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Myths About Coca Bush Seeds

Coca Bush Seeds

What Are Coca Seeds?

Coca Bush Seeds are planted to create the coca plant, with the purpose of several uses. The plant consists of different minerals, oils and compounds that can have some effects on the body. The known compound found in the coca is alkaloid cocaine, which causes concern in many countries.

The coca seeds turn into the plant and people use the leaves for its benefits. The leaves can be chewed to use as a mild stimulant and if one is feeling fatigue. Chewing is a common method of using the leaf, as it has traditionally been around for years. Making tea from the coca is another popular form that is sacred and used by indigenous people across the Andes region.

With the coca being very controversial, there are some myths that people should know, so they can make their own judgments about the coca seeds and the coca plant. Is coca illegal? Addictive? Does it contain cocaine? We will explain the myths, so you can perceive the truth about the coca seeds and plants.

Coca Bush Seeds Are Illegal?

It is a bit complicated to just say, “Yes it is illegal” or “No it is not illegal”, because there are many factors that are involved. This depends on the country you live in, the parts of the plant, and purpose of having the coca, as well as other factors that play a role in this question. The legality of coca depends on where you are living.

For example, in a lot of countries, the coca leaf is illegal as it can be manufactured into a highly restricted drug known as cocaine. However, the seeds are legal to obtain and purchase, as it is used for making tea and other SAFE uses of the coca.

Coca Bush Seeds Are Addictive

Simply put, the coca seeds are not addictive, and are used to actually grow the coca plant. When the plant is mature people use the coca leaves as a mild stimulant to suppress hunger, and help fatigue, and in addition to brewing coca tea. The coca is only then addictive when it is cultivated and extracting the alkaloid compound that is used to make the highly addictive drug known as cocaine.

Coca Bush Seeds Contain Cocaine

As stated above, the coca seed has to grow and then become mature to go through a process of extracting the substance of alkaloid cocaine, and then be made into actual cocaine. So, you can assume that the coca seeds do not contain cocaine. Just the same, the coca plant does not contain the drug cocaine either. It is only produced when the alkaloid cocaine is extracted from the plant to make cocaine.

Coca Farmers Are Drug Dealers

Coca plant farmers are not drug dealers. Since the coca plant is used for medical uses in countries and legal to use for tea and other safe practices, these farmers are not considered drug dealers. They are your regular produce farmers. 

As you have read, there can be misunderstandings about the coca seeds and coca plants. This can turn into myths and misconceptions about what is what. It is best to research, break down and know the facts about the coca seeds, and make your own judgments about the coca plant.

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