Australia's legit seed bank with domestic shipping

Australian Marijuana Seed Bank

Australian Marijuana Seed Bank connection is 100% Legit and Safe. We are the only domestic seed bank in Australia. We ship your seeds in the most unimaginable way, there are so stealth that parents who open their childrens order never find anything. You’ll be so impressed with our seed bank. We process your order payment overseas where the trade in cannabis seeds is legal. Then your local postie comes by a few days later with your package, very discrete and very safe.

Please feel safe to order and relax with our 100% worries-free guarantee. We’ll make sure your seeds arrive safely.

9 comments on “Australian Marijuana Seed Bank
  1. Tony

    How long for the seeds to arrive to Sydney it’s been over a week I made the payment?

    • James K

      The post might not get your order out as fast due to Holiday’s/Post Office being closed. If your ordered on the weekend, or late Friday night after 5pm, give it a couple extra 2 days to make up for lost transit time on Sat and Sun.

  2. marihuana manniken

    Hey There. Last year I found your seedbank using Bing. It was scary ordering without any referal from friends, but I lucked out and you have treated me well on all my order (only 3 in the past 2 years)
    I’ll certainly return, and wanted to return you a favor leaving positive feedbank.


  3. Kim Sterling

    my “package” arrived today. everything was in order and the seeds look fresh.

    Thank you

    Kim S.

  4. Tom Gibson

    Fast shipping, I was happy they were so stealth, it took me a while to find the seeds in the envelope, so well hidden, no worries about arrival.

    I would very much recommend buy marijuana seeds with stealth shipping/delivery. 10 out of 10

  5. Steve

    How did you pay Tom ? Bit concerned about CC details

    • admin

      you can use bank transfer or bitcoins or numerous other forms of Payment. CC details are never stored and the transaction will be discrete, it will not say cannabis seeds

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