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cannabis for high blood pressure treatment

In the world of cannabis, there are countless areas that are misunderstood. With all the new discoveries around the world, this is about to change. Here we look at research on hypertension and cannabis.

Let’s start with an overview of the disease. High blood pressure is a serious chronic disease that raises arterial blood pressure. This forces the heart to work harder and faster than normal. High blood pressure can cause many dangerous diseases. Atherosclerosis, stroke and aortic aneurysm are just some of the many examples. One-third of the American population suffers from high blood pressure. If left untreated, it can lead to heart disease and failure, vascular disease, kidney failure and even heart attacks.

High blood pressure is one of the leading causes of premature death worldwide. Although it can be prevented, many people do not pay enough attention to it.


The endocannabinoid system is really fascinating. This system consists of receptors found throughout the body that react when they come into contact with cannabinoids. This system plays an important role in the body’s functions. Among them, it has been shown in research, is the regulation of the cardiovascular system.

So there is good reason to assume that cannabis interacts with the heart. Especially since it is one of our most important organs, it is very important to understand how our favourite plant reacts with it.


After injecting THC into lab rats, researchers found that blood pressure was significantly reduced afterwards. The same results were obtained in a second study.
Something very interesting was noticed: when cannabis is used for the first time, blood pressure and heart rate rise. Next time you smoke, be sure to put your hand on your chest and see for yourself. After a few weeks or a little later, you will build up a tolerance. With repeated use, cannabis really starts to lower your heart rate as well as your blood pressure. Marijuana seems to create stress in the body initially. However, as the body’s system becomes accustomed to the chemical changes, cannabinoids can stimulate a number of different functions.

It all makes sense if you do a little research into cannabinoids. Cannabis also has a vasodilating effect. This means that when you are under the influence, your blood vessels dilate. If you look into someone’s eyes after using cannabis, you can see a clear sign. As the blood vessels dilate, they are able to carry more blood. This is the cause of the classic red “stoner eyes”.

It is perfectly normal for the heart to beat faster as the blood vessels dilate, because its job is to compensate for the lower pressure in the arteries. This can be both good and bad. The damage is apparently quite insignificant. The advantages of the antihypertensive effect of cannabis far outweigh the disadvantages. Nevertheless, more research is needed.

All studies are carried out under very specific conditions. Further studies with different examples are needed to make more precise assessments. Factors such as route of administration, quantity and frequency should be taken into account. At the moment, we simply do not have all the information we need. People suffering from high blood pressure are advised to find alternatives to smoking.

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