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How to store Erythroxylum Australe Seeds

How to Store Erythroxylum Australe Seeds

What Are Erythroxylum Australe seeds?

The Erythroxylum is a type of shrub found in Australia. It is known as the Erythroxylon shrub or dogwood, which is a woody-like plant. When mature, the plant produces a red or orange fruit that stores the seed. As for the seeds of this shrubby plant, you will notice the tough, hard outer shell. This shrub is rather durable and strong and can withstand rough weather conditions.

Although the shrub is resilient to the weather, the seeds need special care, as they are susceptible to be easily damaged. With changes in temperatures like high humidity, the seeds can be useless, resulting in the prevention of reproducing. So, taking a little bit of care of the seeds is necessary in order to store and grow them.

Are Erythroxylum Australe Seeds legal?

In some regions the Erythroxylum Australe seeds are illegal as parts of the plants and seeds could be cultivated into illegal substances. Though this is true, growing the plant and obtaining the seeds is not illegal. The seeds are said to be similar to the Coca seeds, but have different properties and qualities.

The Purpose Of The Australe Seeds

There is not enough evidence that the plant or seeds are used for any psychoactive activity, but some say that chewing the plant has some effects. It is heard of trying to smoke the leaves or using the plants to make different substances for smoking purposes. Though this may be true, researching this kind of use may be ideal before experimenting.

Nonetheless, the seeds and plants can be used for other things. The seeds can be grown into the Australian shrub, and used as ornamental plants, captivating hedges, and landscaping.

How To Store Your Seeds and Why

It is important to store your seeds properly if you want to get the best qualities from it. It is not a difficult task to take care of your seeds, but necessary to take the correct precautions.

Storing your seeds can be tricky but not impossible. Depending on where you live, is a big factor in how you store your seeds. If you live in a region where humidity is high you may need to tweak the conditions of where you store your seeds. It is best to store them in a cool and dry place, rather than warm and in the light. If the conditions are warm and exposed to sunlight, the seeds could pre germinate. If stored properly, the seeds can keep between 5-10 years.


When time to use your seeds, growing your seeds can be a simple process if following directions. This can be done by soaking the seeds overnight, and changing the water 1 or 2 times before planting. Plant about 1cm deep in moist soil, in sunlight in the cooler months and partial shade in the warmer months. Expect the seeds to germinate between 21 days and 3 months. Now your young plant can be potted or planted in your garden.


Buying and storing your seeds is NOT an expensive project, it is in fact cheap, affordable and easy to do. All you need are the seeds, which you may already have, or you can purchase them. No worries, because purchasing the seeds will not break the bank either. No special gadgets are needed for storing the seeds, and potentially growing your plant. The materials consist of pots, and a watering tool, depending on how many you need and what your goals are. With an easy to follow system, you can start TODAY.

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