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Discover the best weed strains in Australia

Discover the Best Weed Strains in Australia

Australia has always been quite popular for its weed strains and the Native Australian blue weed is no doubt the most popular weed strain in Australia. It has always been in high demands because of its strong psychological effects. Aussie blues are cultivated in various parts of Australia to satisfy its ever-rising demands.

Cannabis is the favourite drug among Australians. The Aussies mainly used it to release feelings of anxiety and stress. Some of these Australian cannabis also have medical properties and can be used to get rid of the pain. Australia also has marijuana seeds which are of extremely superior quality. Using these seeds, you will be able to grow your domestic strain easily.

How to understand the effects of Cannabis?

To understand the effects of cannabis on your body, you must first find out which strain is the best for you. The Indica strains are very popular in Australia but the strongest strains are the Aussie Blues. Cannabis can have a direct impact on the neurological system of our body. The side-effects may vary from person to person. For some people, the effects are more pronounced as compared to that of other people.

The Aussie Blues can give you a really high THC level. The THC hormone can activate the memory receptors of your body and can even make you feel overenthusiastic. Most cannabis has THC levels between 10% to 50%. A higher level of THC will indicate greater chances of tripping out.

What are the various types of Australian cannabis?

We get Australian Cannabis either from Indica or from Sativa. Each of the strains has completely different kinds of effects on our body. So, you must choose your strain as per your requirements.

Sativa strains are most suitable if you are planning to consume it during the day. It will keep you fit and active through your busy day. You won’t get the slightest feeling of becoming tired. It also has a very good role to play in uplifting your mood.

The Indica strains are better for the night. It will give your body and mind a numbing effect. Australia also has its own cannabis strains. A few of the popular Australian strains are Aussie Blues, Bubble Fuck, Bronze Whaler and Aussie Ducksfoot. Out of all these strains, the Australian Blue is the strongest.

Aussie Blues: The most popular strain in Australia

Aussie Blues consists of 10% Indica and 90% Sativa. The plants flower within 75 to 80 days during the month of November. For Australian blue to harvest properly, the temperature needs to be above 17 degree Celsius. Otherwise, it will take even longer to flower. The THC  level is around 15 to 20%.

The Australian Blue has the shape of a Christmas tree. They are mostly grown outdoors but you can also grow it indoors. In that case, it may yield up to 25 grams of Cannabis per strain. Australian Blue can give you a feeling of positivity. It will also make you feel energetic and help you to get rid of symptoms like depression and anxiety.

So, this is all about weed strains in Australia. If you have any further queries, you should definitely connect with us and we will help you out.

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