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BIG BUD Australia

Big bud is a world famous strain and we have her amazing tasting hydro seeds for sale in Australia. This hydro strain known for her high yields that is easy to grow hydroponically with delicious results. Big Bud loves fertilizers, and it’s one of the few strains that tastes great grown in hydro.


Big Bud hydro seeds for sale in Australia at great prices. Our Australian Big Bud cannabis was created to just be massive when grown hydroponically, with very little leaves. You’ll end up with a huge cola of trichomes bending over at harvest. You’ll need to support the bud from our hydro seeds, as she’ll seriously fall over under her own weight.

Big Profit Hydro cannabis Australia

You can buy the best hydro marijuana seeds in Australia online. Bud bud does taste excellent, though there are a few better choices like strawberry weed. But her taste is good and pleasant. Keep in mind she was bred for profits. Big Bud is used for growing large wharehouse grow operations in the USA and Canada. And now she’s been adjusted to grow best in Australia, especially strenghtening up again all those pesky critters that seem more resilient her down under. Buy our Aussie hydro seeds for sale today and save.

Hydro weed Australia

Our Australian hydro weeds for sale result in a potent strain, so never underestimate her. Her name is all telling, so beware the high THC levels as she develops so much weight from THC alone, she’ll topple over. Big bud is an Australian commercial strain. She got the best return on investment of any hydro grown bud.

Big Bud hydro weed offers you a ride, a smooth sailing, happy, relaxed joy ride and you can really focus on on hearing and feeling music.

The secret genetics of Big Bud

Australian hydro marijuana that makes a great nightcap helping those with troubles sleeping. It’s a very affordable multi purpose strains. That’s why she’s grown in such bulk in Australia. Everone wants to smoke her and she’s the best tasting weed grown hydroponically. She’s developed to taste like she was grown organically. I’d say all other strains grown in hydro taste not so good, only Big Bud does. So now you now the main secret of her genetics, she’s the cheapest and greatest tasting high yeilding bud ever developed. We only have one best tatsting hydro seeds for sale, so grab them while supplies last.

BC Bud Lineage

She’s a mostly Indica Hybrid, coming in at 85% that stays mostly short with a very short flowering period.

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  1. Peter Jeffries

    Peter Jeffries

    Hello, I’m in Perth and I ordered some of these. It’s a legit seed bank and my postie delivered a safe stealth letter with my beans.

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