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Police Arrest Father, Stop 2 Year Daughter Cannabis Oil Treatment

Father Adam Koessler, a Brisbane native was arrested for treating his dying daughter’s stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer. Rumer age 2, would get her hunger back after her Cannabis Oil treatments, and she gained back her weight, was active and feeling better, and was getting better. Then the police arested her father, and her treatments stopped. Now she is curently very ill in intensive care on morphine.


4 comments on “Police Arrest Father, Stop 2 Year Daughter Cannabis Oil Treatment
  1. Freddy Mac.

    really? What has the world come to? We just should be able to treat ourselves and our children as we see fit. Po-po needs to stop interfering with our lifes and our recreation

  2. żyk

    A big thank you for making my cannabis breeding project a reality.

  3. William Scott

    Why is the father the only one to get the CBD Oil to the child. Are there no family members, neighbors, friends. I’m not at all familiar with Auzzie law, but it sounds like there’s something that’s not being revealed. Is the child under government supervision? Why can’t the child get out of the care of the doctor? Is CBD restricted in Australia?

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