy era in the 1960s. And here we are, 50 years later, where they are becoming popular again among teenagers and the social scene in Australia. They are cheap and easy to find if you know when and where to look for them. You have to be careful you know a magic mushroom from a poisonous mushroom. Making a mistake can be deadly or leave you with permanent brain damage.

During the cold months of winter in Australia, magic mushrooms pop up around the country. The magic happens only once a year. with the right combination of temperature and moisture magic mushrooms rear their heads in all sorts of places. In gardens, forests, playgrounds, creeks, and parks. But, unless you know exactly what you are doing, you can poison yourself.

Magic Mushroom Season in Australia

Australia has 30 types of mushrooms with the hallucinogenic compound psilocybin. Psilocybin decreases brain activity in the prefrontal cortex for up to 6 hours after ingestion. British researcher, Robin Carhart-Harris found that people ingesting magic mushrooms received information the brain usually discarded. This is because its ability to interpret its sensory inputs is decreased. Magic mushrooms allow the mind to work freely, which can account for the hallucinations…