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Effects Of CBD

Different methods of ingesting CBD produce slightly different results. Sublingual ingestion and smoking produce an immediate effect, while edibles have a later but longer-lasting effect. Whichever method you prefer, our tips and tricks will help you speed up the onset of effects.

When it comes to taking dietary supplements, most consumers wonder how quickly the effects start to take effect. With CBD, the answer depends on how you take it. The effects of cannabidiol are clear and calming, but different routes of ingestion provide slightly different experiences.

You can change the speed and duration of CBD’s effects by changing the way you take the cannabinoid.Smoking dried flowers, taking edibles and dripping CBD oil under the tongue are different options with specific advantages and disadvantages.

Learn about all the options outlined here to determine which CBD ingestion method works fastest and best fits your lifestyle.


When it comes to how quickly it works, smoking, vaporisation and delivery under the tongue rank first. These rapid methods guarantee that the cannabinoid enters the bloodstream quickly and efficiently.

In contrast, orally ingested CBD must first pass through the digestive tract and liver, resulting in a slower onset of action but, in turn, a longer persistence.

Topical CBD, on the other hand, behaves very differently in this respect, as it does not enter the bloodstream through the skin.

• Smoking and vaporisation

Smoking and vaporisation allow CBD to enter the bloodstream almost immediately. When you smoke a joint, blunt or vape pen, the cannabis smoke or vapour reaches your lungs immediately. Here, the cannabinoid is distributed with a cocktail of terpenes into small sacs called alveoli. It does not take long for the molecules to enter the bloodstream, bind to the appropriate receptor sites and take effect.

• Under the tongue

Sublingual administration means that CBD is injected under the tongue. Through the thin layer of tissue, CBD oil can quickly diffuse into the capillary layer and thus directly into the bloodstream. Many doctors prescribe sublingual medicines to give patients an immediate effect, and the same principle applies to CBD. If you are looking for a quick onset of action without relying on smoking or vaping, you will enjoy sublingual ingestion.

• Orally

CBD taken orally must pass through the digestive tract. After passing through this system, the body then channels the cannabinoid to the liver for processing. Eventually, the compound enters the bloodstream, where it starts to work. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. However, the effects are usually longer lasting and stronger. If there is no rush, taking CBD orally provides a long-lasting and clear experience.

• Topical

Topical CBD is a fantastic way to nourish the skin. The epidermis will feel supple, silky, fresh and youthful. Thanks to the wide range of products, you can incorporate CBD into your beauty routine in any way you like.


Now you know the most common ways to use CBD. And while we’ve mentioned some effective ways to use it, you may still be looking for an even faster onset of action. Don’t worry, because we’re here to help.

• Take CBD with fatty foods

Cannabinoids are fat-soluble molecules. Each Edibles recipe usually contains a good amount of fat, which explains the popularity of cannabats. If you want to cook with CBD, we recommend adding this wonderful extract to your food. Alternatively, you can simply add a drop of CBD oil to fat-rich dishes such as peanut butter.

• Choose full-spectrum CBD oil

Full-spectrum CBD oils offer a rich cocktail of phytochemicals from hemp. In addition to the high CBD values, you also get a good dose of aromatic terpenes, which together with the cannabinoids provide a more potent effect.

• Hold the CBD oil under your tongue for a while

Using it under the tongue gives a quick onset of action, but still requires some patience. Many users therefore swallow the oil a little too early, which does reduce the effects. Instead, hold the drops under the tongue for at least a minute before swallowing to ensure maximum absorption.


Manufacturers offering high-quality CBD oil will indicate the exact amount of CBD on the bottle. Take note of the tips and tricks listed here to get the most out of each CBD molecule and get the quickest onset of action. Choose the method that best suits your lifestyle and, most importantly, enjoys the benefits of cannabinoids!

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