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Australian Millionaires Are From Cannabis Industry

The number of Australian Millionaires is rapidly growing, and it’s all thanks to the Cannabis Industry.

Australians are starting to grow high quality genetics from seeds indoors and outdoors. It’s quality they have never smoked before. BC and Dutch genetics hit the top of the list, and Aussie Blues from Amsterdam seeds is a big winner, with more than 50% of these self made millionaires saying that this is the strain they grew for the Australian market.

From Anon ” It grows fast, and the yield is massive, the nuggets are very dense, so you get more weight in buds in less space. And the quality is outstanding. It’s also pest resistant and easy to grow, any beginner can buy 1000 seeds and become a millionaire 3 months later.”

5 comments on “Australian Millionaires Are From Cannabis Industry
  1. BamBam

    Sweet, hook me up mate

  2. EddyWheelChair

    Do you think you could front me 1000 seeds of your cheese strain so that I may become a millionaire? That would be great. I’ll give you whatever profits are left over. deal?

  3. margie bell

    yes this site can be trusted. 40 cannabis are sprouting in my greenhouse as proof.

  4. Donald

    Can you share more details about making millions? The dirt is in the details and marijuana/cannabis grows in the dirt

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