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Can CBD oil help relieve hangovers?

CBD Oil Help Relieve Hangovers

If you sit down at a bar and spill a small one, you probably know how you’ll feel the next day, which is usually not of interest to you at that time. This will of course lead to further short circuits, which will then result in an even worse hangover. You already know how this will happen: a little coffee, fatty food and perhaps an aspirin. But at some point these old tricks will no longer work. What can you do then? Fortunately, the answer is not just any petrol station pill or certain foods. You may have heard of them! Either way, we are proud to present the CBD oil or to remind you of it!


Before we look at how the CBD could help to combat hangovers, we should all agree on what a hangover really is. Specifically, we need to explain the symptoms.

What is the first thing you hear from someone who wakes up with a hangover? “Oh man, my head!” Headache, along with muscle aches and pains, is probably the most common and most frequent symptom of a hangover. You may also hear that the person in question is vomiting before they can say anything, as the symptoms of nausea and stomach ache follow closely. The person with a hangover may also have had a bad night’s sleep and feel tired and moody. They may also be shaky and very thirsty, have a fast heartbeat and be visibly sensitive to light and noise.

Because of these problems, it is unlikely that the happy partygoer will be able to concentrate on his or her work or even a conversation. Symptoms should disappear within a few hours of waking up, which is usually not the end of your day. However, if you really drank the night before, you may be incapacitated for the next 24 hours.


Now that you have relived your worst hangover in your mind, you are probably wondering if CBD oil could prevent the next one. To answer this question, we need to consider what science has discovered about the CBD.

Essentially, the cannabinoid works by supporting the functioning of the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for maintaining the balance of many of our physiological functions. With this in mind, will the simultaneous intake of oil and alcohol from the CBD keep you balanced enough to avoid a hangover? Unfortunately, that’s not how it works!

Well, it is not dangerous to consume CBD and alcohol at the same time. In fact, a 1979 study on the interaction between CBD and alcohol showed that the two could be taken together without harmful effects. However, the same study found no significant benefit to this combination. It was found that the effects of excessive alcohol consumption neutralized those of the cannabinoid when both were consumed at the same time.


Let’s be clear: CBD will not prevent hangovers. But that doesn’t mean it can’t relieve it. As CBD enthusiasts may have noticed, it has been observed that the popular cannabinoid can relieve many of the symptoms we have just been talking about.


To begin with, let’s say you don’t feel nauseous when you open your eyes. Fortunately, a morning dose of CBD might be just what you need for a hangover. In 2011, researchers found that when used in a limited dose, CBD suppresses nausea and vomiting by activating somatodendritic 5-HT1A receptors. However, these results need to be put into a broader context, as the research was only conducted on animals. Nevertheless, the interactions observed are clearly promising and we may see more concrete results in the near future.


In addition to nausea, your headache may be relieved by CBD. However, the evidence is still somewhat uncertain in this area. Indeed, the main source that CBD users rely on is a 2017 study on the relationship between cannabis and headaches. Although the meta-study does not focus primarily on CBD, the cannabinoid is described as an antagonist of TRPV1. In less complicated terms, this means that it could prevent the pathophysiological causes of headaches.

However, as neurologist Dr. Kevin Weber of Ohio State University points out, significant evidence can only be found in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of CBD alone. Until then, you should be cautious with any information you find on this subject.


If you’re like most people, we bet you won’t want to sleep until you have a hangover. If this applies to you, you may find it hard to find your way back into a restful slumber. Fortunately, the CBD may also be able to provide you with some answers.

This potential was recently observed in a 2018 study of 72 adults suffering from anxiety and poor sleep habits. After regularly giving them capsules containing 25 mg of CBD, it was found that 66% of the participants had a better sleep, with 79% of them reporting a decrease in their feelings of anxiety. Feelings of fear are certainly a disruptive factor in restful sleep, so we cannot know whether the subjects’ sleep improved just because their feelings of fear decreased. In any case, as the conclusion of the study indicates, we have to wait for the results of controlled clinical studies before we can make further statements.


“So it’s safe to take CBD and it will make my hangover less uncomfortable? Then I want to try it!” If that’s your opinion, you have a few options at hand. We have limited ourselves to CBD oil because it is concentrated and effective, but there are many other ways to take CBD. Would you prefer to have something edible rather than putting oil under your tongue? There is no shortage of CBD-infused sweets. You can also order the cannabinoid in capsule form. And should we really mention all the high-quality CBD-rich buds that exist? No matter how you want to integrate it into your daily life, CBD is certainly available in a form that suits you. All you have to do is try it yourself!

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