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Australian Cannabis Police Busts Methods

Australian Cannabis Police Busts Methods

Australian cannabis police busts methods often change. Well known research shows that Australia has the highest per capita use of cannabis in the world. So Police are active. This makes Australia attractive to international crime syndicates keen to cash in on the demand. Much of the profits from cannabis sales goes to fund smuggling other drugs like heroin and ice into the country. Australian cannabis police bust methods have to vary to reflect importers’ changing methods.

Australian Cannabis Busts

Catching drug runners is no easy thing, so the Australian cannabis police busts methods can get intimidating. It is challenging, especially when Australia is the grips of an ice epidemic. So, police have to use any method. This was seen in one bust of a major syndicate culminated in 13 raids in grow houses over four months. It netted 2800 plants and 25 kg of dried weed seized, along with ice, cocaine and heroin. The total haul worth more than $10 million…

Military Veterans Access Medical Cannabis

Military Veterans Access Medical Cannabis and are hired to grow their own medicine.

We aim to hire all military veterans to work in medical cannabis growing operations, that will fund research for Traumatic Brain Injury operations and Post Tramatic Stress Disorder therapy.

We have specific strains that can treat each underlying ailment. We have over 100 different strains of seeds of varying cannabinoid levels.
Military Veterans Access Medical Cannabis
This program has changed many Veterans life’s drastically…

Australian cannabis stock market players

Australia’s stock exchange is hotting up with new pot players entering the fray to take advantage of new federal pot laws. Amendments to the Federal Narcotics Act has Australia sitting at the cusp of a major new industry with the potential to bring in billions of dollars.

Australian cannabis stock market players

Four new medicinal cannabis players have listed on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange), getting in on the ground floor of a fledgling medical cannabis industry. Many strategic alliances are forming to take advantage of a new industry.

Australian cannabis stock market players

Zelda Therapeutics

Late 2016 saw the California-based biotechnology company, Zelda Therapeutics enter the ASX after its reverse takeover of Gleneagle Gold. Zelda Therapeutics was formed to further research into medicinal cannabis. Working with the world’s top researchers and clinicians in the field, they are developing new products from an “ancient medicine”…

Australian pollies call for medical cannabis amnesty

When South Australian medicinal cannabis crusader had her home raided on January 4, 2017, it set off a chain of events few would have predicted. At the time, Ms Hallam, 44, was supplying cannabis oil at no cost to terminally patients. Police took all her products and equipment.

For two years, Jenny Hallam had been trying to meet with SA’s health minister to start the ball rolling for legalising medical cannabis in SA. Ms Hallam has also been working with Greens MP Tammy Franks for the past 2 years to have medical cannabis legalised in SA. But, with no result. Ms Hallam said they keep being referred to the drug and alcohol minister when it should be dealt with by the state health minister…