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Ayahuasca in Australia

The shocking killing of Port Adelaide football coach, Phil Walsh, has highlighted the use of ayahuasca in Australia. Cy Walsh stabbed his father multiple times during a psychotic episode. He had experimented with the drug while travelling overseas and continued to use it in Australia. The courts found the psychosis was not a result of drugs, as there were none detected in his system. But, it is a warning of the possible dangerous effects of ayahuasca. And, it is not clear whether ayahuasca contributed to his ongoing psychosis.

Ayahuasca in Australia

Ayahuasca is not commonly used in Australia with only an estimated 1000 regular users across the country. Facilitators hold ceremonies in different areas with up to 50 people attending. People seeking spiritual enlightenment, a deeper understanding of the world and themselves attend to drink ayahuasca in a supervised environment. These ceremonies are relatively new to Australia with the rituals developed by individual facilitators. They show great respect for the properties of the plants teaching to be cautious in its use.

The DMT is ayahuasca is a Schedule 9 substance and is illegal in Australia. Its safer to just be a pothead.

27 comments on “Ayahuasca in Australia
  1. Leigh Wilcox

    Where can I buy some seeds, to start growing this plant?

  2. Boe

    Anyone who has done an Ayahuasca ceremony knows that you barely have the energy to sit up, let alone stand up on your own, let alone go on a killing spree! It makes your body feel soooo heavy its like the life is sucked out of you. The only danger is in the person who is taking the Ayahuasca trying to stand up without help!

  3. Dee

    In Perth too! Keen to participate – I am experienced 51 year old.

  4. Dee

    Hi. I live in Perth too, and would love to participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony for spiritual healing, and I will travel if needed, or would like to get the two ingredients if able to!

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