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FACS and the Kidnapping of Chase Walker the Anti-Vaxxers that prefer to use CBD Oil from the Church of Ubuntu

FACS and the Kidnapping of Chase Walker the Anti-Vaxxers that prefer to use CBD Oil from the Church of Ubuntu is an on going struggle of parents trying to find the best care for their son.

Betrayed by the system, a fight for pro choice

A mother clings to her son’s wheelchair as police and government workers remove him from her care. This is the latest scene in an ongoing fight for a mother’s right to seek alternative care. What is wrong with this scene?

FACS and the Kidnapping of Chase Walker the Anti-Vaxxers that prefer to use CBD Oil from the Church of Ubuntu

Cini Walker, mother to 4-year-old Chase Walker is at the centre of controversy that spans medical cannabis versus conventional medicine in Australia. Or, so it appears. Or is it about removing the rights of a mother to do what she believes is right?

FACS and the Kidnapping of Chase Walker the Anti-Vaxxers that prefer to use CBD Oil from the Church of Ubuntu

After years of working with a medical system that failed them, Cini is about making informed choices after years of watching her son hospitalised after every vaccination. She finally refused any more vaccinations in 2014. The medical world she trusted was failing her and her family. While the world paints Cini Walker as an anti-vaxxer this is not really the truth. She declares on her Facebook page – My family are not anti-vaxxers we are pro-choice.

But, Australia, once the land of opportunity, once the land of the free, is fast becoming a third-world dictatorship with its compulsory vaccination laws.

Conventional medicine fails

Chase Walker, born in August, 2012, had a difficult delivery. There were faeces in his oesophagus. Declared a normal healthy baby, 10 minutes after birth, 2 hours later his mother noticed something wrong. After much testing, Chase’s diagnosis was severe epilepsy causing his brain to fit every 10 minutes. This was only the beginning, much more was to come. Chase’s health continued to deteriorate. Hospitalised after every vaccination, a further diagnosis of quadriplegic cerebral palsy at 15 months was heartbreaking.

 Vaccinations given to their son exacerbated his problems

Chase cannot walk or talk, is nil by mouth, and has never wiggled his toes. He has never done anything a normal child does. For four years his parents trusted conventional medicine. Although believing vaccinations given their son during that time exacerbated his problems, they believed in the medical profession. They had nothing else. Cini and Chase’s father, Marc, followed the hospital care plan consisting of medications and feeding formula through a tube. He continued to have up to 100 violent seizures every day.

So, they turned to the controversial Church of Ubuntu for help. Chase went on an organic diet. They also contacted Dr Pot – deregistered doctor Andrew Katelaris who prescribed four doses of cannabis a day. Chase’s parents say his fits dropped to only a few fits a day in a short time.

Routine check-up turns

Visiting the Lady Cilento Hospital for a routine check-up on April 27, doctors wanted to admit Chase into hospital. There was concern at his dramatic drop in weight from the organic diet. Doctors accused the parents of starving their son. Cini warned that if Chase was not allowed his cannabis, she would remove him from the hospital.

Which she did when they refused. Chase’s parents believed the hospital was killing their son. Desperate, they removed Chase from the Brisbane hospital appointment and fled Queensland to New South Wales. They turned to the Church of Ubuntu for help, who took them in.

This sparked a bizarre Amber Alert from Queensland Police. The couple accused of kidnapping their son based on medical neglect.

Church of Ubuntu

BJ Futter runs the controversial Church of Ubuntu. The Church is a wellness community based on organic diet, herbal treatments and the benefits of cannabis oil. Practitioners prescribe cannabis oil to people with epilepsy, cancer and other illnesses.

They base their philosophy on the need to supply the body with proper nutrition to get well. “Our bodies are capable of moving into powerful states of healing if they have what they need, which are the essential building blocks for health.”

The Australian Federal government legalising medicinal cannabis in September 2016, gave hope to many. Finally, they thought there would be easy access to the medical cannabis they need. This has not been the case. Setting up trials takes time and supplies are slow reaching Australia. So, there are those that supply medical cannabis without a licence.

Legal Cannabis in New South Wales

Medicinal cannabis is legal in New South Wales. It is strictly controlled and is only at the beginning of legal cannabis trials. There is only supply to patients with a prescription from a licensed medical practitioner.

Patients send out a desperate cry to the government for immediate access to medicinal cannabis. Desperately ill people cannot wait for the red tape for access. It may be too late for them. They need medical cannabis now.

Australia’s Dr Pot

Australia’s Dr Pot, Andrew Katelaris, is a deregistered surgeon from Sydney’s North Shore, He faced deregistration from the medical board for supplying cannabis to friends and family in 2005. He has supplied more than 50 children with medical cannabis since 2014. His cannabis research into its medicinal effects dates back to 1990. He believes cannabis oil dramatically reduces seizures in children with severe epilepsy. He says that while governments talk about trials for children this is not progressing fast enough for the seriousness of the situation.

Defying Australia’s Cannabis Laws

Katelaris is one of only a few in Australia openly defying Australia’s laws by providing the families of sick children with cannabis oil. While not operating as a general practitioner, he holds patient consultations on Skype. He advises about lifestyles choices and diet, and combines this with cannabis treatments. Patient illnesses range from severe childhood epilepsy and chronic pain to giving relief from chemotherapy side effects.

Sought refuge in Newcastle

Cini and Marc Walker fled to Newcastle with their family and sought refuge at the Church of Ubuntu. Here Chase received an organic diet. Katelaris treated him with cannabis through his feeding tube and by mouth up to four times a day. Cini says there was an almost instant change in Chase. Chase appeared brighter and more alert.

Katelaris is defiant when challenged about the ban from the Health Care Complaints Commission. He says he does not answer to them, but to “a higher authority”.

Chase Does Better Turning Away from Conventional Medicine

With Chase doing better, his parents said they will continue to do the best they can for their son. They spent many hours researching cannabis and its success for patients around the world before turning their back on conventional medicine.

Cini believes that without the Church of Ubuntu she would have lost her son. But, in a month, Chase’s weight plummeted from 22 kg to 11 kg, which is what prompted the family to flee from Queensland.

Within 24 hours of the Amber Alert in late April, doctors at John Hunter Hospital saw Chase for treatment. They released him later in the day into his parents’ custody.

Government workers kidnap Chase

With Cini and her family still at the Church of Ubuntu, 30 police and two FACS (Department of Family and Community Services) workers visited on the night of May 19. After long discussions, the family agreed to take Chase with them to John Hunter Hospital for tests and observation. When they arrived, they had to wait in a psychiatric holding room in the emergency department. With Chase’s tests completed, doctors told Cini and Marc to take Chase home. Doctors advised everyone involved Chase was in no danger.

Despite this, it was a set-up for the state to kidnap a little boy. FACS and the police had already decided that Chase would not leave the hospital with his parents. FACS workers advised Cini and Marc they could not take Chase home. They were told Chase is being taken into custody. This Aussie family never had a chance. Although doctors gave the all clear to take their ill son home even though they did what the police and FACS workers requested, they lost their son.

Australian Police Kidnap Son

Marc went to the bathroom and four police barricaded him in. He screamed at the ruse as others dragged Cini from her son’s wheelchair. But she clung on. She would not let go. Wrapping herself around the chair. She begged to go with her son. To go with him to wherever they were taking him. Eventually they gave in and agreed she could go too. She let go and immediately police wrestled her to the ground and handcuffed her. All the while this little 4-year-old boy witnessed the whole thing. His parents fighting to prevent them from taking him away for no reason.

Police removed Cini from the hospital. Supporters waiting outside ran to help when she screamed for help. Police sprayed them with pepper spray and took Cini to the police station and later released her without charge.

Australian Compulsory Vaccination Laws

Where is Chase now? Cini and Marc do not know where their son is now. They do not know if he is being cared for properly. They are now fighting in two states of Australia for the return of and information about their son.

This story has more questions than answers. It leaves you with an uneasy feeling. Is this a tug-of-war between conventional and alternative medicine? Is it about challenging Australian compulsory vaccination laws with the human right of pro-choice? Cini allowed doctors to vaccinate Chase until he was 20 months old. The she said enough is enough after living through the after effects of each vaccination. Is it a cover-up for medical incompetence? Something about this story is no being told. There has been no comment from FACS about Chase Walker, his state of health or whereabouts. His parents still do not know where or how he is. Is there anything right about that?

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2 comments on “FACS and the Kidnapping of Chase Walker the Anti-Vaxxers that prefer to use CBD Oil from the Church of Ubuntu
  1. Karen Burge

    Thank you for you account of the horrific event Chase and his family and our community was subject too. Most of this article is accurate however there were only 10 police, 4 detectives and the dog squad (not 30) arriving at our Church on a cold rainy Friday afternoon.

    Rod Craven is a big pharma/government paid troll that was paid to attack our community and the already tortured parents. All of his attacks have been documented and forwarded on the The Australian Federal Police which is now in a current court case.

    Thank you for sharing Chase’s story, Chase is now living with his parents and sisters but has not been seen smiling since May 2017.

    PS : we are not anti-vaxxers, we are pro choice because we have done our research

    Karen Burge
    Vice President – Church of Ubuntu

  2. Rod Craven

    Great story. Pity it’s all made up. Where shall I begin? OK, Firstly, the claim was made by Cini on her FB that Chase was born with meconium aspiration syndrome back in 2012, and this caused his cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Then within months, she blamed the vit K injection given to stop brain bleeds and referred to it as a vaccine, which it is not. Then came the claim that his vaccines caused his condition. None of these claims had any validity as they were contradictory in themselves, and no medical records backed them up.

    Then after at least a year the gofundmes first appeared for donations for things such as wheelchairs, equipment, etc. by the middle of 2016, with Chase at a normal weight of 22 kg for his age, he was suddenly referred to quack deregistered ex-doctor Katelaris, known as Dr Pot. Chase was immediately placed on an organic diet, with high THC cannabis oil, and between Aug 2016 and Jan 2017 he lost 11.5 kg or half his body weight. The pics shown by Cini confirm this, but supporters from Ubuntu and Cini’s team purposely reverse the order to nake it look like his wasted malnourished condition is healthy.

    Next we move to the amber alert in April, where Chase was being treated at LCCH. Cini claimed the hospital was killing him, but in effect he was recovering from months of malnourishment due to his pumpkin soup diet and organic crap, as well as the oil (unregulated) that he was given. Cini fled to Ubuntu, and Chase was sent to JHH in Newcastle for tests, which revealed his potassium was at a dangerous level. He was released into Cini’s care PROVIDED she returned for tests and treatment to be carried out. She refused to because of advice from Ubuntu and Katelaris. On the 19th of May, FACS workers arrived with 3 police (not 30 like Karen Burge claims in her wild rants on her videos) and negotiated the removal of Chase into care, amidst all the yelling and parading by Peter Little, Karen Burge and Cini.

    Since that day, the “church”, Cini, and others such as Justine Christerson, and various hangers on have deliberately tried to whitewash the case with their own version of events, mostly for the legalisation of recreational pot if you read Burge’s narrative, and have doxxed and shamed the FACS workers involved, and threatened people with violence if Chase is not returned.

    At the moment, Chase is being looked after and cared for in a professional environment. His health is on the improve. Where exactly he is is no-one’s business, but rest assured it isn’t with a group of liars who were using him as a cash cow for a better lifestyle from donations. Maybe before publishing stories in future, you might want to get the facts beforehand instead of posting fairy stories.

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