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Growing cannabis indoors has made it possible to grow marijuana at any time of the year, regardless of the weather. The move to indoor cultivation has not only made growing cannabis more accessible and feasible, but more importantly, for the average stoner, it has removed the criminal element from the buying process. If you grow your own drugs, you no longer need a dealer. Self-sufficiency in cannabis is the main goal, and it can be achieved if you put your mind to it.

How to grow cannabis indoors

Growing weed is a practical activity that requires specialised equipment. Lighting kits, fans and charcoal filters, pots, nutrients, growing media and a grow tent cost money. Every growing business has a start-up cost as well as fixed costs such as electricity. However, after one or two harvests, most grow rooms more than pay for themselves in buds.


These days, the vast majority of indoor cannabis strains have been adapted specifically to be grown under artificial lights. Outdoor strains can also be grown indoors. However, outdoor strains are less well adapted and generally perform better outdoors in bright sunlight.

The strain best suited to your specific grow room conditions is the best strain to choose. More experienced growers who have mastered pruning and training techniques such as LST, fimming, topping and the ScrOG method can potentially harvest a fantastic 13-week flowering Haze in a cupboard. However, unless you’ve worked with a strain before, you need to gather as much data as possible from various sources to establish whether or not it’s suitable, literally, for your crop.


It is probably best to start growing independently. And keep it that way. Starting from seed will not necessarily waste your time if you need it. Nine times out of ten, autoflowering seeds beat photoperiodic clones at harvest. Also, by starting with feminised seeds, you won’t have to cull male plants and you won’t inherit unwanted pests or pathogens from another grower’s clone batch. Plus, new cannabis strains are coming out all the time.


It is possible to purchase a complete grow environment with all the necessary growing accessories online as part of a package deal. In general, these growing kits are divided into three main growing styles: organic soil, coco and hydroponics. All have a grow tent in common. Setting up plants inside a grow tent in a guest room has become standard procedure for home growers worldwide.

There are many ways to grow good grass by

There are many ways to grow good weed indoors. Regardless of the type of marijuana or growing style you prefer, every indoor grower must control the critical factors of cannabis cultivation: light, water, nutrients, substrate, and environmental control (airflow, temperature, and relative humidity).

Naturally, you must constantly monitor these factors if you want to control them. This is why every grower should invest in at least one essential tool. A thermo-hygrometer is an essential part of the grow room and the only way to monitor temperature variations and relative humidity levels. A pH test kit or pH pen is probably another essential tool, unless you are using nutrients that automatically adjust to optimal levels.

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