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CBD is becoming more and more popular, and more and more people are incorporating it into their daily lives. But no matter how familiar you already are with CBD and its potential medical benefits, you might not think it’s cheap. You may have noticed that the price of the products on the market usually ranges between €50 and €200. So, in today’s blog, we will discuss the pricing of CBD. So let’s find out why CBD is so expensive.

  • Production

Let’s start at the beginning. As you already know, CBD is extracted from hemp, or industrial hemp, which is a variety of Cannabis sativa.

Hemp requires a lot of manual labour and constant inspection to grow. Farmers have to be very careful and check the plants regularly as there is a chance that THC may be present. If a plant contains more THC than the legal limit, it must be destroyed.

An important step in the production of CBD is the drying of hemp. Farmers need ideal conditions for the drying process to be completed properly; otherwise, all the hemp may be destroyed. If they are not dried properly, they can develop certain moulds that produce mycotoxins, dangerous to human health.

But what makes CBD such an expensive production process? If the brand grows the hemp and extracts the oil itself, the cost will be higher. Many brands import hemp from abroad. However, by importing hemp, the brand cannot control the hemp’s environment. Their prices will be lower because the brand has not had problems with the production of hemp.

  • Extraction

The second important factor in determining the price of CBD is extraction. CBD extraction is not just about squeezing the oil out of the plant and putting it in a bottle ready for sale. The process is actually very complex and involves expensive, carefully calibrated equipment.

There are actually two different extraction methods: CO2 extraction and ethanol extraction.

  • CO2 extraction is the only way to obtain a pure product without solvent. It is a very expensive and complex process. It allows the temperature of the process to be controlled and specific cannabinoids to be identified. This allows the production of products with higher concentrations of CBD but retaining the full spectrum of cannabinoids.
  • Ethanol extraction is the cheapest method but does not always result in a solvent-free final product. The cannabis is soaked in ethanol or another solvent to remove the cannabinoids. The liquid is then evaporated, which may leave traces of solvent in the final product.
  • Development and quality control

Another important factor is the development and quality of the final product. As a brand, you cannot simply produce CBD oil and put it on the market. Brands have to carry out extensive research and development before they can supply products to global markets.

This requires highly trained laboratory staff, highly sophisticated and expensive equipment, as well as trusted partners who can test and evaluate the products.


In summary, people clearly understand the incredible value of cannabinoids. When buying CBD, price should never be the deciding factor. Always check the origin of the brand, how they produce and grow the cannabis, how they extract it and, finally, what quality controls they use. Look for certifications, laboratory tests and transparency.

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