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How to make edibles work faster

Tips to Make Edibles Work Faster

You can finally say goodbye to the two-hour wait for your brownie to kick in. With a few simple tricks, you can speed up the effects of your cannabis edibles with minimal effort.

Edibles have become increasingly popular over time, especially among medical patients. Smoking cannabis is never the healthiest option. And if you use cannabis primarily for health reasons, you may want to avoid smoking altogether.


How long does it take for edibles to take effect?


Edibles take longer to work than smoked cannabis. If you take a few bites of a brownie or space cake, you will need to wait about 30 minutes to 2 hours to feel the effects. After being swallowed, the cannabinoids have to pass through the digestive tract and liver before reaching the bloodstream and brain.

So, if you make your edibles or have access to quality, tested, ready-to-use strains, here are some tips and tricks to make edibles work faster.


How long do edibles work?


The long wait pays off when you consider the overall experience. Not only is the high produced by edibles stronger, but it also lasts longer. You’ll be noticeably high for the next 6 to 8 hours, and you can still feel a lingering high about 10 hours after taking edibles.


How to make edibles work faster


The time it takes for edibles to take effect depends on several factors. These include the type of edibles, the user’s metabolism, and the difference between eating and drinking cannabis-infused treats. Two hours may seem like a long time to wait before the party starts. But don’t worry! The following tips will help you feel the effects of oral cannabis faster.


An empty stomach

Eating edibles on an empty stomach definitely helps them work faster. This is simply because your digestive system has nothing but edibles to process. For the inexperienced consumer, however, this can be a drawback. Carrying only the calories from one brownie into your body will not help you deal with your high.

An empty stomach is the reason many people have an uncomfortable experience with weed, whether in smokable or edible form. You should only use this technique if you have experience with edibles and know what you are doing. With that in mind, be careful to go easy on it and not bite off more than you can chew, to put it that way.


Tinctures work faster than most edibles.


To bypass the digestion process, you can also take cannabis orally via a tincture. A few drops taken sublingually (under the tongue) work wonderfully and much faster. Although this method is quite similar to taking edibles, it allows for better control of the dosage and a shorter duration of action.

Edibles must pass through the stomach, intestines and liver before entering the bloodstream. Tinctures, on the other hand, allow cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream directly without this long wait. Again, this method may allow the effects to kick in more quickly, but the euphoria also fades much more quickly. This is because fatty foods release cannabinoids much more slowly.


  • Infused drinks work faster


Like a traditional brownie, a drink must first pass through all the stations of the digestive system. But because it is a liquid, it passes through the different stations more quickly. Drinks are also a very discreet medication option that is also suitable for travel.

Whether you make your own or buy pre-made products, cannabis works very well with coffee, tea, soda and even juices. Whatever your preference, there’s always a way to brew it and get you high. Just make sure it’s a healthy drink in case you plan to use it as a regular beverage.


  • Improve your metabolism to make the edibles work faster

One last thing you can try is to increase your metabolism temporarily. The speed at which you process all your food, including edibles, is extremely important. There are always things you can do to increase your metabolism. Exercising, drinking plenty of water and eating protein are vital habits that you should stick to anyway. Now you can do the same for your love of weed!

But if all that isn’t enough, there are a few other things that could help your brownie work faster. Coffee and green tea would help speed up the process as they naturally boost your metabolism.

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