Australia's legit seed bank with domestic shipping

Australian Seed Bank is Australia’s #1 Cannabis Seed Provider

16 Years and still going strong, is still the number one cannabis seed bank for Australian’s.

Not only will you recieve your product in super stealth worry-free packaging, you will get 20 free seeds with your purchase. Sweet deal! You get the experience of the best master cannabis seed breeder’s in the entire world, producing the latest and greatest cananbis strains with high THC and CBD cannabinoid levels. Perfect for making your own edibles, cancer treatment oils, or old school medical marijuana.

6 comments on “Australian Seed Bank is Australia’s #1 Cannabis Seed Provider
  1. Rob Miljus

    Do you have to use the RSO method of making cannabis oil to make it effective? I also want to know if cannabis oil can cure other illnesses like the one I have. I’ve been disabled for almost 6 years now because of a massive stroke and I’m wondering if the oil can restore dead neurons in the brain or repair damage done to the brain by the stroke?! Have you heard of this health condition(or other disabilities being cured by cannabis oil? If so, which strain is the best one? The supercharged feminized silver haze strain you mention on your website, or something else? Thanks in advance.

  2. Sean Wheeler

    I’ll second that! I got my seeds and you did everything right from emails updates, stealth packaging, delivered on time, and all seeds germinting 100%, no week seedlings or anything of the sort, just top notch all around


    I support the legalization of medical cannabis IN AUSTRALIA!!!
    Stop the pursecution of medical patients
    Buy your seeds and overgrow the australian gov’t
    Make Oz a green place to live!!!!

    Thank you for excellent seeds !!!!!

  4. Felix

    Local Brisbane post brought my seeds, they delivered on time.

  5. Tee

    Hey was intrested in getting some seeds but wanted to know how long till they arrive to Sydney and is it certain .

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