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What Is The Procedure For Growing Mushroom Spores?

Procedure for Growing Mushroom Spores

In the last few years, consumption of magic mushrooms had risen exponentially. The magic mushrooms, also referred to as psychedelic mushrooms contain a natural psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound known as psilocybin. These magic mushrooms are also commonly known as shrooms. Due to their psychoactive effects, people like to use shrooms. But, do you know that you can grow them easily in your home? It only requires some basic equipment, some high-quality spores, a substrate, and patience to see results. In order to grow magic mushrooms without facing any complications, you need to follow certain steps.

Choose the Best Spores

For mushroom farming, the first step is to buy viable magic mushroom spores for good results. You can choose a kit from a genuine company with a good track record of offering high-quality spores. Finding such a reliable company may seem like a hard task. However, there are some companies that offer high-quality mushroom spores and magic mushroom growing kits to the customers across the globe.

Choosing a genuine and reliable company is essential. The spores are required to be stored under hygienic conditions using the latest scientific techniques. They are packed in a stable packing, making it easier for the customers to purchase and grow the spores. So, you can start growing the magic mushrooms at your home without spending too much money. A good seed bank delivers the product within the given time frame. To get better results, you should choose a good company with better ratings.

Sterilize Using Microwave Oven

You need to sterilize the spores to prevent contamination. So, you can use a microwave oven to sterilize them. If you are cultivating mushrooms at a small level, then investing in expensive sterilizing machines may be a bad idea. Using the microwave oven, you can maintain a proper temperature and easily disinfect the spores.

Maintain A Clean Environment

Maintaining a clean environment where you place the medium influences the growth of the magic mushrooms. Since the spores are sensitive, only a clean and sterilized environment guarantees better growth. You must refrain from touching the spores with the hands. Always use latex gloves when you handle the kit. Try to maintain the optimal temperature and moisture in the room where you place the medium. So, never smoke or use deodorant, spray, and other products in the room. Using such products can cause contamination that can affect the growth of the spores.

Keep The Medium In A Cool And Dark Space

You have to place the medium in a dark yet cool place for the spores to grow. You can opt for spaces in your home like the balcony or parking area. You need to wait patiently for at least two weeks for harvesting mature magic mushrooms. Waiting for the mushrooms to mature will offer you access to its benefits.

Harvest Magic Mushrooms

Once the mushrooms mature, you can harvest them. While harvesting, you need to wear gloves to prevent contamination. Pinch the mature shrooms between your fingers and twist them slightly. The shrooms will pop out without any issues.

For getting the best results, choose a seed bank offering hassle-free shipping with no delay. By following the suggested steps and using the high-quality spores, you surely get the best results.

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