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Magic mushroom withdrawal symptoms

Magic mushroom withdrawal symptoms

Magic mushroom withdrawal symptoms are often misunderstood from users and parents. Thankfully magic mushrooms don’t cause physical withdrawal symptoms or a physical dependence on the drug. Psilocybin is a very different drug. However, some people become psychologically dependent. When coming down from magic mushies you may experience:

  • difficulty experiencing pleasure of any sort
  • chronic fatigue
  • constant irritability
  • cravings



Magic mushroom withdrawal symptoms

Depending on which country you live in, magic mushrooms could be considered a soft drug, the same class as marijuana. It’s hard drugs like Meth that can quickly ruin society and families in our opinion. Crack cocaine also has a bad history in America from the 1980’s. Neighbourhood’s went downhill very fast. But from what I’ve heard, nothing destroys a community faster than Speed.  What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below;



3 comments on “Magic mushroom withdrawal symptoms
  1. Adriana

    Can you purchase magic mushroom seeds

    • robert

      Yes you can. I think the website you’re lookin for to buy Australian magic mushroom spores (seeds) is if you want other mushroom strains should have them all.

  2. Timmy L.

    Meth is the absolute worst drug to abuse. Keep it green or have fun with fungi is what I believe. Leave behind all hard drugs and alcohol.

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