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What seeds are best to grow in summer?

Growing the Cannabis strains

There is a good reason why Cannabis is known as weed. They are called so for they can grow and thrive in major parts of the world. However, some climates present the growers with more challenge than the others. If you grow Cannabis in regions of high levels of heat and humidity then that also means coping with certain issues that are generally no present elsewhere.

So what makes these regions ideal for growing the Cannabis strains?

The warmth, rainfall as well as sunlight make these regions ideal for growing varied Cannabis strain. However, the growers in these regions face two major challenges of humidity levels and the light cycle of the Cannabis plants. Also, the choice of good seed is vital for growing the seeds during summer. If you are a new grower then you must find an answer to the query of “what seeds are best to grow in summer” and choose the right seed.

Coming to the factors that impact the growth of the seeds in the warmer regions, we have mentioned humidity and light cycle. Let us understand more about these factors.

The light cycle- The Cannabis plants produce their best yields during specific light conditions. Tropical regions receive 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness all year round. Luckily the Cannabis plants that are grown in these conditions tend to respond better than the auto-flowering strains.

The humidity levels- The moisture level is another main concern for the strains that are grown in these climatic conditions. The tropical climates typically have 1 or even 2 rainy seasons in a year. This means that the plants which are grown outdoors in these regions are increasingly susceptible to both mould and rot. The best way to ensure this does not happen is by shaking the plants after rainfall for removing the moisture as much as possible.

However, if we keep aside these issues, the upside of growing Cannabis in the hot and humid climate is that the biggest plants are grown in these areas. The strains which do well in these regions are mostly Sativas than Indicas.

Sativas vs Indicas- Understanding the difference between the strains-

The Indica strains are physically sedating strains which are perfect for relaxing with a movie or as a nightcap before going to bed. Unlike this strain, the Sativa strains are the energizing strains with uplifting cerebral effects which pair well with the physical activity, social gatherings as well as the creative projects.

If you are in search of best strains then you can compare and choose strains by visiting our website. The detailed description will give you an understanding of the strain and allow you to choose the right strain.

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