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Effects of CBD

The different methods of ingesting CBD give slightly different results. Sublingual ingestion and smoking produce immediate effects, while edibles take effect later, but last longer. Whichever method you prefer, our tips and tricks will help you get the effects faster.

When it comes to taking supplements, most consumers wonder how quickly the effects kick in. When it comes to CBD, the answer depends on how you take it. Cannabidiol is clear and soothing, but different methods of ingestion offer slightly different experiences.

You can modulate the speed and duration of CBD’s effects by changing the way you take the cannabinoid. Smoking dried flowers, consuming capsules, and putting CBD oil under your tongue are all different options with specific advantages and disadvantages.

Explore all of the options presented here to determine which method of CBD ingestion works fastest and best suits your lifestyle.

How to take CBD

When it comes to the speed with which the effects work, smoking, vaping and sublingual administration take first place. These fast methods ensure that the cannabinoid enters the bloodstream quickly and efficiently.

In contrast, orally ingested CBD must first pass through the digestive tract and liver, which results in a slower onset of action but, in turn, a longer lasting experience.

On the other hand, topically applied CBD behaves completely differently in this respect, as it does not enter the bloodstream via the skin.

  • Smoking and Vaping

Smoking and vaping allows CBD to enter the bloodstream almost instantly. When you draw on a joint, blunt or vape pen, the cannabis smoke or vapour immediately reaches your lungs. There, the cannabinoid diffuses with a cocktail of terpenes into small sacs called alveoli. It doesn’t take long for the molecules to enter the bloodstream, bind to the corresponding receptor sites and take effect.

  • Sublingual

Sublingual ingestion means that CBD is administered under the tongue. Through the thin layer of tissue, CBD oil can quickly diffuse into the capillary beds and thus directly into the bloodstream. Many doctors prescribe sublingual drugs to give their patients an immediate effect, and the same principle applies to CBD. If you’re looking for a quick onset of effect without resorting to smoking or vaping, you’ll love sublingual ingestion.Oral

CBD ingested orally must pass through the digestive tract. After passing through this system, the body directs the cannabinoid to the liver for processing. Finally, the compound enters the bloodstream where it begins to work. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. However, the effects usually last longer and are also stronger. When you are not in a hurry, oral ingestion of CBD offers a clear and long-lasting experience.

  • Topical

Topically applied CBD is a fantastic way to nourish your skin. The skin will feel supple, silky, fresh and youthful. With a wide range of products, you can incorporate CBD into your cosmetic routine in any way you wish.

How to speed up the effects of CBD?

By now you know the most common ways to take CBD. And while we’ve mentioned some effective ways to take it, you may still be looking for an even faster start. Don’t worry, because in that case, we’re here for you too.

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