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Simple Tips To Grow Better Weed

Tips to grow better weeds
Every grower wants to get the most out of their cannabis, so here are a few basic tips and consideration that will help you develop technique and make your way to becoming a veteran.

Like many hobbies in life, growing cannabis is easy to learn, but hard to master. It takes practice, patience, and great care to truly become a veteran grower of the cannabis community, but it is not necessarily difficult.

While there is no quick way to gaining these skill, we have put together a few basic tips to help you get the most out of your green Goddesses, and improve the yields and quality of your bud. Through tips like these, you can grow, experiment, and develop your own techniques for producing the best weed possible.


While some people may naturally have a green thumb, true mastery of cannabis growing comes through research and knowledge. Read up on everything you can, and absorb information. Learning about the life cycle of a cannabis plant, how it functions, and what it needs to thrive will give you a better understanding of the plant.

Read other people’s accounts of growing, the problems they faced, and how they overcame them, and assimilate this into your own mental library of knowledge. It is this that will create a foundation for you to learn off of, no matter your natural ability in the grow room.


With the basics of cannabis growing firmly under your belt, it is a good idea to start experimenting with slightly more advanced techniques. Pruning can be a great way to push your cannabis and produce larger yields. It basically involves cutting off weaker branches to allow the plant to focus on main growth.


When it comes to watering and feeding cannabis, it is better to err on the side of caution that go overboard. If you under-water or underfeed your cannabis, the situation can be quickly resolved with minimal stress to the plant.

However, if you over-water or overfeed the plant, it can be much harder for your cannabis to recover. This point is especially relevant if you are growing a strain you are not familiar with – until you get a gut feeling of what a strain needs, you should always play it safe.


pH is a factor of cannabis growing that can often be overlooked by novices; however, it is vital. The pH level of your growing medium (how acidic or base it is), will affect all kinds of things. It can determine how well beneficial micro-organisms thrive in soil and how efficient roots are at absorbing nutrients.

Fortunately, pH is relatively easy to monitor, and all it takes is a cheap pH monitor. These will give you a reading to let you know the current situation in your growing medium. Cannabis thrives in a pH of around 6.


Constantly adding in chemical fertilisers to your grow can adversely affect the final product. It also contributes to the build-up of acidic salts in soil, which in turn, can cause you more problems. It is much better to create a high-quality soil before starting the grow – that has everything needed for a cannabis plant to spread out and flourish in – than to constantly need to feed. Then you can keep additional feeding to a minimum, making management of the growing medium easier, reducing the risk of something going wrong.


No matter how good a grower you are, your grow can only be as good as the genetic potential of your cannabis seed. If you have bad seeds, it doesn’t matter how great your soil is, how well you look after it, or what advanced growing techniques you use – your cannabis plant will only have so much potential.

By ensuring your cannabis seeds are from a reputable seed bank with top-class genetics, you open up a world of potential for you to grow in. Sure, even the best seed will still have a ceiling of potential, but unless you are at the top of your game, you are unlikely to hit it – meaning you can experiment, learn, and grow without being limited.

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