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Australian Strain of The Month Sept 2016

The Australian strain of the month for September 2016 is Green Crack Feminized. She won the strain of the month because in most of the word September is a very busy month, and most people need a burst of energy from their cannabis.

One puff on Green Crack and you’re like a race horse just waiting fr the gate to drop. Then a moment later you blast off into a thrilling high. A perfect smoke if you’re having a rough day at work, it will certainly turn your day around.



Australian Strain of The Month

Check back often for next month’s Australian strain of the month. So many bush growers have been only growing Skunk strains when there is a whole new world of cannabis strains and high’s out there to explore. We don’t want to see just the youger generations catch on. So if you’re an old timer like me, try a new strain like Green Crack, you’ll be impressed just how far cannabis development has come.

We work hard to produce the most advanced cannabis genetics that win the Australian strain of the month, and we’re happy to have enough stock for everyone in September 2016.


4 comments on “Australian Strain of The Month Sept 2016
  1. George

    so this is wherei have to reach you
    whats happening ian?when can we catch up

  2. Ian Robinson

    Hi guys want prices on the, Green crack feminized
    & also the gold strain of the month plz, also how you take payment, thank you..

    • Ian Robinson

      Hi guys wanting prices on Green crack feminized, & the gold seed of the month feminized, & other strong skunk plz, also how you prefer payment? Thank you.

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