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Driving under the influence of cannabis in Australia

Do not get caught driving under the influence of cannabis in Australia. It is stupid anyway. Just as stupid as drink driving. When in control of a motor vehicle, it can turn into a lethal weapon in the blink of an eye. When you are stoned you may think you drive better, but your reactions are impaired, and often slowed.

Driving under the influence of cannabis in Australia

When driving under the influence of cannabis you cannot drive safely. How do you expect to react appropriately in an emergency situation? Think it will not happen to you, do you? Australian law considers you to be impaired and unfit to be in control of a vehicle if you have taken drugs such as cannabis…

Best Australian Strain 2017

Best Strain 2017 Pot of Gold
Best Australian Strain 2017 is Pot of Gold. It’s covered in so many golden trichomes, the plant looks like she was bronzed in pure gold. The best part of gold trichomes is her powerful and uplifting high. A very rare strain especially bred for the Australian Outback…

Benefits Medical Marijuana

Benefits Medical Marijuana may be arriving sooner than later. For a long time the alternative side of medicine has shouted the medical benefits of cannabis from the rooftops. Australia’s Federal Parliament agreed when they voted to change drug legislation to allow marijuana medical use and growing trials under strict regulations and licensing this year.

This does not mean it is a free for all to smoke and grow weed as it is still illegal in Australia for recreational use. This is about using it to benefit people with medical conditions where man-made drugs fail or are more beneficial for a patient’s overall healthcare plan. Though the marijuana growing trials are only for the benefit of epilepsy sufferers at this time, it is a step forward for Australia in recognising marijuana’s medical benefits…

History of Cannabis Australia

History of Cannabis Australia. Australia’s most popular drug of choice is cannabis. According to research, one-third of Australians over the age of 22 (almost 6 million people) have tried cannabis. Of them, it is estimated 750,000 people use cannabis on a weekly basis and that 300,000 of respondents use it daily.

While cannabis is illegal, most states in Australia takes a prevention and harm minimisation approach to the problem. This is part of the legal framework that surrounds the illegal growing, cultivating and use of the drug. Recently there has been a more, lenient approach to cannabis with the legalisation of medicinal cannabis early in 2016…