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Native Australian Cannabis Strains

Native Australian cannabis strains rock. They’re Australians’ illicit drug of choice according to ongoing yearly government surveys. People enjoy that it reduces feelings of stress. Some native Australian cannabis strains have medical properties that reduce pain and anxiety. Australia has some of the best cannabis strains in the world.

Native Australian Cannabis Strains

To understand what effect smoking what strain will give you, you need to know what THC levels are. These levels determine the potency of the cannabis. Most strains have THC levels of between 10% and 50%. THC activates the brain’s memory and pleasure receptors, which discharge dopamine. The higher the THC level, the more likely you are to trip out.

Cannabis comes from two main types: Sativa and Indica. They have two distinct types of effects. Sativa strains you are best used during the day, with its uplifting high keeping you going through busy days. Indica’s are best at night with their mind and body numbing effects. Australia holds its own with its native cannabis strains such as Australian Blue (Aussie Blues), Bronze Whaler, Bubble Fuck and Aussie Ducksfoot.

Australian Blue (Aussie Blues)

Australian Blue is 90% Sativa/10% Indica and flowers within 75 to 80 days for harvesting in November. As long as temperatures are consistently above 17 degrees Celsius. It will take longer if it is colder. It has a THC level of between 15% to 20%.




Australian Blue was created using the Australian Duck and Blue Haze cannabis strains. This is a tall, leggy plant with branches from bottom to top. The Australian Blue grows into a slim Christmas tree shape. This is a preferred outdoor growing variety. But, grown indoors it will still yield up to 25 grams per plant.

Australian Blue gives an energetic, positive high. It allows you a euphoric feeling while remaining alert to enjoy the day. This strain is suitable for treating people with illnesses like depression and chronic anxiety.

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  1. Dennis Lee

    Hey all.
    I really need help.
    I can’t grow normal plant outside due to legalities and a few other things.
    I was wondering if anyone had clone to send no roots needed or a seed.
    Even if a male seed I can cross with an old landrace I have..
    Thanks and any help appreciated

  2. ash

    does anyone know where I can buy Australian duck seeds ?

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