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What Place Should You Store Erythroxylum Australe Seeds In?

Erythroxylon Shrub

Erythroxylum Australe is one of the toughest Australian shrubs that’s also know as Brigalow erythroxylon shrub and dogwood. As for the seeds with their tough outer shell, they appear to be hard. In a way, nature has bestowed them with properties to withstand the harsh weather conditions.

However, the seeds aren’t safe yet!

To a large extent, any slight deviation in temperature and on account of high humidity is enough to damage the seeds. Even then, there is a way out and all it takes is a bit of extra care. It isn’t exactly rocket science, but of course, you do need to exercise a degree of caution.

Taking Care of the Erythroxylum Australe Seeds

First and foremost, you must remember that seeds before germinating are in a state of rest (sleep mode). Since they share the same characteristics as that of any living and breathing creature, they too have a shelf life.

This is why; it becomes necessary to provide viable conditions. In doing so, you are ensuring that the seeds remain protected, until the time they’re ready to germinate.

Why It is Necessary For You to Store the Seeds? 

By employing the correct method of storage, you can store the Erythroxylum Australe seeds for up to 5-10 years. If you happen to live in an area where that experiences rapid temperature change, has a high level of humidity, this is not quite conducive for the seeds. Hence, it becomes necessary to look for mechanisms to store the seeds in the best possible way.

Don’t keep the seeds in an area where they are exposed to direct sunlight. Since light and humidity leads to premature germination, it makes sense to keep them stored in a cold and dry place.

If you fail to take adequate care, this will lead to a scenario, where the seeds will fail to germinate. Instead of taking undue risks, it makes sense to look for ways to store them.

The Best Way to Store Australe Seeds 

Looking for ways to store Erythroxylun Australe seeds? Take a look at some of the DIY hacks that will go a long way to help you protect the seeds from the effects of humidity, light, and temperature changes.

  • If you are looking for a short term solution, the best you can do is to use a dark cupboard or drawer that comes with a stable temperature. Make sure to keep the seeds out of those areas that are susceptible to rapid temperature changes.
  • When you are looking to store the seeds for a long period of time, try keeping the seeds in a sealed container in a refrigerator.
  • At best, keep the seeds in the original packaging. In case, you have opened the pack of seeds for some reason, it would be appropriate to transfer the remaining seeds to a sealed container.
  • You can also make use of Ziplock bags, as it lets you remove the access air, thus providing you the means to come up with a vacuum-sealed airtight container.
  • The seeds can also be stored in a freezer. When the temperature is low, it helps to reduce the decline. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to use a dry freezer.

Storing the seeds is not expensive!

Well, if you’re of the view that storing the Australe seeds is going to cost you a fortune, then you’re wrong. You don’t have to procure anything fancy to store the seeds for a longer period. Nevertheless, you must follow the above-mentioned procedures and this will go a long way to keep the seeds safe from the ever-changing volatile environment.

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