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Why you should always use good quality marijuana seeds

Good Quality Marijuana Seeds

A successful Cannabis harvest begins with the choice of good quality seed. If you want to plant a healthy Marijuana plant, then you must choose a good quality Marijuana seed. While the identification of a good Marijuana seed could be tricky even for the growers with years of experience, the identification of good quality seed is possible by looking at the qualities. Below are some qualities you must look for as you select a quality Marijuana seed.

Quality A) An Improved appearance and colour-

High-quality seeds have improved aesthetic qualities. These qualities set them apart from an unhealthy seed. Some individuals also claim that good quality seeds feature dark spots or striped patterns. Also, there is a healthy sheen on the surface as these seeds are checked under the light.

Quality B) Better size and shape-

It is possible identifying quality Cannabis seeds from their size and shape. The choice of the right seed is possible by comparing varied seeds after keeping them side by side. The largest seeds with the perfect teardrop shape are of best quality whereas the immature seeds are often small and of an irregular shape.

Quality C) Harder and durable-

It is recommended checking the hardness and the durability of the seeds. The best seeds have a hard outer shell. On the surface, the seeds are smooth and uncracked. Unlike them, the undesirable seeds have a softer surface which can crack, crinkle and crumble completely really quick.

Quality D) Less Aged-

For choosing the right seed, you must know how old or mature the seeds are. If you know the age of seed then you would have a better idea of its viability. Just like every genetic material, the seed also degrades over time. So the freshly harvested seed is a viable option. For ensuring that the seeds remain fresh they are to be stored in a cool and dry place.

For checking the viability of the seed, the “floating seed” is a method to practice. This method is as simple as dropping a seed inside the distilled water. Once the seed is dropped inside the water, then it must be left within it for an hour or two. Post the time the seed is checked. The seed that sinks has a better chance of germinating than the seeds which remain floating. This step must be done just before the plantation of the seed as it could cause it to mould or decay.

So choose a good Marijuana seed as a good seed leads to better plant.

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