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How to choose a reliable seed bank

Find a legit seed bank in 2021

How to choose a reliable seed bank online. Finding a trustworthy seed bank can be challenging with so much misinformation out there. The first and most important thing to look for when choosing a reliable seed bank is their length of time doing business. It’s much harder to gain customers trust if you’ve only started up for a couple years. Becoming a reliable seed bank takes over a decade. Cannabis seeds can only be harvested a couple times per year and only once per year outdoors. So if a new breeder has been doing business for two years, it means his outdoor strains have only been stabilized two times. Moreover, it takes a heck of a lot longer than that to breed a stable strain to bring to market.

Word of mouth

You know, friends can be a great way to find a great breeder. It’s because they’ve already tried the seed bank out. I’m sure some of your friends have shopped around more than others. So it’s best to listen to a friend that has tried many different seed sellers.

Strains that have been grown and smoked by people you know is the most reliable review of a seed bank, especially if they share their harvest with you.

Better yet, try a sampler of many strains without knowing their names. Try to smoke without knowing what it is that you’re smoking. And then see which you like the best. Find out the name of the strain and the breeder and then buy direct from their seed bank. Never buy a strain of BC Seeds from any head shop in your local town, they will be counterfeit. BC Seeds only sells their strain themselves on the website. You can’t buy them anywhere else. So if you see some other online shop or some bong shop selling them, avoid them because you won’t get what you paid for.

Online seed bank complaints

This is a huge issue for legit breeders like BC Seeds and others. You will hear people talking about poor germination rates or crappy plants. But the dude leaving the comments doesn’t tell you where he bought his seeds. After digging deeper you’ll find out that he bought them from a head shop that is selling counterfeit seeds from Mexican ditch weed. Or worse yet, plain old hemp seeds that won’t get you high. Many people want to believe the seeds are authentic because the head shop is selling them for half the price.

Don’t waste time and energy bills on crappy genes

But you’re getting garbage genetics that are not even worth a quarter of what you paid. So don’t be cheap because it will end up costing you twice. Therefore, you’ll have to purchase the authentic ones direct from the breeder, and take the financial loss from buying the counterfeit one. Just buy the real ones the first time and save your time and avoid frustration. Get karma points and help real breeders keep their reputation by not complaining about them online when you’re not even reviewing their seeds because the ones you bought from some scamming headshop, are not even authentic.

How to choose the best strains?

All the best strains I’ve ever tried were not cup winners. Just like all the mainstream corporate beers that pump out quantity instead of quality. Those commercial beers surely have won awards, if not multiple award but they taste like garbage compared to a craft beer hobbyist. So don’t believe all the headline about cup winners. Most of the Judges are just voting for their friends strains or have smoked so many strains the same day and are so stoned that they have no idea which strain is actually the best.

Smaller batches makes higher quality cannabis seeds

Try looking for craft breeders that do not advertise in weed magazines. It’s because you’ll just end up with corporate seeds that have low germination. There’s guaranteed to have low quality genetics. All you’re doing is supporting corporations and helping to pay for their advertising to scam even more buyers into buying crap. Buy from a true craft breeder like BC Seeds, that keeps repeat customers and never advertises in magazines or anywhere as a matter of fact. All their customers come by word-of-mouth and they can’t keep up with the demand. It’s because they sell high quality seeds that smart growers really want. The usually have a long waiting list for their strain and they have to turn their customers over to another seed bank that can hook them up if they can’t wait a year or two for stock level to be replenished.

Everything you’ve learned about seed banks

So know you have learned how to find a reliable seed bank. Now you know that you should only buy your cannabis seeds directly from the breeder’s seed bank that’s been in business for a least a decade. That you can trust your friends that have used them multiple times in the past. You also learned that buying from companies that advertise cup winning strains in magazines are mostly rubbish and you should buy top notch seeds from craft breeders that take the perspective of quality over quantity. So I hope you enjoyed learning about how to choose a reliable seed bank online.

How to choose a legit seed bank

We have given you all the tools needed on how to choose a reliable seed bank online. So good luck wityh your search and we hope you have some excellent gardens this year!

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