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Why investing in AK47 Autoflower Seed is the solution to an easy seed to grow?

AK47 Autoflower Seeds

Growing marijuana can be fun. If the high-quality yields and fast flowering varieties are something that you are interested in, AK47 auto-flower seeds are certainly the best choice for you. These AK47 autoflowers are known for their easy cultivation properties. This is a type of autoflowering feminized seed that was created by crossing between the genetics of Mexican Sativa, Afghani, and Thai Skunk. The life cycle of AK47 autoflower seeds is quite shortened and the autoflowers bloom in a shorter time automatically. In fact, AK47 autoflower seeds are considered as good as original seeds because they flower faster and are easier to grow.

If you’re keen to invest in AK47 autoflower seeds as a passionate grower, then you might be interested to know everything about these seeds first. Before you buy AK47 autoflower seeds, be sure to dig deep into how these hybrid strains are unique and what makes them popular among growers. Let’s have a look at the information below:

AK47 Autoflowering Feminized Seeds in A Glance

A great all around strain, AK47 autoflower seeds can be grown in many ways whether you consider indoor or outdoor cultivation. The growth phase of the plant is considered between 2 and 4 weeks. After that, 9 to 10 weeks are required for flowering before the buds are ready to be harvested. The height of the plant also varies depending on whether you grow indoor or outdoor. The height of buds goes up to 70 to 100 cm whereas the plants get 60 to 70 cm long in height. The structure of AK47 autoflowering feminized seeds is dense with big and wide leaves with green-hued buds.

AK47 Autoflowering Yields 

When you’re looking to get great and high-quality yields, be sure to consider AK47 this time. You will get approx 425-475 grams of yields per metre square when you grow it indoors. On the other hand, you can expect XL yields like 110-160 grams per plant when you grow it outdoor especially on the open ground.

Specifications of AK47 Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

Let’s take a quick glance at the specifications of AK47 autoflowering feminized seeds.

  • CBD Level- 1.5%
  • THC Level- 15%
  • Genetics- Mexican x Thai Skunk x Afghani x Ruderalis
  • Maximum yield indoor- 425 to 475 grams per meter square
  • Maximum yield outdoor- 550 to 675 gram per meter square
  • Cultivation- Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse
  • Flavor- Pungent, sweet, and herbal
  • Climate- Mild and dry

How AK47 Tastes and What Growing Techniques Are the Best?

AK47 autoflowering seeds are described as indica that scents a bit musky and skunky. On smoking AK47 autoflower buds, people will taste a pine flavor with a little sweetness. This is very gentle and soft on the throat. You can grow AK47 indoor in hydroponic or soil mediums if you want the best results. You should also make sure that your air filtration system is running smoothly as it helps you grow the best quality yields in your home.

Most people prefer AK47 autoflowering feminized seeds due to its easy cultivation properties. If you want to experience the best yielding, high-quality bud, AK47 is indeed the right choice for you. This feminized strain is popular among the cultivators, as it is easy to grow. Even if you are a first time grower, you should choose this strain as a first time grower and finish germination in an easy way. Make sure you find a reliable seed bank and order buy high-quality seeds online in a seamless manner.

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